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5 Best Streaming Device to Replace Cable 2024

Who wants the best streaming device to replace cable? Who watches the 100 channels that come on cable?

Pretty much nobody! People nowadays have a limited amount of time, which they only want to spend watching their favorite channel, where they can access a lot of content.

Why confuse yourself with the numerous channels on cable, when you can easily get good-quality content from Netflix?

Moreover, the quality of video that streaming devices can offer the user, cable can’t. These streaming devices can be controlled with the help of Alexa and Siri, and when the user can use voice control then why would they want to go back to remote control?

In this article, I am going to discuss the advantages of using steaming devices, and the best streaming devices available to people, which can easily replace cable.

Advantages of Using Streaming Devices

Streaming devices to replace cable helps the user in multiple ways:

  • A streaming device provides extra storage to the user, where they can save their favorite TV shows and movies.
  • The user can access a lot of content with streaming devices because apps like Netflix and Hulu are compatible with them. The quality that they get to view through a streaming device, is very different from what people see on their phones. Moreover, the streaming device doesn’t cause a strain on internet bandwidth.
  • The user would be able to watch movies and TV shows on their schedule. The main problem with cable TV is that users have to either record programs or be in front of the TV at the exact time when a show is about to start. This is not possible for everyone, and people might end up missing their favorite content.
  • The user doesn’t have to DVR to record a show, because they can access anything that they want, any time.
  • Binge-watching is the new trend, where people don’t have to wait for the next episode and can just watch the whole season in one go. It could be a good thing for those, who don’t normally have time to watch TV but would love to watch something on their vacations. This way, they can keep on adding things to their list, and then watch them whenever they are free.
  • The best part of a streaming device is the ease of use. There is no cable clutter anymore; all the user has to do is connect the device with a PC or TV using a USB. Most devices offer the use of HDMI cables as well, but if someone has a smart TV, then they can easily just connect their USB with it.

5 Best Streaming Device to Replace Cable 2024

Roku Streaming Stick

best streaming device to replace cable

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This is one of the most affordable options for the user because it offers them streaming apps and entertainment, all in one place. Image source: here

When you get the Roku stick, it will give you access to multiple streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, and YouTube TV. You can even use a voice remote to open the program that you want, right away.

Roku has a very smooth interface, and it is very easy to search for content on it. Roku tick can be easily plugged into a TV or computer because all it needs is a USB port.

It doesn’t require the user to plug it in a power adapter, or even use an HDMI cable. So, when a person uses Roku, then they completely get rid of cable clutter.

If you are going on vacation and want to take entertainment with you, then choose the Roku stick. It has amazing specifications; it supports 4K HDR, 256 MB storage, can be controlled with a voice remote, supports HDR10, and has the Wi-Fi antenna in the power cable.

There are two versions of Roku; premiere and express. Some of the differences and similarities between the two are as follows:

  • They need an HDMI port, to connect to the TV, and they both come with an HDMI cord
  • The user can access many streaming channels on both versions
  • They come with a free Roku app, which has some really useful features like remote control and a voice search device
  • They are portable devices
  • The Express version offers HDR Streaming and the Premier version offers 4K Ultra HDR and HDR quality
  • Roku Premiere supports 1080p HD, and it has a quad-core processor
  • Roku Premiere supports 4K spotlight
  • Multiple streaming websites work on it

  • Searching on Roku is easily

  • It can be mounted on TV and computer

  • It is a portable device, which people can take on vacation

  • No cable clutter

  • It doesn’t support iTunes migration, so this would impact the Apple users

Amazon Fire TV Stick

streaming device to replace cable

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This device is specifically designed for Amazon users. If a user is a Prime member, then they can use this stick for Alexa and Amazon products as well.

The stick comes with an Alexa voice remote so that the user can request different streaming services like Prime Video or play a song through Spotify.

If the user buys the Amazon Fire Stick to replace their cable, then they would be able to enjoy a lot of entertainment and educational content. There are TV shows, and movies available to Amazon users, without any subscription.

The user can download and run other apps like Netflix, Apple TV, Prime Video, Showtime, and PlutoTV. This device is perfect for live TV streaming services, like Hulu Live and Sling TV.

This device supports 4K ultra HD and has 8GB Storage. It also supports HDR and HDR10+ and comes with Alexa Voice Remote control. The user can connect this stick with their chosen device with the help of either a USB or HDMI cable.

