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How to Reset The HP Recovery CD Builder

When you buy a new HP laptop for your business purposes, the owner’s manual advises you to reset the HP recovery CD builder instantly to create a set of recovery discs for the computer.

How to Reset The HP Recovery CD Builder?

However, the recovery disc-creating tool will run just once at a time, which allows you to create only one set of recovery discs.

When the tool has been used to create the disc set, the option then disappears from the Windows Start menu.

However, a patch is still available which will reset the tool and it will allow you to create another set of recovery discs after the tool has already been run once.

  • First of all, you will have to download the ResetRMC patch from the Code Retard Web page.
  • A ZIP file will be downloaded.
  • Right-click on the ZIP file and then select the “Extract” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Extract all the files to the desktop.
  • Then after that, look for “ResetRMC.exe” and click on that file to launch the recovery reset tool.
  • The tool will then reset the recovery disc creation tool, and the option will again be added to the Windows Start menu.
  • Click on the Windows “Start” button.
  • Then, type “Recovery Disc Creation” (without quotes) into the Search field and then press Enter.
  • After that, follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen, and create a set of HP recovery discs by using the HP recovery disc creation tool.

HP computers which ship with Microsoft Windows XP and also with Compaq Presario Desktop computers which were made in the spring of 2003 and later already come with a hidden preloaded recovery partition.

That hidden partition can also be used to recover all of the original software in the event of a major issue by pressing the F10 key repeatedly when the computer is started.

However, there might be some times when the recovery discs are needed to restore the computer, such as when a virus destroys the recovery partitions.

By using this Creator program, you can also create a set of recovery discs to restore your computer to its original form.

This software comes on HP and Compaq Desktop computers made in the Spring of 2003 and later. It is also strongly recommended that you create a recovery disc set.

If your HP or Compaq desktop computer with Windows XP does not have this software or if the recovery CDs were not created before the recovery partition was damaged or deleted, you will have to find a set of recovery discs that match your model number from the Internet or install a new operating system.

It can also be used to make one set of recovery CDs for the computer. The recovery CD set includes a complete set of the original operating system, drivers, and application software which is shipped with the computer.

Some of the main features and information

Following is the list of features and important information about the Recovery CD Creator program:

  • The Recovery CD-DVD Creator software creates a set of system recovery discs by using blank, writable CDs or DVDs HP recommends using blank CD-Rs or DVD-Rs (if supported).

Use a name-brand disc from a manufacturer that you trust because recovery CDs / DVDs are very important.

You will also need up to blank CD-R discs or 2 blank DVDs.

It tells us how many discs are needed.

  • The Creator program allows only one complete set of CDs to be created.
  • The Creator program burns and verifies CDs to make sure about proper functionality.
  • It needs an uncorrupted recovery partition to create a set of CDs. Uncorrupted means that the recovery partition has not been modified or removed.
  • The creation process also needs 10 to 12 minutes per CD, and the whole recovery set does not need to be created in one session.
  • The program also can be aborted at any time, except during the writing process, by clicking on the Abort button.


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