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How to Wake Someone up When their Phone is on Silent iPhone

Last Update: April 21, 2022

Do you want to wake someone up when their phone is on silent iPhone? You cannot go through the silent ring unless the owner has set up a contact list. If you know your Android or iPhone login details, you can treat your phone as if you were lost, just as they would log in.

Let’s have a quick guide.

Wake Someone up When their Phone is on Silent iPhone

Wake Someone up When their Phone is on Silent iPhone

Therefore, the ringer will ring even if the phone is turned off.

Are they sure they are sleeping? They may be doing something they don’t want you to know and responding intentionally.

If this is one of these situations, it is advisable to leave the phone unattended and install the tracker.

Alternatively, get your Apple / Android login information and check the behavior with Google Maps or an equivalent Apple. Then you know within a few meters if they are where they say they are.

It can be difficult to wake up, especially if you sleep well. It’s a good idea to start with an indirect approach, especially if you don’t have a good reason to lift it (for example, it should be working).

You can also try a more direct method. Or, if you’re very brave and can be a little angry, you can make a little joke with your friends.

iPhone look

On the other hand, if a person is a sleepwalker, it is generally better to guide them back to bed, if possible, without waking up.

  • You can use the buddy alarm feature of the Galarm application here.

Galarm application

  • This is an application that runs on both Android and iPhone, so you can include other participants in the alarms on both devices.

Galarm application

  • You can set an alarm on someone else in your contacts.
  • However, only if that person also has the Galarm app and is not blocking the recording of alarms.

Galarm application

If you set an alarm on someone else (the recipient of the alarm, also known as your “friend”), you will be notified at a specified time.

If a friend responds to an alarm and marks it as finished, you (the “creator” of the alarm) will not be disturbed. However, if your friends do not mark it as complete, the author will receive a warning after the time set by the author.

The author can then take steps to alert the recipient in another way. For example, shake the recipient.

How do you send an emergency alert to someone’s phone?

EAS system

  • Then call a lawyer to prepare for some major criminal charges against the disruption of a critical homeland security infrastructure.

Call a lawyer using iPhone

Alternatively, get a job at your local Emergency Management Agency (or a government agency) and work there for enough time to get permission to activate EAS at the request of local government leaders.

How do you wake someone up over the phone?

Ring the phone in the people’s room.

  • Turn up the volume on your phone to the maximum!
  • Leave the phone in a person’s room and make a call from another phone.

make a call from another phone

  • If you leave them far enough away from your bed, they will have to get up and listen to what the noise is.

enough away from your bed iPhone

  • You can also set it to sound an alarm instead.

sound an alarm

Know that governments and states can issue warnings on the phone. I bought it once and thought I hung up. This is a very disturbing tone in the light of our current situation and maybe faster than we would expect.

However, the most important is a warning to warn of a missing child.

It comes to your phone as a very strange ringtone. This is the same as a civil defense warning.


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