10+ Mouse Pad Alternatives to Start Using Right Now

Mousepads are no longer a must-have accessory for modern laser and optical mice, but we recommend adding them to improve mouse accuracy and reduce debris that builds up underneath the mouse.

In addition, low-grade mice generally perform poorly on glossy, clear, or uneven surfaces. Even heavy computer users and gamers can use the mouse pad to improve their work and performance.

10+ Mouse Pad Alternatives to Start Using Right Now

Here are 10 free mouse pad alternatives options that you can easily find in your home.

A magazine

If you have a magazine at hand, you can try it instead of a mouse pad. A slightly thicker and stronger magazine will probably work better than a very thin and thin magazine.

Also, avoid shiny or reflective magazines.

A hardcover book

Any hardcover book may work as a replacement for a mouse pad. It doesn’t have a large surface area that works with most books, but it’s better than nothing.

If you have a very large coffee table book, it gives you more space to work.

A placemat

Not all types of placemats work. For example, do not try to use woven rugs.

If you have a vinyl block or other type of place with a nice smooth surface, you may have a decent mouse pad.


You almost certainly have a blank printer paper. It works fast. However, if you have a lot of sweaty palms, you should regularly replace them with a new sheet of DIY mouse pad.

Duct tape

Is there anything I can’t do with adhesive tape? This versatile tire has millions of uses.

Add DIY mouse pad to the reliable silver roll application list.

As with any adhesive tape project, you can create a flashy design out of the way or keep it simple. Just cut a few pieces of adhesive tape of the same length.

Combine several parts and connect left and right and front to back. What’s fun about making a DIY mouse pad is that you can make it in any size.


You probably have a box on Amazon or somewhere else that you haven’t recycled yet.

With this. Cut the cardboard to the desired size and use it as a mouse pad.

Wax paper

Wash paper isn’t used as much in cooking as it used to be but look at the pantry to see if you have it. Peel off the strip to get a replacement for the mouse pad.

Some hard surfaces, such as wooden desks, work as well. However, many hard surfaces do not work well.


  1. Glass table
  2. Table with a very glossy or reflective surface
  3. Mirror
  4. The uneven or bumpy surface
  5. A smooth surface such as sofa wrap arm

The optical mouse works perfectly with a smooth, uniform surface.

For wired mice, you can use a tablecloth instead of a lug. Some people wrap tiles and A4 sheets in a file.

A general rule of thumb for laser mice is that a wide, rough surface is required for cardboard and cloth, cardboard, and thick skin to work.

Better yet: Once you get used to the shortcuts, removing the mouse is not enough, but it reduces the chances of RSI / CTD and speeds things up.

With the invention of the optical mouse, the need for a mouse pad has been eliminated. Grab the mouse. Turn it over. Are you blinded by the red laser light?

Throw the nasty old mouse mat in the trash, place the mouse on the desk and continue as before.

That said if your mouse still has a small rubber ball in it. Throw it away with your pillow and get a new mouse. You can also think about upgrading your old x386. You can get a cloth or a hard plastic mouse pad.

In addition, the table used is an alternative. Modern optical mice do not have major detection issues on most surfaces, so you can use anything large enough to move.

However, within the category of materials, there is a wide variety of plastics. Most cloth napkins come in a variety of wrist and armrest types for greater comfort. Whatever you use, be careful not to bend it.

This makes it not appropriate to select a single sheet of paper, but it must have been used before and works in a pinch. If you run into problems, try drawing a grid on paper.

It doesn’t have to be perfect and can be scratched. The mouse is a low-resolution camera, so you need something to detect.

You can use hard paper such as cardboard, folders, cardboard (matte), not too thick floor mats, and dining boards. However, the mouse uses a different sensor. You need to test which surface is suitable for your mouse.

A regular desk or book (hardcover) should work. However, the mousepad is made for you and can be purchased for $ 10, making it much easier to use.

If you have a good mouse, it will detect on any surface! Glass, and mirrors too.

Just buy a mouse from the Logitech line and it doesn’t matter where you use it. The more expensive ones have better sensors that perform even better.

Something like the Logitech g203 (a gaming mouse, but a good expression) has a HERO sensor, which is the best sensor Logitech offers, and in fact, it’s incredibly accurate and very good. It is a sensor.

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Flexible trucks in any surface track sensitivity range) It’s not that expensive, it’s a 20 million click button, it’s a tank.

Currently, most mice are optical (laser or LED) and do not require a mouse pad. It’s very rare to find old mechanical ones, but sometimes people have someone they like.

With the new mouse, almost everything (or nothing) can be used as a mouse pad. In most cases, only the desk will work. For older models and laptops, add:

3M precision mouse pad

They are lightweight, take up less pocket space, have very light patterns and grooves, and improve mouse performance.

If you forget your mousepad, your desk is sticky, or you want to keep things clean, you can only use one sheet of paper.

If you need a more cushioned surface, one secret to hitting a Wal-Mart or target is to find a cheap, soft, rubber-like kitchen mat that you can find and use it so hard that you can’t roll it. It’s about turning around.

What I usually use at home is a toy mousepad that has my desk but has to work in a fixed office. If you don’t want to, force a relocation.

And it gives a little damping and prevents the tabletop from wearing (especially if it is made of wood). Fry is a good source of information. You can see what you are buying. If the dust detection surface is smooth, things will be slippery. An optical mouse on a glass plate without a pillow can sometimes be a little brittle.

When running on batteries, it empties too quickly, which is also useful. However, a decent play pillow is thick enough to stay in place and heavy enough that you don’t want to carry it in a laptop bag if you can’t roll it after using it.

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Does it damage your computer’s mouse if you do not use a mouse pad?

If so. If you do not use the mouse pad, your computer mouse will be damaged.

You are using an optical mouse, especially if the surface is dirty or rough, quickly scratch the plastic sliding legs. You can lose a leg or two like me and it doesn’t slip smoothly.

If you are using one of the older mice with a ball, the ball will wear faster if you do not use the mouse pad. The mouse pad maintains traction.

Without it, the ball slides and the rubber burns every time you move the mouse ball. Also, if you don’t use a mouse pad, the ball will often pick up debris, so you’ll need to disassemble the ball to make it even cleaner.

Your mouse will probably work well on the table, a piece of paper can work well, and for workers gently stick a T-shirt on a piece of cardboard or masonite. In general, the mouse works and feels almost everywhere.

Beautiful, the wireless mouse battery will last longer if you use the mouse on the bright side instead of a dark side. Its black slayer mouse pad runs out of your battery.


Books, magazines, and notebooks can be used, but they are often uncomfortable and inconvenient. Some will also slip. Besides, they are not very attractive.

Rather, try a sign that you no longer use. You can cut it to size and sew the edges, or even put colored masking tape around the edges.

If you have or want to buy (order recently!), Handmade foam sheets are a great idea! They are very cheap, easy to cut in size, non-slip, smooth enough to slide the mouse, and do not slip on a desk or table.

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