How To Open Mbox File? ( Gmail Manually )

An MBOX file has a collection of emails, and it is short for ‘mailbox’. There are many programs and webmail systems, which give data output in the form of MBOX.

MBOX is the standard format if you want to store your email messages. They are special text files, which store email messages in plain text and separate them by headers. They can the content of email messages, by encoding files in a standard way.

There are many email websites, which allow the user to output a folder of email messages, in the form of MBOX format. If you want to create a backup of your email messages or move emails from one device to another, then this format is the best thing available to you.

You can export the MBOX file from the email program you want, and transfer it. It would be a large file, and you can transfer it using a USB, or a cloud program.

How To Open Mbox File?

open Mbox file

If you want to open the MBOX file, then you should use a text editor program.

  • You can use Notepad++, which is already available on Windows.

notepad ++

  • Notepad++ is also available in Mac, or you can use line text editors as well, to read that file.

mbx file

  • If you think that the files would be haphazardly stored, then you are wrong.
  • The files are indexed properly and come with search tools.
  • You can find an email that you are looking for, within seconds.

MBOX File and Thunderbird

Thunderbird is an email program, and you can easily use it to open an MBOX file. Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source program, and free to use.

open Mbox file

  • It is also compatible and easy to use; whether you have a Linux, Mac, or Windows, it doesn’t matter.
  • When you have installed the program.
  • You can run it and make use of the Tools menu.

There are add-ons in Thunderbird, and you have to get the add-on that says, ‘ImportExportTools’.

  • When you have downloaded this, then go to the Local folders tab, and then click on the Tools menu.
  • Choose the add-on that you just downloaded, and select the option of ‘Import MBOX’ file from it.
  • Now, you need to click OK and then navigate to the file that you want to import to Thunderbird.
  • When the MBOX file is successfully imported, then you will be able to see the emails or the folders displayed in a hierarchy on Thunderbird.

Tools for MBOX Files


If you don’t want to use the Thunderbird program, then you can get other tools to do so. There is a free MBOX viewer program that you can download, and it will allow you to browse through the MBOX files.

  • If there are any files and attachments in these emails, then you can export them to your PC.

There are online converters available as well, where the content of MBOX files will be available in seconds. If you have to use conversion for MBOX, but you want more features in the software, then you might have to buy a premium version.

You can open MBOX file at any time there is no limit of timing.

Creating a Backup in Gmail, Email

open Mbox file

It contains a backup of your emails, but if you don’t know how to create a backup, then keep reading this article.

Go to your Gmail, and in Account Settings, you will find the option of Download your data. However, make sure that you uncheck every option, and only keep the Mail option checked. If you don’t uncheck every option, then it will only take more time.

Now, you can scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Next. Gmail offers you to choose where you want your data. You can store it on Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or any other online storage option.

You can unzip the MBOX files, whenever you want to, as it saves as an archive on your PC. There are multiple software or built-in options for you to read email messages, like Thunderbird.


It can be very helpful for those, who really want to store their emails for future use now it is about to end of how to open Mbox file.

If you have used up all the space on Gmail, or any other email website, then you can download the data, and make space for new emails. This way, you won’t have to face any hassle!

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