How to Send a Text Message From Your Email Account?

Send a Text Message From Your Email Account

There are also times when you find yourself wanting to send a text message from your email account when your phone is out of reach maybe it is charging or maybe you left it at home.

No matter what the reason is, sending the texts from your email account is sometimes necessary.

This article will walk you through a few different types of methods to send a text from your email.

If you find yourself sending the texts through email often, you may want to download our recommended extension to make your life even easier.

By Sending an email as an SMS

  • By using the email client of your choice, create your email. You can either use your smartphone or your computer to write it down.

Send a Text Message From Your Email Account

  • Despite entering an email address in the recipient box, insert the 10 digit phone number of the person whom you are trying to reach.
  • When it is entered, tack on the correct “@gateway” address behind the phone number.

Just keep that in mind that if you are trying to send an email that is more than 160 characters long, then it will mostly be sent through the Multimedia Message Service (MMS). If the person whom you are messaging does not have a messaging plan which includes Multimedia Messaging, then they will not get any message.

Some of the carriers also provide email to MMS gateways so if you want to send a message which is more than 160 characters, use an MMS gateway rather than using an SMS gateway.

Send a Text Message From Your Email Account

Send a Text Message From Your Email Account

There is another important thing to keep in mind is that some of the carriers do not operate their own mobile networks. It means that they are piggybacking on other operators’ cell towers, it all depends on where you are in the country.

Because of this, you may come of the need to enter a gateway address that belongs to Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T.

There is a Chrome extension that is specially designed to help you in sending texts from Gmail. If you use Gmail and send a lot of emails as text messages, this extension is a valuable one for you and it is free to download.

The extension is called Send Your Email to SMS (text), if you use Chrome browser, then this is great for you. All it does is just adds a bit phone icon to your Gmail email window.

If you type out the email which you want to send and then click the phone icon, it will then bring up your list of Gmail contacts and you can search on it to find the person whom you want to send. You also have the feature to add a new phone number just by typing it in.

The email is automatically formatted for appropriate and proper texting and replies to the text will be emailed back to that same Gmail address, which allows you to successfully carry on the conversations.

It is not that helpful if you do not use Gmail, but for the regular users who have a lot of contacts in Gmail, this extension makes it really easy to do email to text more efficiently, and you do not have to worry about the carrier codes.

DO Use App

Send a Text Message From Your Email Account

The app also provides you to reverse the process and get the text alerts for important email which you receive in Gmail, which can be nice if you are on the move but really has to follow some particular email conversations.

  • It is also important to mention that Gmail and Google Calendar also tie with the (IFTTTT) smart device management system.

This means you can set up IFTTT too, for example, schedule a text by using Google Voice, which can be easier than jumping directly on to an email for some of the devices.

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