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How to Fix uBlock Origin Extension on Twitch for Ad Blocking?

So your original uBlock add-on doesn’t block Twitch ads anymore? Here’s how to resolve the problem very easily.

If you are using the original uBlock extension you have probably enabled the option to block ads while browsing online.

But Twitch still finds a way to show you ads while browsing any website, even though you have downloaded some applications to block the ads.

It’s always been a genre game with two opposite things because the original uBlock filters still haven’t caught up with the latest Twitch update.

How to Fix uBlock Origin Extension on Twitch for Ad Blocking?

Ad Blocking

This procedure will show you how to fix the original uBlock expansion on Twitch or adblocking.

Now you can watch any kind of your preferred players without being interrupted and at the same time, you can watch more than one channel without being afraid to advertise for 30 seconds.

I’m going to use Google Chrome to help you out on that situation and there are several steps where you can fix that problem, but here’s the first one.

Use of VPN


You can use Twitch ads with the VPN without going into the original unlocking path on Twitch if you go that way.

In many countries, Twitch ads do not run at all, all you need to do is download a VPN and define it in that specific country. For instance, with the location on the Hungarian VPN, you will need to see advertisements at all.

Several other countries do not allow Twitch ads, including Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, or Costa Rica.

After setting the VPN to one of those countries, you should wait and see if the ads are still displayed. If the matter is settled, you have nothing to worry about, otherwise, you can simply change countries.

uBlock Origin Extension on Twitch for Ad Blocking

There are se best VPN to use such as NordVPN, Reddit’s favorite, betternet VPN, Turbo lite VPN, and PIA VPN.

It will not only take advantage of you not getting ads on twitch, but it may also help you hide your internet activity from your ISP.

Install the twitch Ad-block browser extension

twitch Ad-block

If the above solution could not help here is another where you can simply install a very small browser extension that will help you block the ads on twitch.

But it has a bug that after some time suddenly stops working and you would need to wait for the developer to upgrade and google to approve the updated version which can take some days to process.

  • There are some other ways to block the Twitch ads.
  • You may attempt to add the extension from the Chrome online store.
  • Once the extension is installed, the advertisements on twitch should have been blocked.

Fix the problem


In fixing uBlock Origin extension on Twitch for ad blocking, but anything it asks you to use another website.

The feed is always live and the chat will still operate so you don’t have to worry about anything.

How can you block the ads on Twitch?

ads on Twitch

When you get an ad on twitch, just add Is before the.TV in the address bar and replace TV with .com.

The feed will now be uploaded to an integrated player on the website and you will not receive any ads. Well, it’s as simple as that.

The alternate player for Twitch.TV  extension

uBlock Origin Extension on Twitch for Ad Blocking

With this solution, you must require the alternative player chrome extension for Twitch.TV, which will swap the default Witch player to a custom one.

There may be a major drawback and this will be the flow may be slowed down a little just for 30 seconds.

The main advantage is that the personalized drive does not insert ads, so it will help you avoid the twitch issue.

  • Each time you download the twitch, you will get the button that appears in the upper right corner of the twitch feeds.
  • After right-clicking on the default drive, it becomes the alternate drive.
  • If you want to return to the default twitch player for any reason, you may simply go back by clicking on the channel name in the upper left-hand corner.

Watch the VOD

Watch the VOD

If you are busy or just don’t want to have a cat or just need an option to jump or advance, you can watch the VOD.uBlock can block all COST pre-rolls and intermediate rolls if they exist.

Even if you would like to watch the live stream, the VOD can still be produced and you can play it instead.

There will be an option on the icon underneath the banner, click on it.

  • Next, select from the latest videos and click on the VOD.
  • The VOD thumbnail will be grey with a player icon if the streaming is live.
  • This will help you to fix the problem.


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