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10 Best Sites to Watch UFC Fights For Free 2024

As you all know UFC is one of the best UFC MMA organizations. Must-have US residents don’t need to watch UFC because there are a lot of options where you can watch the UFC fights for free online.

User doesn’t have to worry about paying to watch UFC because most of the websites are offering it for free.

Just in case, if anyone doesn’t know what’s UFC, there is no need to worry about that because we are here to provide you all the authentic information. UFC is an international organization that provides martial arts training and give the opportunity to other people so that they can also participate in that and have some competitions with each other.

It has become so popular among the global platform because of its unique features like, trainings, competitions, style of having fighting events, and game which consists on three rounds.

Watch UFC Fights

In rounds, there are two different competitors, like in boxing and both of them are separated in two rounds and are kind of under the supervision of a referee. If you think MMA are the same like that simple, then it’s not true. MMA events are much more complex than that.

On the standard round, there are a limit of three rounds to do. Meanwhile, Championship have a limit of five rounds and both competitors will have five minutes to a round. There is relaxation for both parties, one minute break can occur fir both of them in each round. UFC allows its competitors to do a lot more to win the contest.

Different techniques can be used to pin down the competitor. In UFC, a player can’t participate in any type of game if he is a drug addict, because before any game or event, UFC do a drug test with their competitors to figure out if they are stable enough to play the rounds. If they find out any of the players in the use of drug positive, then players may face some additional charges.

Even if any of the competitor wins the game, and later the team of UFC find out that the competitor was a drug addict then he will be obligated to face the charges and the winner position will be counted as a no contest. The fights of UFC doesn’t take place in round box or a ring, instead the fights and events take place in Octagon.

If you haven’t heard about Octagon, it’s like an eight-sided octagonal mat and cage. Nobody is allowed in the octagon except the two competitors and one referee. In between the one minute break time in rounds, officials were allowed to open the gate and give advice to their fighters or help them to do bandage to their bleedings.

Both of the competitor are not allowed to throw each other outside the octagon neither get themselves over that. Even though, some of the competitors have tried doing that.

You would be wondering, how to win a UFC match. Well there is only one way to win the UFC match and that is by submission. It doesn’t matter if the competitor gives up on submission either physically or verbally.

They just have to accept the submission and you have to make sure that you give that thing to them where they are forced to say verbally or physically. A competitor can submit in two Position, it’s in either he is extremely pain of bleeding or ankle lock.

Submitting to the other competitor is respectable way to give up the game, unlike other games and professions where only “give up “matters not how gracefully you have done that.

There is another way to win the game which is technical knockout. In technical knockout, the referee can stop the game if he figures out that one of the competitors is unable to play the game with intelligence.

There can be a lot of injuries can occur, so one needs to be careful to understand the strategy of the other competitor so the fighter can play tactical and leave the competitor submissive.

There can be a lot of hurdles can occur fighter needs to be consistent and thoughtful while playing any type of move because you can never what’s the competitor’s next move or choice.

They can be injuries to you or your skin can bleed while playing and if you don’t feel like playing anymore because of the internal, you can simply submit to your competitor. That can be the most honorable way to give up.

There are the top players in Ultimate Fighting Championship and some of them are, Shane Carwin, Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar, and Anderson Silva.

The current availability of UFC is in 130 countries at that moment all over the world. The UFC plans to grow their business in more  countries. They are currently playing the shows regularly in Canada and America.

The main office is headed in America to grow the audience of American and European. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has made some events in Germany, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates meanwhile some of the other countries are on hold like, China, Mexico, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and others.

At Spike TV in 2005, the first season of The Ultimate Fighter was played. Some players made a contract with UFC and played the match. All the fighters in Ultimate Fighter Championship were divided into two different training camps, and one of the team members would play with the other team member.

Whoever wins, would stay in the competition and whoever lose will go home. It’s simple as that. The UFC events can be seen on multiple TVs including 170 countries.

The head of UFC Dana White’s says, that UFC wants to arrange live events on global platform because, when a live event is happening somewhere and 10 to 20 thousand people are watching that event and when they go home.

In the next day, at work, restaurants, cafes and offices, they talk about the event to their relatives and friends and that’s how UFC would spread all over the world. Fans of UFC can watch the live match through pay per view (once a month).

10 Best Sites to Watch UFC Fights For Free 2024

Some websites where you can watch Ultimate Fighter Championship for free

Live Soccer TV

UFC fights for free

The best part in soccer live TV is that where you can watch all the live matches of soccer from all over the world without any premium account. You can also find out the UFC live matches over Live Soccer TV.


CricHD Live is an online streaming website where it’s so easy for the users to watch it on multiple streaming devices with all the free account.

You don’t have to go through any specific basic thing to watch some matches. Users can easily watch UFC matches for free.

Live TV

Live TV has all the offline and online. You just have to connect the TV with internet for watching the online streaming of your favourite live matches and you are easy to go to enjoy.


The WatchESPNis a free app. User can have access to WatchESPNfor free and watch anytime of sports 24/7 without paying a penny. You can watch it on your laptop, TV, and tablet.


FirstRowsports is a football free streaming website. It is one of the most popular website among people and most of them like to watch their favourite football matches on it. But don’t worry, if you are the fan of Ultimate Fighter Championship, because you can easily watch the live broadcast of these matches on FirstRowSports for free.


Skysports is the section where all the videos cover the tournament, sports, football matches and Ultimate Fighter Championship. So, you can easily watch your favourite matches on Skysports.

Watch Live Daily

You can watch the Ultimate Fighter Championship on Watch Live Daily. For that, You need to get the ABC News Live feeds where it would be much easier for you.


You can watch your favorite matches on WatchRAR. For that, you need to get the extension of rar software so that it could be much more easier to you.

Facebook Watch

You need to launch the Facebook app to get access to Facebook Watch. You need to go on to the Left menu bar and select watch. Then tap on the menu icon and easy to go. You can easily watch your live streamings on it including Ultimate Fighter Championship.

Watch UFC For free On Sony LIV

Sony LIV is an Indian website and anybody who’s outside India can watch it through using any VPN meanwhile they can change their IP address to Indian residency.

Link of Sony Liv: As we already know that Sony Liv is an Indian App. Users can watch all the online content from Sony Liv with their Android devices. There are multiple movies, tv shows and other programs you can  easily watch. Sony Liv is owned by Indian platform named Sony Pictures Networks India.

Some links can be useful for you to watch UFC for free without having any premium account. You can get the news that which events are coming down the weeks and events which has been done before. You can get all the information.

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  • You can also watch UFC for free on that website but search the UFC match at 7 pm PT. Here.
  • Some of the other websites are here.
  • Watch UFC match for free without having a premium account on here.
  • Watch UFC for free online here. It’s a Russian site. If you don’t understand the Russian language, there is no need to worry about it because you can easily Google Translate or use other translating apps if required.


These are the links which can help you to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship matches/events or updates if you want. Sometime it can take up some while to work out with these links but user gotta be patient towards it.

Your IP address can be broken or some other errors to not reach that specific website. In last, if you don’t want to go for free options, you can simply use some authentic TV’s to make a subscription, to create a premium account so you can watch the Unlimited Fighting Championship with all the relaxation of weekends or at your farm house, without having to worry about some links to be used.


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