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Top 5+ Best Free Word Processors You Must Have One

(Last Updated On: November 19, 2019)

It’s incredible that popular file formats like DOC, DOCM, and DOCX are entirely supported in WPS Office Writer. This implies you don’t have to purchase Microsoft Office to utilize documents another person made in MS Word. Going to disclose for you to know about Top 5+ Best Free Word Processors.

Something you won’t like is that you can’t download only WPS Office Writer. You should instead download the entire office suite and afterward select to install the word processor portion.

Top 5+ Best Free Word Processors

Make a wide range of documents in the blink of an eye with the FreeOffice TextMaker word processor: plan flyers or pamphlets simply as you compose business letters or complete logical papers. 

WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Writer is the free word processor that comes packaged with WPS Office. In addition to the fact that it is one of the most straightforward word processors to utilize, WPS Office Writer incorporates every one of the tools you’d hope to discover in one.

You should seriously think over replacing your commercial word processor programming like Microsoft Word, with WPS Office Writer since it incorporates all the standard formatting capacities and works with the most popular document formats.

WPS Office Writer Free Word Processors were previously called Kingsoft Writer is a small, free and fast office suite. It is the free word processor that comes with the WPS Office. WPS Office writer has all the tools to find in a one-word processor.

It is one of the easiest word processors to use. It provides you with three powerful applications known as Spreadsheets, Writer and Presentation. It features small package size, a PDF converter, spell check, multi-tab interface, drag and drop table feature, paragraph adjustment tool and much more.

It may make you consider replacing your average or commercial word processor software. Like MS Word, etc with WPS Office Writer because it includes all the necessary and standard formatting abilities. And, it works with the most popular document file formats.

WPS Office Writer works well with all the Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. In WPS Office, common formatting is allowed, such as changing the orientation of the page. It also helps in organizing data in columns, aligning text and objects, adding a header and footer. And also using heading styles and overlaying a watermark.


  • WPS Office Writer is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • The installer incorporates other software you can alternatively add to your PC, as WPS Spreadsheets and WPS Presentation
  • Basic formatting is permitted, for example, sorting out information in segments, changing the direction of the page, adjusting content and items, including a header and footer, overlaying a watermark, and utilizing the heading formats
  • It supports encryption, Free Word Processors mean when you save a document you can pick a custom encryption type and a unique secret password for opening the file, and another for altering it
  • Business, resume, and proposal introductory letters are accessible for use from inside WPS Office Writer, without requiring any outside download
  • Essential items can be embedded into an archive, for example, breaks, tables, shapes, pictures, WordArt, and content boxes
  • The propelled object formatting is permitted, such as changing the 3D impacts, profundity, bearing, and lighting of an item
  • WPS Office Writer enables references to be incorporated into a document, for example, a list of contents and footnotes/endnotes
  • Password-protected PDF files can be worked from a document with explicit authorizations like restricting it from being adjusted, printed, or replicated
  • A sideboard is incorporated into WPS Office Writer to make it simple to explore through a long document.
  • Different skins (themes) are incorporated so you can rapidly change the shade of the whole program interface
  • WPS Office Writer makes extremely simple to make any page’s background an image, pattern, shading, and texture
  • Changes to a document can be tracked to make it simple to review alters, or even restricted from being edited out and out
  • WPS Office Writer is genuinely the best free word processor you will at any point utilized. The whole format and plan of the program are so smooth and easy to get it.
  • It has a small download size

  • WPS Office has Tabbed interface

  • It supports popular file formats like ones found in MS Word

  • It has free templates

  • It has an automatic spell check

  • WPS Writer has a Ribbon menu style

  • It has common and advanced formatting styles.

  • You must download the whole office suite to Writer

  • You must manually check for spelling mistakes in Presentation and Spreadsheets.

What we like

  • Common and modern formatting styles
  • Automatic spelling check
  • It supports all file formats like ones found in Microsoft Word

What we don’t like

  • You have to download the whole office suite to get the Writer


TextMaker From FreeOffice

TextMaker From FreeOffice

FreeOffice TextMaker offers various structure alternatives: Using its remarkable object mode, you can place pictures, drawings, and content casings in your documents. On account of the advanced situating and text wrapping alternatives, you can make any layout you can consider.

