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How To Teleport Someone to You in Minecraft

You might argue that teleportation is only possible in the magical world, but gamers have been teleporting in Minecraft for a long time.

The teleporting feature is used, when a gamer wants to save someone from getting lost in the game or dying.

How To Teleport Someone to You in Minecraft?

This way, the gamer would be able to move them to a safe location, and it is not difficult to use either.

TP Command

The TP command is used for teleporting someone to a safe location. This can work with xyz coordinates used in Minecraft, to find out a person’s current location. Just follow the steps below, and you will be able to master the art of teleporting in no time.

Teleporting to Zou

  • On your computer, double click on the Minecraft app
  • Click on the world or the stage, where you want t play
  • If you don’t want an existing world, then you can create on of your own
  • Click on the Play-selected world icon
  • Figure out your location, because that is the place you will be teleporting a player, whom you want to save
  • If you want to see your current location, just press F3
  • After learning the coordinates to your location, click the slash key (/)
  • This slash key opens the console

When you see the console section on the screen, there is a section where you will see “teleport (write the name of the player you want to teleport) XYZ” (make sure that you know the exact spelling and sentence case of the user’s name you want to teleport.

  • Press the enter key.
  • The player is now teleported to your location.

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Windows 10, Teleport, and Minecraft

When Windows 10 came out, some players were confused as to how the features that worked before Windows 10, would work not, or will they?

  • However, playing Minecraft on Windows 10 produces the same result. Following are the steps that you need to follow in order to teleport a player from one location to another:
  • Open the Minecraft application
  • Click on the Play button, which you will find in the bottom section of the launcher
  • Choose a world that you want to load; if you are playing alone, then click an icon and create a world of your own
  • Click on the icon that says “play-selected” (look at the bottom of the page)
  • The world where you want to play will open, and choose the players who want to play in the New World with you
  • Like above, find out the location where you want to teleport the player
  • Usually, the player in the east is X, the north and south coordinate is Z and the elevation above is Y coordinate
  • Open the console and press the slash key
  • X represents the location you want to teleport to. Y is the vertical coordinates, and Z is the north or south coordinate
  • Enter the username
  • Press the key and the user will be teleported to the place of your choice.

As simple as that!

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