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How to Change Playlist Picture on Spotify on iPhone?

I am glad to write a new article that will help you to change the playlist pictures on Spotify on iPhone let’s get started!

Change Playlist Picture on Spotify on iPhone

If you’re using Android, use a dedicated app called “Change Playlist Image: Spotify” to change the cover and playlist description.

You can also use our free online service to change the cover and description of Spotify playlists on any device with internet and web browser.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Go to the playlist you want to change from the cover page.
  2. Move the mouse to the red square to see the pencil icon.
  3. Renames the playlist and opens a box asking you to select an image and description box.
  4. Press Save when you’re done

Mainly because of the large playlist screen, using the Spotify computer application is the easiest way to create a playlist.

In general, the standard cover when creating a playlist is a collage of the first four albums from which the first four tracks (including different albums) are derived.

To change the default, go to the playlist details. Then select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the image. Click Replace Image.

For the desktop device

  1. Launch the Spotify desktop application and open the playlist you want to edit.
  2. Move your cursor to the playlist front page and press the edit icon.
  3. In a new window, double-click on the cover photo.
  4. Upload photos from your local computer and change the cover

For the portable device

  1. Use additional tools such as Audkit Spotify Converter to download Spotify songs as you would on your local computer.
  2. Find the local directory where you store your Spotify songs.
  3. Open the settings page and change the cover photo.
  4. Transfer local Spotify songs to any portable device.

How to change your Spotify playlist art on mobile?

  1. Go to the playlist you created.
  2. Select three points to open the menu.
  3. Tap “Edit”.
  4. Tap Change Photo to select a new photo and scroll through the phonebook to select the correct photo or take a new photo.

How to Edit a Spotify Playlist cover on a computer?

  1. Click the image of the playlist you created.
  2. Click Replace Image.
  3. Select an image and click Save.

Note: Make sure the image does not infringe copyright, trademark, or personal image rights.

  • This option wasn’t available in previous versions of the Spotify application, but fortunately, it’s now available.
  • Open the playlist, click the three dots in the upper right corner, then click Edit Playlist to open a new interface.
  • Just change the image.

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How do you add playlist covers to Spotify?

You need to be in a computer program.

  • Click the cover of the playlist to edit it, then click the cover to add an image.
  • If you want to test on your mobile phone, log on to your desktop and try there. Some features only work on your computer/laptop, such as changing playlist images and repositioning playlists.
  • To create a playlist on Spotify, just click on the three vertical dots next to the song.
  • One of the options is “Add to playlist”.
  • If you don’t have a playlist, you have the option to create one.
  • You will be asked to name the playlist (you can change the name at any time) and the song will be added as soon as it is complete.
  • You can then continue to add songs to your playlists or create new playlists.

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