With ace pages, you can watermark each page, yet in addition, you can put repeating objects in your file. You can use character and paragraph styles to give your documents a predictable and expert look.

FreeOffice TextMaker supports spell-checking utilizing Hunspell dictionaries, helping you discover grammatical mistakes in various languages.

FreeOffice TextMaker smoothly opens and saves all Microsoft Word DOCX files flawlessly. It likewise gives you a chance to make PDF records and EPUB e-books straightforwardly from inside the application.

Softmaker FreeOffice is a free office suite. It contains a spreadsheet, presentation program, and word processor. All of Free Word Processors make it a suitable free Microsoft Office alternative.

TextMaker is the application that mostly resembles MS Word. While Presentations and PlanMaker can be used as alternatives to Excel and PowerPoint.

A SoftMaker FreeOffice system requires Windows 7, 8, 10 Windows Server 2008 R2 or a newer. macOS 10.10 or higher. Or any PC based Linux (32 or 64 bits)

SoftMaker FreeOffice fully supports these following file types.


SoftMaker FreeOffice is the software that can attempt to read text from any file type, but the file may not be fully functional once it is fully opened. When the file is opened, save it to one of the fully supported formats.

SoftMaker FreeOffice offers with effortless editing of MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. It can also export files in PDF and EPUB export. Before downloading SoftMaker FreeOffice, you will be prompted to enter your name, country name, and email address.

You will then be sent a free registration code, Free Word Processors are not actually necessary to enter this in order to start using the software.

SoftMaker FreeOffice is 100% free to use while MS Office is not free.


  • Files and Printing
  • Documents can be traded between any adaptations of TextMaker on any working framework with no loss of constancy.
  • Open and save DOCX documents from Microsoft Word reliably to the original, including password-protected files
  • Open DOC and OpenDocument records steadfastly
  • You can open and save documents in RTF, HTML, Pocket Word, ASCII and Unicode designs
  • Open WordPerfect (.wpd) reports (just in Windows)
  • Assistance for importing and exporting content records
  • Make PDF documents legitimately in FreeOffice TextMaker
  • Tagged PDFs and bookmarks in PDF documents
  • Export to the ebook format EPUB
  • you can print 2-16 pages on one sheet of paper (just in Windows)
  • Document review directly from the file discourse.
  • Documents can be easily exchanged between any version of TextMaker on any operating system without any loss of fidelity.
  • You can open and save OpenDocument files (Free Word Processors are compatible with OpenOffice and LibreOffice)
  • You can open and save DOC and DOCX files from Microsoft Word 6.0 to 2019 to the original, including the password-protected files
  • You can send the document in a freely selectable format (e.g. DOC, DOCX or PDF) by E-mail
  • Its an assistant for importing and exporting text files
  • It creates PDF files and PDF forms directly in TextMaker.
  • It has a special touchscreen mode Free Word Processors increase the size and spacing of icons

  • It has the ability to switch between ribbon and classic style menus

  • It has excellent compatibility with lots of Office formats

  • It has no integrated cloud support

What we like

  • It offers numerous design options
  • It gives your documents a professional look

What we don’t like

  • Spell check is not for all languages


SSuite WordGraph

SSuite WordGraph

SSuite WordGraph is a free and exceptionally valuable option in contrast to Microsoft’s Word, OpenOffice’s Writer, or whatever else out there professing to be the best in class. You don’t require .NET or even JAVA to be introduced. This will spare you a ton of hard drive space and valuable PC assets.

Use WordGraph for anything from composing a fast letter to creating a whole book with implanted representations, tables of substance, lists, and lists of sources. WordGraph is a finished and incredible programming answer for making, altering and survey different sorts of archives. You can make straightforward or profoundly organized files incorporate illustrations, tables, outlines, and addition spreadsheets you made with Accel.

