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How To Save Twitch Streams? ( PS4, Computer, iPhone )

If you want to save your own Twitch stream or save someone else’s then there is no direct way to do it. However, there is multiple software that supports this action, like Twitch Leecher.

These are third-party applications that users have to download on their PC, and in no way, are they connected with Twitch.

How To Save Twitch Streams? ( PS4, Computer, iPhone )

  • Usually, people try to save their own streams, because they want to share them on social media websites. However, they should remember that if it is not their stream, then they cannot upload it on any network.
  • If they do so, then that can be taken down as it is copyright violations.
  • If the streamer permits you to reupload, then you can do that anywhere you want to.


Twitch Leecher is one example of how you can download Twitch videos.

  • First, look for Twitch Leecher on Google, download and install the tool.
  • It is very easy to use the installer, and you can easily find it on GitHub.

twitch leecher to save twitch streams xbox

  • When you are done installing the tool to save twitch streams in ps4.
  • Then open it, and copy the URL of the stream that you want to save.
  • The tool will search the video, and it will also include a download button with it.
  • When you press the download button, then you can set the resolution of the video as well.
  • Just start the download when you are done with the basic steps of saving the video, and that would be it!
  • You will be able to share the video on any other platform that you want.

Method for Saving your own Streams

If you want to save your own stream on Twitch, then there is a method that you can use.

  • Go to Twitch, Settings, Channel on the Dashboard, and from there, activate the option of ‘automatic saving’ of your live streams.
  • This option is labeled as ‘Store Past Broadcasts’.
  • When this feature is turned on, then future broadcasts would be added to the videos section.
  • In the video manager, you will be able to download your recordings.

Open Broadcaster Software

If you don’t want to use VOD, because it doesn’t work with long streams, then you can use Open Broadcaster Software.

This is a very solid and compatible ad, and many users recommend it to those who want to save streams of Twitch. You can look for the OBS project, and download the software.

The main drawback of this software is that it will take some time for the user to get used to this tool. Once you are familiar with the whole process, then you will be able to use OBS to stream Twitch and can save streams.

Simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to OBS and select Settings from the menu
  • Go to broadcast settings

broadcast on Twitch Streams

  • Click on Save to file.
  • Type a file path for the stream, in the file path section.
  • Name the file and select apply.
  • The stream will now be saved in the folder that you have chosen before.


If you want to record someone else’s Twitch video, then it is best to choose the option of a screen recorder and you can save twitch streams on ps4 too.

  • A screen recorder will record a stream, while it is happening so that you can view it later
  • Most screen recorders don’t compromise on the quality of video and audio, especially when the screen recorder is on the browser.

However, the major problem with screen recorders is that there is a time limitation. At times, screen recorders offer people the chance to record videos, of five to six minutes only. However, if you buy their premium version, then you can record more than that.

Before you record a Twitch stream of someone else’s channel, to redistribute it, know that it is not right to do so. Many Twitch streamers stream on this platform because they want to make money, or it is their job.

If you post their stream on other social media websites, and that too, without their consent, then they won’t get many viewers on their channel.


Saving the Twitch stream on PS4, computer, and iPhone is very easy. If Twitch Leecher works for you, then you won’t have to look for any other software.

However, if no tool works, then you can always choose the screen recorder option.

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