How to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV is offering various applications for the viewers, and this process is beneficial for the public to watch unlimited TV channels.

The same practice is relevant to watching of Paramount Plus app on LG smart TV. This process has some crucial steps, and these have to be followed essentially.

How to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV

LG smart TV provides access to a vast range of entertainment, including thousands of free movies and TV shows at no cost.

However, those who want to watch the popular Paramount Plus on their screen must first install it, which is much easier said than done. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do just that.

From installing the app on your new LG smart TV to watching its content, there are several steps involved in getting started with Paramount Plus on your LG device.

So, let’s get right into it!

Step 1. Download Paramount Plus onto LG smart TV Device

Firstly, it’s important to download Paramount Plus onto your device. This can be done by using either an Android or iOS mobile application, but for convenience, we’ll be using Google Play Store. Simply visit the appropriate website and follow the instructions provided. Once finished, sign up for a free account.

Step 2. Set Up The App & Login to Enjoy Its Content

Once you have downloaded the appropriate applications on your LG smart TV, you’re ready to set up the app and log in. On your home screen, click the icon that looks like a three-line menu with a circle around it, then select “Settings” from the top menu bar. Next, click “Apps” from the side menu and navigate to “Apps” on the left panel. Click “Playback” at the bottom of the list and select “More Settings”. Then make sure the “Show More Options” feature is turned ON, which will allow users to add additional options to the settings menu. Finally, select “Subscribe to Anywhere” from the left margin menu and confirm your identity before pressing “Next”.

Step 3. Setup The Location & Channel List For Your Screen

The next step is setting up the location and channel list for your chosen media player. If you’re using a television, you can simply use the standard HDMI cable provided by your provider. However, if you’re using a Chromecast media player, you’ll need to look for something called “the Chromecast remote” on Amazon or YouTube.

When you find one, plug it into your selected port and connect it to your device.

Now, scroll down until you see two icons, both of which should read “Channel Selection”. Select “Channel Selection” and tick the box labeled “Connect to LG Smart TV Connection” at the top. Lastly, press “OK” and confirm your choices. The Paramount Plus app is offering digital capturing services for getting favorable pictures and videos. You may use it, and procure likable TV programs for enjoyment as well.

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