  • It can easily integrate with Amazon products

  • It has a Dolby Atmos sound

  • The product includes a remote control, which can be controlled through voice

  • The search function of the stick is directed towards Amazon, which can be a little annoying when all the user wants is to see a movie

Apple TV 4K

best streaming device to replace cable

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Apple TV 4K is a device that allows the user to stream movies, shows, and music. It gets content directly from the streaming apps, and it comes with a Siri remote, which allows the user to get any show without typing.

The storage that Apple TV 4K offers is 32 GB and 64 GB; this makes it perfect for downloading apps and movies.

Apple TV has impressive specifications like the video is HDR10, with Dolby Vision, and the audio s Dolby Digital Plus 7.1. The processor of the Apple TV is an A10X Fusion chip, with 64-bit architecture.

Apple TV supports many streaming services like DirectTV Now, Hulu + live TV, PlayStation, Sling TV, and YouTube TV. The on-demand streaming apps compatible with Apple TV are Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu, Netflix, and VRV.

The streaming quality of Apple TV is really good, and the user interface is easy to use. With the help of Siri remote touch surface, the user can scroll through apps very quickly.

  • The picture quality is really good

  • It supports 4K, HD10, Dolby Vision

  • It is easy to use

  • This one can integrate with the other Apple services that the user is already using

  • It is an expensive replacement for cable

  • Siri remote needs improvement

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

streaming device to replace cable

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The reason why NVIDIA Shield Pro is popular is due to the many features that it offers users. The user can stream videos, play video games, and use the voice control feature as well. The device supports 4K HDR, Dolby Atmos, and DTS-X, and comes with a fast processor of 3 GB RAM.

The storage that it offers the user is 16GB, which is a lot, and it even has a built-in Google Assistant. This makes browsing and looking for movies and TV shows easy.

It is also compatible with Amazon echo, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. There are two 3.0 ports in the device, and the user can connect it to their PC or TV using an HDMI cable as well.

The user can stream multiple apps with the help of this device like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. They can connect their game controller to the device, and play games like GeForce and Fortnite, and that too, in 4K.

The picture quality of the device is really good, and the games would become alive. Even the TV shows and the movies that the user watches would become reality.

  • It supports many streaming devices

  • It is compatible with Amazon Echo and has built in Google Assistant

  • This one has a fast processor

  • There are many features in this device

  • This is expensive, compared to another streaming device to replace cable

Google Chromecast Ultra

streaming device to replace cable

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This is a very popular device, mainly because of its availability and ease of use. It is very easy to set up and use Chromecast Ultra, on the TV, and the user can control the channels they want to see using their smartphone. The user can play, pause, and rewind everything using their phone or use voice control to do so.

As this is Google Chromecast, the user would have access to more than 2,000 apps. They can watch movies, TV shows, and sports on it while playing games or listening to music.

The streaming channels that are compatible with this device are YouTube TV, Disney, Netflix, Pandora, and much more. It supports HDR10 and can be connected using an HDMI cable to a TV or a PC.

  • It is compatible with Google Assistant

  • The user can control it using their smartphone

  • It has a voice control feature

  • It is very easy and simple to use

  • Using a smartphone to control a streaming device is not very practical, because that would deprive people of checking their messages or scrolling through other platforms

Types of the streaming device to replace the cable

There are three types of streaming devices; 1) streaming sticks, 2) set-top box style, and 3) game consoles.

Streaming sticks

A streaming stick is the most popular type of device, compared to other devices. This includes Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast.

The reason for their popularity is their small size and elegant look. They look like a USB stick and are more compact compared to the other two types.

They can be directly inserted into a port, and if someone doesn’t want other people to notice the USB, then it will be a good thing to hide behind a TV. Such streaming sticks have many features, despite their size.

Set-top box style

A set-top box-style streamer is also one of the most popular streamers available. It connects directly to an HDMI input, and the large box sits on the media unit.

The reason why such a device is not popular is due to its large size that can’t be hidden away. However, it can access the same apps as a streaming stick can.

Game console

A game console can be used as a streaming device as well. if you have an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, then you know that it can be used for watching movies or accessing online streaming platforms.

There are game consoles and Blu-ray players which are very expensive, but if someone is buying a gaming console to play video games, then it can have two uses for them.

When these three options are compared, then people go for streaming sticks, because they are affordable and easily available.

Due to their small size, they can be taken anywhere, and such sticks provide the same features and picture quality as other streaming devices do.


When you are buying a streaming device, it is best to look at its features first. You need to see if it supports the best streaming apps available if the picture quality of the apps is really good if it offers full HD, and voice control features, and so on.

A streaming device can replace the cable and show the user only what they want to see. They can declutter their TV space, by buying a streaming device.

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