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What The Best Time To Stream On Twitch?

Streaming brings in money and fame, or at least one of these things to a streamer. Thus, streamers are always wondering as to how they can maximize one of the two things.

Twitch is a great platform for streaming content, and users often wonder as to when they should stream, or the perfect time for it.


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  • As per analysis conducted by websites by looking at the Twitch Tracker and Twitch Tooks, the best time to stream on Twitch is from 12 am to 9 am PST.
  • The reason why this time is perfect is due to the absence of channels, and a decent number of viewers.

Fewer Channels and Stream on Twitch

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If you really want to get the attention of viewers, then make sure you stream when there are fewer channels available.

  • If you think that your content doesn’t have many viewers, you would want to get more by streaming at a time, when other channels are offline.
  • A new Twitch streamer should not risk their channel’s visibility, by streaming at peak hours.
  • This is because, big channels have loyal followers, and such followers might not look at a new channel.
  • If you really want someone to know about you, then you need to choose a time where the channel’s name is visible.

Best Time To Stream On Twitch

The reason why big channels don’t stream through the night is that they don’t have to. Even if they do stream through the night, they are still able to grab the attention of many viewers.

This is why, they stream at peak hours, and might even appear at the top of the list of channels.

As there are a decent number of viewers during the night, it would be easier to grab their attention and even engage them in a conversation.



If a big channel does stream the whole night, then it could be because of a special reason. They could be launching a new product, or showing their support for an event or a product.

If you stream when there are only a few channels online, then it will make it easier for the viewers to spot your channel in the list, and then listen to it.

It might be difficult for those to stream during the night, who have to get up and go to school or have work in the morning. However, it cannot be denied that this time will give an edge to the new streamers, especially if they are serious about streaming.

If late-night isn’t possible for you, then doing it early morning is also an option. Most people choose the evenings and night for Twitch streaming, which leaves out plenty of time for the new streamers. They can stream early in the morning, or after the afternoon.

This way, they will be able to get the attention of the audience. If you think that there will be no viewers during day time, then you are wrong. This is an unconventional time and gives more visibility to your channel.

However, if you try to stream during peak hours,  and you don’t have many followers, then you will face a hard time establishing your channel.

Don’t compete with the popular streamers, unless and until you become popular. Your channel can become popular, but it is going to be a slow process, because of the number of channels and streamers on Twitch.

Make Streaming Enjoyable

Best Time To Stream On Twitch

There are streamers on Twitch, who don’t have good gameplay. However, when they are streaming, they often dress up for the audience, to give them an entertaining experience.

Every person should try to come up with their own unique style, as it can really set them apart from others.

  • When you have spent a good amount of time streaming on Twitch.
  • Then it is most likely that you have more followers on it.
  • In such a case, you should try to play with your followers, so that they have fun on your channel.
  • It is best to notice the people who come to your stream and offer to play with them.
  • This will give them a sense of community, and they will surely come back for more.

Whenever you have the best time to Stream On Twitch, make sure that you have a game plan.

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