Various accessible highlights give you an exceptional level of power over the arranging of content, pages, areas of archives, and furthermore whole reports. You may likewise spare your files in an assortment of industry-standard configurations and converts them to pdf, jpg, BMP, png, gif, and our very own introduction design ssp. Report similarity with MS Office – { RTF, doc, txt, etc, ssp }

Make PDFs with no extra programming. Utilize the inherent PDF capacities of WordGraph to share your work effectively and with everybody! Adobe Acrobat isn’t required to make these available documents. Presently it’s so natural to turn your work reports, precious content letters, and introduction documents into PDFs.

Intended to give you the best record arranging instruments, WordGraph causes you to sort out and compose your reports all the more effectively and a lot quicker with the assistance of our new and brighter interfaces that are close to three-levels profound.

WordGraph is all that you would anticipate from a word handling application. It is quick, reliable, and lovely to the eyes and faculties, just all that you have to deal with your regular correspondence.

Valuable highlights and capacities help you recorded as a hard copy following letters, printing envelopes, or even help in discovering spelling mistakes in a few unique dialects. Seven languages included – American, British, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Heard of MS Word? This software is just brilliant like that. This is a professional, powerful and very easy to use free word processor for you.

As I mentioned that this software is a free and surely very useful alternative option to Microsoft Office’s Word. Or other software like this one. This software SSuite Office Wordgraph is totally free to use.

This is a completely free package for you. It is a very powerful software solution for you to create, edit and view different types of documents. It includes and provides you with a variety of available features. Features of SSuite Wordgraph will help in giving you a fine grip and control over the text formatting you are programming.

SSuite Wordgraph Editor is very simple to install and use. It is user-friendly, you will get used to its features and all the options in no time if you use it on a regular basis.

There are multiple menus you can use, and an extensive toolbar as well. Just like the MS Word software, you can save your documents in a variety of formats. Using this SSuite Wordgraph Editor software, you can even create PDFs without any additional use of any other software.

 Key highlights of SSuite WordGraph:

  • Thumbnail Previews.
  • We have advanced table creation.
  • Direct online cloud access.
  • Tabbed record interfaces.
  • Now additionally Multi-Display compatible – {Dual Monitors}
  • Word graph can create WordArt and Math Equations/Expressions.
  • Export your records to PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, EMF, TIFF, and SSP.
  • Create introductions in WordGraph – Viewable in any internet browser and EZPhoto collection watcher – included.
  • It contains Thumbnail Previews.
  • It has an option of Advanced table creation.
  • You can access the direct online cloud.
  • It has interfaces of tabbed documents
  • You can change paper type, according to your need and demand.
  • In case of some problems, you can open the last active document you used.
  • It has many shortcut keys for your ease.
  • Spell checker included.
  • You can even translate your content online.
  • Custom text can also be inserted.
  • Find and replace feature for you, if you ever want to change a word from your entire document.
  • It now also supports Multi-Display (Dual Monitors)
  • WordArt can be created.
  • PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, EMF, TIFF, and SSP formats are supported if you export your document to any of these formats.
  • You can easily create attractive and amazing presentations for your school, college or any project.
  • It has a template library and you can view and open documents.

WordGraph is a free word processor that is a piece of a bigger (yet at the same time free) office profitability suite. WordGraph isn’t a Word clone, and it’s not entirely perfect with the most recent Word discharge, yet it’s good with prior.

Word variants and numerous different configurations, and it additionally incorporates with Accel Spreadsheet and other SSuite office instruments. WordGraph includes additional items like an envelope printer and online dictionaries.

  • You can easily view, edit and create text documents using the utility.

  • Without any use of additional software, you can create PDF files and presentations.

  • It uses fewer resources as it doesn’t need any additional software like Java, etc.

  • Word graph is partly compatible. As it is compatible and supports some older Office formats but not more of the recent versions of it.

  • It has no Exit button on tabs you have opened. That means you cannot close a document you have opened from its tab.

These features are just for you to briefly know about this brilliant software. Though, there are many more super easy and effective features available for the ease of your work. SSuite Wordgraph Editor is one useful software to use, no doubts about that.

What we like

  • Uses fewer resources
  • The ability to create PDF
  • You can create presentations

What we don’t like

  • It’s partly compatible with newer versions
  • You can’t close an open document from the tab.

