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How to Use Instagram Without Ads and Annoyance?

Instagram is a popular social media, which is mostly used for uploading pictures, and video clips.

It is used all over the globe, where people upload their special or everyday moments along with a caption.

It is a great source of marketing for companies, where they can reach out to their customer, by showing them ads that are relevant to them. Instagram works with Facebook, and the users would get ads as per what they usually browse on the internet.

However, these ads can be really annoying for some people, and they would most probably want to block them.

Instagram Ads


Before discussing how to block ads, it is best to discuss how these ads work. Instagram sponsored ads trace the activities of the user through this platform.

When a user engages with others by liking or commenting on their posts, then the user would be shown similar ads on their feed.

Instagram not only tracks the online activities of a person but also keeps track of the other websites that a person visits that are owned by Facebook.

Users might have noticed that they get similar ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Exchange is one of these services, which allows the advertisers to track down the browsing habits of users so that they can show them relevant ads.

  • Some websites ask for consent when they ask the user if they want to enable cache or not, while others unethically track the activities of a user.
  • While some might find these ads useful, others find them irritating, and an invasion of their privacy.
  • Thus, there is a way to block them.

Chrome Ad Blocker

Use Instagram without ads and annoyance

If someone is using Instagram on Chrome, then they would be able to ban some ads on Instagram. However, even the ad blocker can filter some limited ads and not all of them.

Also, Instagram focuses more on showing ads to smartphone users, and there are not many ads that appear on their website when the user browses from Chrome.

Hide This

There is no permanent solution for removing ads from one’s feed; the user has to be patient to see fewer ads. Whenever a user sees an ad, they should take the following steps:

  • Tap on the three dots at the top right corner
  • Tap on hiding This
  • You will see a prompt asking you why you don’t want to see this ad
  • You can choose either “It’s inappropriate” or “It’s not relevant

  • Selecting this for multiple ads over and over would definitely lead to a removal of ads from the Instagram feed

Ads on Instagram

Instagram has gained popularity over the last four years, because of its easy to use design and user-friendly interface. This is one of the reasons why users have been seeing a surge in ads on this platform.

While this could be really annoying for Instagram users to see ads on their feed, and a sudden increase in volume, the same advertising could be a blessing for businesses if it is done right.

It is not a good idea to spam users with ads for your products and services, because that is only going to form a negative impression about your business.

It is vital for businesses to first know about whether their target market is on Instagram or not. If someone’s target market is grandparents, then they are less likely to be on Instagram compared to teenagers and youth.

Another marketing fact that a brand needs to investigate is whether the population they are targeting lives in an urban area or rural area. Moreover, the brands need to research the kind of brands that this population usually shops for, and what they would be interested in seeing on Instagram.

The best way to grab the attention of an Instagram user is through an interactive ad. Instagram ads are very expensive, which is why brands need to make the most of it.

They should invest in making creative ads, which would engage the user right away, and they would be able to make an impact on them.

Marketing Objectives on Instagram

Before a brand advertises on Instagram, they need to set their marketing objectives. Are they marketing to create brand awareness or reach the existing customers of the brand?

Are they marketing to create traffic for their website, or they want to actually engage them? It could be that the marketing objective of a brand is to get video views or conversions for its website and app.

When a brand is setting up its ad on Instagram, they have the option of placement. They can choose to place their ad on Instagram or Facebook, and if they don’t choose anything then Facebook will show their ad on both platforms.

Content Creation on Instagram

When placing ads on Instagram, brands need to create the right content or ad. They should pay special attention to the message that they want the user to receive, and their ads should be short, but meaningful.

The problem with most ads is that they are too ambiguous and long, and when the user watches the ad, they get bored at the end or simply don’t know what is happening.

Instagram ads, if they get too annoying, can be reported and blocked. Even though it takes time to block them, it is worth it in the end when the user doesn’t have to see anything unnecessary.

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