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20 Best Mac Apps for College Students 2024

Laptops are important for college students because they need a device to make notes. Here is a list of the 20 best Mac apps for college students.

They have to give presentations, now and then, and they need laptops for that purpose.

20 Best Mac Apps for College Students 2024

There are many Mac Apps, designed specifically for college students, which can help them, study better.


Manuscripts is one of the best Mac App

College assignments are different from high school assignments because format matters a great deal.

College assignments need things like footnotes, references, and annotations, which high school assignments don’t.

The manuscript is an app that works as a word processor. It is designed to accommodate academic papers and it makes editing footnotes, inserting annotations and referencing, an easier job.

The app is like other standard text editors, but the layout is intuitive. If a student has not yet grasped the idea of different academic writing formats, then they can easily do so, by downloading this app.


Evernote is a Mac App for College Students

Writing notes during a lecture is very important for college students. However, keeping those notes organized is not a very easy thing to do.

Evernote is an app that lets students keep everything organized in one place. They can enhance notes with the help of links that lecturers often suggest, attachments, and even checklists.

There are two versions of this app; one is free and one is a premium. In the free version, college students can easily sync their notes with two other devices.

In the premium version, note-taking apps for college students mac can sync their notes, with more than two devices.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro Mac app

With so much going on in a college student’s life, it is not very easy to remember everything. The iStudiez Pro app lets college students set their schedules.

They can make notes of things like homework, deadlines of assignments, exam dates, and even grades.

The data that they input on the app can be synced to other devices as well.

The interface of the app is user-friendly and very clean. When college student inputs their data, they won’t feel distracted or unpleasant working with an app.

They won’t forget the deadline for an assignment, and this is really important.

Quizlet Go

Quizlet Go Mac app for collage students

Gone are the days when people used to make their flashcards. Quizlet Go is an amazing app that has replaced the need for paper flashcards.

People can easily create sets of flashcards for their help. The best feature is that people can study the flashcards that others make.

So, if it wants to learn more about German history, then all they have to do is search for it on the app. They will surely get some flashcards, which can help them study better, and retain information.

Todoist Premium

Todoist Premium app for Mac

College students often forget, when they have to buy groceries, or if they have to submit more than one assignment.

This app helps them organize everything, like the movies they want to watch, or the assignments they have to research.

College students can create their templates and color-coded graphs. This mac app for college students makes things interesting so that they don’t forget anything they are supposed to do.

MacFly Pro

MacFly Pro is best Mac app for collage students

This is a maintenance app, which helps clear useless things from Mac’s disk. College students have a very busy life, and it sometimes makes things worse for them, when they don’t have time to clean everything out, like their laptop.

It clears away duplicate files, essay drafts that have been long forgotten by students, and discarded apps.

If students give the app permission, it can even delete duplicate photos from the innumerable photos that are stored on a disk.

The app also cleans junk files and gives college students a good space on their laptops. This way, if they have to download or install more apps, they won’t have to clear things out on their own.

This app is all about time-saving.


LyX is an app for Mac

This is a perfect app for those college students, who don’t want to set up a format before starting a paper. Most college students feel that when they focus on the format, they lose the rhythm of writing.

This is a word processing app, which works in the background, while a student is typing a paper. While the student is typing an assignment, the app sets the layout for the paper.

The app uses the TeX system, which is a typesetting system used for academic papers. When students are done creating documents, the TeX system gives them a professional touch.

This is a free app for college students, and there are several templates that they can choose from.


iWork app for Mac collage students users

This is a word processor, which can easily read Word documents. The three main features of iWork are word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

This app supports Office, which means that users can easily open and save documents, using the Office format.


Paste Mac app for students

This is a clipboard manager and is particularly designed for those college students, who have to struggle with many subjects.

This tool has clippings, which college students can use to organize information, using themes, file types, and different attributes.

If you have a revision for a certain assignment, then they can revise, using this tool.

This app can handle large volumes of data.


Postbox Mac app

This is an email client, which gives a professional look to a college student’s email. If there are multiple email accounts a student is handling, then they can get all their emails in one place.

For example, one email address is for friends and family, while the other is for educational purposes. Students can sigh with relief when they can combine both emails.

It can make folders in this app, to further organize their emails.


Adium Mac app

You have to communicate with others, to discuss courses and lectures. Not every college student would like to add the other to their Facebook friends list.

Adium is a way to keep in touch with college friends and classmates, where college students can easily study with others and keep in touch. This is an instant messaging program and supports many chat protocols like Yahoo Messenger.

The interesting part of this messaging app is that the notification can be set by the students. They can choose different color duck flaps, that flip their wings whenever a student gets a message.

