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How To Do Remote Desktop Connection for Mac?

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2019)

The remote desktop connection is a type of technology, which allows a computer to connect and control another PC.

The other PC has to be in a remote location, and the first computer can control it with the help of the internet, or a network and Remote Desktop Connection for Mac.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac piece of technology was introduced by Microsoft.

Controlling a remote desktop connection is possible with the help of a terminal service, called Remote Desktop Service. Remote Desktop Connection for Mac service uses the Remote Desktop Protocol, to access the other computer.

How To Do Remote Desktop Connection for Mac?

The following are the steps that users should take, when they want to access their Mac, remotely.

Download from Here: Microsoft Remote Desktop

Step #1

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Firstly, the user should open an application, that is already installed on their desktop. The application is called ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’.

Then the user should click on the plus icon.

Step #2

Microsoft Remote Desktop users

Users want to access the desktop through Remote Desktop Connection for Mac feature, which is why they should click on the Desktop.

Step #3

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

There is an option of Show More, where the user will be able to enter the details of the PC, they want to connect with Mac

Step #4

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

The user should know the name of the other PC. When they click on ‘show more’, they should type the name of the remote computer.

Mostly, students try to access a desktop through their Mac, or the other way around. If they have left some unfinished work on their library computer, then they can easily access it.

For the name of the computer, they should ask the IS Technology Support Center or the IT person in the library.

Step #5

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

If a student is trying to access a remote desktop connection, then they have to type their user name and password. If they change their password, then they have to update the remote desktop settings as well.

Step #6

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

Users should click on save, enter the name of the PC and then choose ‘no gateway’.

Step #7

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

They can choose a gateway, which they will find in the drop-down menu. After entering the name of the server, and then save the connection.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac method is specifically for university students. However, there is another method that users can use if they want to access Mac remotely.

The first thing that users have to do, is accessing the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection tool. Users can easily download it from the Mac App Store.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac tool is specifically helpful because it allows users to connect to a desktop so that they can easily access their files, applications, and resources.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac is a free app, which means that the user only has to download it, and then begin to set it up for remote desktop connection.

Remote Desktop Connection Options

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

Next, the users have to launch the application, by clicking on the Launchpad icon; it is grey in color and pretty accessible. Users can also use a shortcut for this purpose; command+spacebar. The app has six options on the top of the bar:

  1. New
  2. Start
  3. Edit
  4. Preferences
  5. Remote Resources
  6. Azure RemoteApp

If users have to access Remote Desktop Connection for Mac app frequently, then they should choose the option of keeping the app in the dock. This way, they will be able to see it on Mac’s desktop, and won’t have to search for it, over and over.

The user has to enable remote access on the PC they are targeting. If it is Windows 8, then the fastest way is to search for the ‘remote access to the computer’ option.

Further, the user has to select the other users who will be able to access the remote desktop. For the target PC, the user should turn off the options for hibernation and sleep.

If the target PC sleeps or hibernates, then the target PC won’t be accessible through a remote location.

In the General section, the user should set up a connection name, PC name, gateway, credentials like user name and password, resolution, colors and full-screen mode.

If users want to configure peripheral devices, then they can do so, using the ‘Session’ option in the application.

They can set up the sound, or the best practice would be to disable it. Users can also connect their Mac with an administrator session.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac application can also help users gain access to their local printers if they select the ‘forward printing devices’. They can choose the ‘swap mouse buttons’ if they want to choose to left-click commands.

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There is an option for ‘redirection’ in the application, which lets the user choose the folders they want access to. By clicking the ‘+’ button, they can decide which folders they want to choose.

When they are done setting up the configuration settings for their remote desktop, they need to click on the red close button. The button is located at the top left corner, of the dialog box.

Last step of Remote Desktop Connection for Mac

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac is the last step of setting up a remote desktop.

Those who can’t take all their information along with them, because it is heavy or not possible for them, would find Remote Desktop Connection for Mac option very helpful. They can access their files and applications, through their Mac, while they are in a remote location.

However, it is important to make sure that the target computer and Mac are both functioning properly. They have to properly charge, should not be in hibernation or sleep mode, or users won’t be able to access their files at all.

If the targeted computer stops working in between, then the user won’t be able to access his files, even if he has set up the computer by following the right steps.

Remote Desktop Connection for Mac application gives people a convenient way to stay connected with their work, wherever they go.

For example, if due to some reasons they have not been able to go to the office, then they can simply ask someone to connect their office desktop, with Mac.

They will be able to catch up to work, and their time won’t be wasted. Connecting a desktop to a remote connection or a Mac with a remote connection is the best technology that there is.

Users should make use of Remote Desktop Connection for Mac technology, by fully understanding it.



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