Ssuite WordGraph surely needs some improvements in aspect of its performance and features. But, no doubt that this is one great and easy to use software available for all the people who can not pay for such features.




AbiWord has instantly turned into a modern Word Processor, with bunches of highlights helpful for your day by day work, individual needs, or for merely some great old composing fun. This visit gives you a snappy to investigate a portion of AbiWord’s features.

Make the most of your preferred Word Processor on the working framework you like to utilize – be it Windows, Linux, QNX, FreeBSD or Solaris. AbiWord has been intended to coordinate perfectly with the working system it keeps running on. It will exploit the usefulness given by the framework, for example, picture stacking or printing capacities.

A Word Processor is of no use when you can’t impart your documents to your companions. AbiWord can peruse and compose all industry-standard report types, for example, OpenOffice.org records, Microsoft Word documents, WordPerfect documents, Rich Text Format documents, HTML pages and some more.

Give your record that expert, scientific or fun to read look utilizing AbiWord’s propelled document format choices. Use tables, bullets, files, pictures, references, endnotes, and styles to improve how your document looks.

Since not every person on the planet communicates in a similar language, AbiWord comes in various dialects. AbiWord is accessible in most common and numerous not so regular dialects. Ensure your report contains none of those terrible spelling mistakes by utilizing AbiWord’s worked in spelling checker.

Word references exist for more than 30 dialects. AbiWord supports ideal to-left, left-to-right, and blended mode content. This implies notwithstanding supporting European dialects, AbiWord supports dialects like Hebrew and Arabic too.

Do you likewise abhor composing many thousands of structure letters by hand? With AbiWord’s Mail Merge abilities, you can let AbiWord computerize that activity for you. Different fields embedded into a formatted document can consequently be supplanted with information originating from an assortment of sources, for example, Relational Databases, Comma Separated Text documents or Tabbed Text records.

To encourage the utilization of AbiWord in a server situation, an incredible direction line interface to AbiWord is accessible. This enables you to create structure letters, print records or convert reports to any document position AbiWord supports – all from the direction line!

The principle AbiWord program is tiny and requires next to no assets to run. This permits AbiWord to be utilized on systems that are not considered “Best in class” any longer, as there is a very rapid competition in the IT world.

Our module framework was intended to give AbiWord all the usefulness you may anticipate from a modern Word Processor. An assortment of modules can be utilized to expand AbiWord’s value, extending from importing a document to a Thesaurus. Image Importers and a Text Summarizer, all can be easily done.

AbiWord is a precise and advantageous word preparing project. It gives a feasible option in contrast to paid projects like Word. Despite everything it offers pretty much the majority of the usefulness you’re utilized to regardless of what you’ve used previously. The program is free.

What we like

  • It gives an accessible interface
  • This app provides proper editing tools

What we don’t like

  • The scrolling issue is a headache
  • It gives incomplete documentation.


OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice Writer is the free word processor in the OpenOffice suite, Free Word Processors additionally incorporates a spreadsheet, introduction program, and database program. The writer holds up well when contrasted with expert and costly word processors, for example, Microsoft Word.

While Writer underpins numerous fundamental capacities, for example, spell check and custom text style styles, it likewise incorporates advanced instruments, for example, macros, bookmarks, the math works, an implicit picture display, and keyboard easy routes.


There’s likewise a portable version to use with a flash drive or disk gift you’d preferably not install the item.

