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How to Stop Spotify Pop Out Player?

Spotify was launched by Swedish with a video streaming service. It protects your content and record labels. It is available in most countries including Europe.

Users can search up the music records playlist whatever they want. Users have also the facility to edit, create and share their playlist on social networks.

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Stop Spotify Pop Out Player

However, most of the users have complained about Spotify pop-ups in Windows 8 or Windows 10. Whenever you try to change the song, a huge pop-up on your screen appears.

We all know that how irritating it can be when you are just enjoying your favorite album and your Spotify starts showing your current track.

You don’t have to worry about it because we will tell you some steps on how to change that feature.

There is an option that window 10 provides that you can simply power off the volume by the volume slider. It will provide you with how to confirm the volume level according to your taste and it can be handy so it’s much more convenient for you.

Just in case if you don’t know that whenever you use Spotify and try to slide the volume level, there is always a large pop-up of music next to it.

It will show you the front track of the music you are playing with all the features of backward and forward. However, it will take up a long time and it can cover up your screen so you just have to disable it to make it function properly.

We will help you to disable that feature in window 10 so you don’t have to get into too much trouble.

Turn off the windows 10 Spotify Music overlay

There is a very easy option to turn off this annoying pop-up on Spotify.

  • Go into the Spotify account and on the top left, click on the menu button.

Stop Spotify Pop Out Player

  • Choose the edit option so you could go to preferences.
  • As you will be there on the basic settings you will have to Scroll down on the bottom to see the resulting menu.

Stop Spotify Pop Out Player

  • There will be an option called Show desktop overlay when using social media.
  • There will be the option to disable the music pop up so if you don’t want it then you can simply disable it.

Stop Spotify Pop Out Player

With that option, you will not be bothered to see those media overlay on your phone whenever you just try to turn off the volume.

Whenever you will try to turn off the volume or just to fix it, there will be a very small option of volume adjustment instead of a bigger one.

If you are so much troubled by that volume slider then you can simply disable it with the free hidevolumeOSD utility.

Disable the windows champ music pop up easily

Spotify is one of the most popular apps all around the world and it provides you a facility to disable the popup without much trouble.

Stop Spotify Pop Out Player

Some people like it that way because they want to see which song they are listening to without opening the whole bar of the Spotify window.

It can be very easy to use if you don’t want it. Unfortunately, most of the apps don’t provide you that feature but Spotifydoes that for its users.

You will have to go and look at the preferences of your apps of choice if you face the same problem.

These are the easy options to resolve the Spotify pop-up without too much trouble. Try all these steps to resolve your issue and enjoy Spotify.

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