Omni Graph Sketcher

Omni Graph Sketcher Mac app for collage students

Those who have used Word and other programs to draw graphs, know that it can be a nightmare. In college life, students have to draw different graphs, specifically for economics and mathematics.

For this purpose, they can use the OmniGraph Sketcher app, which allows users to draw graphs, in no time.

This app lets users import data from excel. Users can also customize things like axes, shading, and points.

The graphs can be converted to PDF files or JPG files. If a student has to present information using a graph in class, then using this app would be very helpful.


Alfred Mac app

Alfred is like Siri, but helpful for college students. When college students want to find something on the desktop, then Alfred helps them.

For example, if a student wants to find an app or a file, that they don’t know where they saved, Alfred will find it for them.

Alfred is quick and finds exactly what the student is looking for. It can be particularly helpful in situations where students have to submit an assignment, but they don’t have the time to look for a file.


Caffeine best Mac app for collage students

This is a little program available for college students on Mac, which stops the screen from dimming. At times, when students are working on something, like taking notes from the computer, they suddenly see a screen save pop up.

To stop this from happening, students can download the Caffeine app. It is almost like the screen would be intaking coffee and won’t sleep.

Even though it won’t increase battery life, it would still be helpful for students, who don’t like it when they are working on something and the screen suddenly goes black.

This is a free app, and the best app for college students can make use of it.


iStumbler Mac app

No PC works without an internet connection, and when students are using their Mac, they need Wi-Fi.

This is a very important app, which lets students view the Wi-Fi networks in their vicinity. This can be particularly helpful, if the student is in a library, and he sees a bundle of Wi-Fi connections.

The app can also detect Bluetooth devices. If there are devices connected to the local network, then students can benefit from them, by sharing files and important documents.


MindNode Mac app

Any student who has written an essay in their college life knows how important brainstorming is. However, it can become messy, when brainstorming is done on paper.

MindNode is an application, that can be particularly used for brainstorming for research projects and essays. The brainstorming process on this app looks professional.

When students make a mind map, they come up with more points and a better thesis. Students can create a mindmap in no time, print it, and show it to the teacher.

A mindmap helps students stay organized, and focus on the task at hand. Moreover, a mind map encourages students to do better, when it comes to thinking about points for an essay.


Dropbox Mac app

When teachers give assignments to students, they often ask them to upload their assignments to Dropbox. Dropbox is the best place to share files and documents with people.

Teachers can also upload extra reading material on Dropbox for students, and give them the same link. They can upload assignment requirements on Dropbox, and give students a link so that they don’t have an excuse for not doing it if they didn’t go to college.

Dropbox is easier to use, which is why not only students but teachers use it as well. This is an app that students must download to have been helping the work.


Download Skype For Mac

Some might think that college is all about having a good time. However, in college, people have to communicate with others to talk about what they have learned, and what troubles them.

Those who are serious about learning would use Skype for good. Students can video call their friends, and learn about a maths sum that they didn’t understand.

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Teachers can also use Skype to teach students, in case the college has to close the building for a day. They can give students extra pointers over Skype, or do a video conference, in case there is something that all students don’t understand.

Time Out Free

Time Out Free Mac app

Some students work all day and night, without giving much thought to their health. For such students, there is a time out of the free app, which tells them to take a break.

For example, if a student has been working all night, without any breaks, then the time out of the app will appear at intervals, to tell the student that it is okay to take a break.

Breaks are important in studying and writing essays because they energize a person.

Those who don’t take breaks would feel extra tired the next day.


Isolator Mac Apps for College Students

When students are working on their Mac, they might get distracted by the things in the background. The Isolator app blurs out the background and cuts out all the distractions.

Those who don’t like to see other things, when they are working on an assignment, would love this app. The app can hide the doc and increase the concentration of the student.

Apps are developed so that they can manage their life better. Apps like these would help students make sure that when they are studying, they are being productive.


If there are better ways of doing something, then students would surely prefer those ways. It is not all about studying every hour of the day, but more about studying efficiently. The Mac apps for college students have been done now.

Apps can help students make their work look more professional. Teachers do like professional-looking assignments, and they will give better grades to students as well. This is a win-win for both.

What are the awesome Mac apps?

Following are the Awesome Mac apps:

  • CleanMyMac X. Scans your Mac and removes junk and malware.
  • Auhy.
  • Backblaze.
  • Parallel Toolbox. In-one solution with 30+ tools for macOS (and Windows 10)
  • SnagIt.
  • iStat Menus.

Best software for students Mac

There are many Mac programs designed for college students that can help them learn better.

  • iStudiez Pro
  • MacFly Pro
  • Paste
  • Evernote
  • Manuscripts
  • Quizlet Go
  • iWork.

Here I now made a list for you of the 20 best Mac apps for college students. Enjoy.


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