  • OpenOffice Writer works with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Gives all the essential designing modifications, for example, evolving alignment, textual style, content style, size, line dividing, and so forth.
  • Gives you a chance to open Microsoft Word document groups, for example, DOC and DOCX records, without having Word on your PC
  • Menu sheets can be undocked from the fundamental program and moved uninhibitedly around the screen to give more space to work in a document
  • Incorporates a navigator that makes it easy to discover things, for example, tables, lists, comments, illustrations, bookmarks, sections, and different components in a document
  • Advanced highlights are supported, for example, changing over content into a table and changing the case of content, for instance, underwriting each word in a sentence or making each letter lowercase
  • Macros can be recorded in OpenOffice Writer to mechanize tasks
  • Effectively make letters, agendas, and faxes with implicit wizards
  • A wizard is accessible for changing over documents in batch from the OpenOffice and Microsoft Office organizations to the OpenDocument format
  • Formulas regularly found in spreadsheet programming, for example, sum, round, percent, square root, power, mean, and other math capacities, can be brought into OpenOffice Writer,
  • A thesaurus is worked in with simple access from the right-click setting menu
  • A few zoom choices are accessible to situate the document precisely how you need it on the screen, including a book mode and a standard single-page design
  • An enormous gallery is incorporated for rapidly including pictures, for example, arrows, bullets, charts, diagrams, and others legitimately into a document
  • The keyboard shortcuts can be adjusted and each menu and toolbar name and position can be modified

OpenOffice Writer is loaded with incredible writing tools, however utilizing it for the first time might be somewhat overpowering until you’re acquainted with the buttons and menus.

In spite of the fact that OpenOffice Writer can edit records in the famous DOCX document formats, it doesn’t support saving back to it, Free Word Processors are lamentable.

As noted over, the portable of OpenOffice requires installation of the whole suite; at around 800 MB, the download size may be somewhat huge for some flash drives.


When introducing OpenOffice Writer, pick Custom during setup and deselect any program you don’t need installed, for instance, If you just need Writer and not the spreadsheet, database, and different programs.

While downloading, make certain to choose your operating framework from the drop menu under Download Apache OpenOffice.

What we like

  • Supports a wide range of file formats
  • Can use extensions and templates
  • Basic and advanced formatting

What we don’t like

  • Menus can seem cluttered
  • Dull program interface
  • Must download the entire suite even if you’re just installing Writer.




AbleWord is a truly competent word preparing an application that can peruse and compose most mainstream archive organizations including PDFs. It is completely highlighted, supporting picture designing, tables, headers, and footers and incorporates spell checking and print see capacities. Best of all it is absolutely free notwithstanding for business use.

AbiWord can be utilized with the Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP working framework. Common document arrangements can be opened and saved to, for example, DOCX, DOC, PDF, RTF, and HTML/HTM. AbleWord fills in as a PDF to Word converter since you can open a PDF document and after that spare it to DOCX or DOC (the two most prominent record arrangements utilized in MS Word).

You can import only a PDF’s content and naturally bar all pictures and other non-content stylings by utilizing the File > Import PDF Text menu. Supports embeddings regular things like a page break, current date, picture (BMP, TIF, WMF, PNG, JPG, GIF, and EMF records), content casing, table, and page numbers

Regular arranging capacities are permitted like evolving textual style, section, styles, segments, header/footer, picture, outskirts, and slug subtleties. The Edit menu holds a wide range of altering capacities you’d hope to have in any great word processor, for example, fix, re-try, cut, duplicate, clear, glue, find, and supplant.

The find and supplant alternatives even incorporate a switch to coordinate the letter instance of the content so you can make certain to discover precisely what you’re searching for.

A word counter is incorporated so you can rapidly perceive what number of words, pages, characters (with and without spaces), passages, and lines that the archive contains

Some of the spell check choices incorporate the capacity to flip among empowering and debilitating things like hailing rehashed words, disregarding web addresses, overlooking email locations, and disregarding words that contain numbers.

Two perspectives can be looked over to see an archive in a draft or print format structure. In the Page Setup screen are settings for changing what sort of paper the record will be imprinted on and how enormous the edges ought to be from the top, left, base, and right half of the page.

This is additionally where the headers and footers, segments, and outskirts settings are. AbleWord’s Online Help gives a bunch of instructional exercises in case you’re experiencing difficulty utilizing the program

As with any word processor, it’s terrible that AbleWord can’t check for spelling botches while you type. Be that as it may, the spell-check utility is effectively open from the toolbar.

When you click it, the spelling blunders are underlined in red, however, then they come back to ordinary when you leave the spell check instrument.AbleWord is unquestionably a decent decision in case you’re searching for a simple to utilize word processor that comes at no accuse and works of documents that are utilized in most other word processors.

