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How to Get Unbanned from Tinder?

Tinder is the most famous dating application in the world. And has many millions of regular users or fans desperate to find a relationship.

Most people think that banning from the Tinder app is not easy, but every app has its own rules.

Tinder has some basic rules that make it different from other applications. If you don’t comply, you will be immediately banned. Therefore, you need to know how to follow the dating app protocol and be banned by Tinder.


If you’re banned from the Tinder app and don’t know how to remove the ban from Tinder, the following information can help you.

Why are you banned from Tinder?

Now there are several reasons why you are ban from Tinder.

banned from Tinder

As you can see from the following graph last year, it is becoming more and more popular to find a way to remove the ban on Tinder accounts.

Here are some of the reasons why your account was banned:

The ban from Tinder

Get Unbanned from Tinder

  • Fake profile and policy violations.
  • Using Abusive and insulting words.
  • Same-sex.
  • Ethnic notion.
  • Spam accounts.
  • Posting inappropriate images.


How to Unbanned your Tinder account?

Are you confused about how to remove the ban from Tinder? The solution is simple with the following tips.

Tinder account

  • Open a new account.
  • Use new data and images.
  • Use the new phone number.
  • Create a new Google account.



The direct answer to lifting the ban on Tinder is to appeal to the Tinder support system politely. Contact the services and request the unbanning procedure.

It reveals why the account is banned. Then easily appeal to the service.

It will get your account back. Keep in mind that this method doesn’t always work.

Open a new account

Open a new account

  • If your request doesn’t work, you should use this method to use Tinder again.
  • You need to create or open a new account on Tinder and make it look perfect.

Use new data and images

Get Unbanned from Tinder

  • You can use new images and bio to optimize your profile.
  • Make sure you don’t know past any old data that the Tinder team has identified.
  • It gives you a bonus point and is not even recognize by Tinder services.

Use the new phone number

Get Unbanned from Tinder

If you are banned on Tinder and trying to create a new account in these cases, make sure you use the latest number.

Create a new Google account

Create a new Google account

  • Before you can download Tinder, you need to delete all your data or create a new Google account.
  • A recent Google account will help you create a new version 9f your Tinder profile.

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Make sure you are not banned from Tinder again

Whatever strategy you decide to pursue and get your Tinder account unbanned. It is essential to clarify how you can avoid being banned from Tinder again, as it is not easy to get your Tinder account banned.

Forst, you need to know what kind of behavior you want to avoid on Tinder. It is possible to find out by reading the Tinder community recommendations.

If you are not doing what you are reporting, make sure something warns you once, you can be sure that it will be banned the next time.

On this page, we discuss the regular community breaches menu. But the most popular ones are giving off unpleasant interactions, giving NSFW photos, etc., reinforcing automatic swiping with an app, and using your Tinder profile for content marketing.


So, in conclusion, each social media platform has its own set of rules, policies, and guidelines. Similarly, the Tinder Dating Op isn’t behind the rules.

This article entirely focused on removing the ban from Tinder and prevent it from being banned as well.

So, unfortunately, if you were banned and never gave up, you could create a new account. For creating a new account, get help from Filmora, and stand uniquely on the line.

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