How to Uninstall TWRP?

TWRP is a useful recovery tool, and it is usually not recommended to remove it from your device. However, if a situation arises where you have to remove TWRP from your device, then there are a few ways to do it.

The only way you can remove this recovery tool is if you replace it with another. There are no better alternatives to TWRP, in the system recovery scene, so you might be taking this step to bring back stock recovery.

Finding stock recovery for the device you are using is no less than a challenge.

In some cases, the user won’t be able to find the stock recovery and might have to flash the full stock firmware to whatever device they are using. This is the only way to remove TWRP.

How to uninstall TWRP from the device?

The only way to uninstall TWRP from your device is by installing another, and you should know how to install recovery.

The new recovery that you install can be a custom recovery too. When you install stock recovery on your device, it will be like the same way you installed TWRP on it.

Removing TWRP

  • First, download the stock recovery.img file; make sure that this file is compatible with your device
  • Setup ADB on your PC, and Fastboot
  • Enable the option of USB debugging on your device
  • Open Settings on the device
  • Go to Developer Option, which you will find in the About Phone section, after tapping 7 times
  • Go back to settings
  • Use the developer’s options to tick the USB Debugging box
  • Open the folder where you have saved the .img file
  • Open a command window, which you will find inside the folder
  • Press shift+right click on empty, white space inside the folder
  • Select the open command window here that you can easily see on the context menu
  • Connect the device to PC
  • Type the command “adb reboot bootloader”
  • It will probably ask permission to Allow USB Debugging, so click on OK
  • When the device boosts in the bootloader mode, then write down “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” (Write down the name of the file, which could be something different)

Now, the recovery is successful, and you can issue the command of ‘fastboot reboot’ to the device

You can use the above-detailed steps on Sony, HTC, Motorola, and similar manufacturer devices. If you want to uninstall TWRP on Samsung Galaxy devices, then you can download Odin 3.10.6.

When you have downloaded the zipped files, all you need to do is extract it, and then follow the instructions on the screen. However, before downloading the file, make sure that it is compatible with your device.

TWRP is a useful recovery program, so only uninstall it if it is absolutely necessary. This is because, there are so many steps involved in this process, which is bound to make the user very confused, and they can end up doing something entirely different.

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