What we like

  • Easy to use
  • It checks spelling mistakes

What we don’t like

  • Spelling check feature is not automatic
  • It has not been updated for long.


Familiar Formatting Tools

WPS Office Writer is a world-class text editing software that includes all the formatting tools needed to create an amazing and attractive document.

It includes everything from font styles and color, support for paragraph formatting, column and tables and much more.

Lots of Extras

WPS Office Writer comes with over 230 fonts and a hundred numbers of document templates.

100% Compatibility

WPS Office Writer supports DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTM, DOT, DOTX and it is fully compatible with MS Word. It means you can edit and open documents from others, and then save them from WPS Office, knowing that others will be able to open them without any kind of problem.

Spell Check

It has a built-in spell check Free Word Processors help you to keep your documents free from spelling errors.

It is Much More Than Text

With WPS Office Writer you can create amazing documents. Edit images, add custom charts, tables and much much more.

Keyboard Shortcuts

WPS Office Writer goes way beyond copy and paste. It helps you enjoy over 50 pre-defined keyboard shortcuts for WRITER, SPREADSHEET, and PRESENTATION.

Save To PDF

WPS Office Writer has a built-in Save-to-PDF tool from Free Word Processors you can make documents smaller, and more secure and much easier to share. Its FREE Version will add a visible watermark to PDF.

Collaboration Tools

WPS Office Writer supports track changes and comments making you to easily collaborate with both WPS Office and Microsoft Office users.

  • It has the ability to switch between ribbon and classic style menus
  • It has a Touchscreen mode
  • It is excellently compatible with lots of  Office formats
  • It has Tabbed documents (TextMaker)
  • It has a master document concept for consistent and attractive slide design (Presentation)
  • FreeOffice is the best and excellent Office alternative that makes it easier to create and work with files that are compatible with Microsoft’s core productivity apps. It should satisfy anyone who is looking for an Office-style suite with its ability to toggle between classic and modern interfaces.
  • SoftMaker Office now uses the MS Office formats like DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX natively.
  • It creates PDF files directly out of every application
  • It Supports for high-resolution 4K screens
  • It has Free customer support
  • It has Version management Free Word Processors keep a freely selected number of versions of each file and enables you to revert to any previous version
  • It can be installed on a USB flash drive so that it is easily used on any PC without any installation.

View Multiple Documents

WIth its Tabbed View feature, you can open, edit and manage multiple documents at the same time. It is exclusive to WPS Office.

Mail Merge

Mail Merge is easy to use the feature Free Word Processors allow you to send documents to multiple recipients at once with just a few clicks.

Graphics and Designs

  • Comprehensive drawing and picture capacities: Draw and plan legitimately in your document with Word-compatible AutoShapes
  • Supplement pictures in a range of document formats
  • Change brightness r, complexity and gamma of pictures straightforwardly in FreeOffice TextMaker
  • Fill drawings with colors, patterns, pictures, and slopes
  • Form wrap
  • Connector lines between articles
  • Enormous images library for flowcharts and organization diagrams
  • TextArt feature for type impacts

Editing and Formatting

  • Insert fields, for example, date/time, page number, creator, sequential numbers and so on.
  • Figuring in both the content and tables
  • Borders, shading, fill designs, drop-tops, and passage control
  • Covered up and secured content
  • Paragraph and character styles
  • The programmed numbering of lines, sections, lists, and headings
  • True ace pages, not simply basic headers and footers

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Language tools

  • Spell-check in 58 dialects with Hunspell dictionaries
  • Programmed hyphenation in 33 dialects
  • Programmed spell-check: mistakenly composed words are underlined in red


  • Complex, settled and multi-page tables
  • Cells can be combined, part and turned.
  • Rehashing header lines (headers are naturally repeated toward the start of each new page)
  • Tables might be situated anyplace on the page.


  • Completely Unicode-empowered
  • Broadened support for Asian textual styles and Arabic
  • FreeOffice TextMaker for Windows is an OLE server and can embed its documents in some other program.
  • You can zoom and look with your fingers on touchscreens.
  • Full database module incorporated for dBASE records
  • Change the structure of databases
  • Addition to individual locations in letterheads.


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