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How to Uninstall YouTube App in Windows 10 and Mac?

Is it suck to uninstall the YouTube app? Well, maybe it is but from now on you are not to worry anymore.

Guys! simply you can uninstall from the control panel, third-party software, and other commands.

But here I am glad to describe a simple guide on How to uninstall the YouTube app using the control panel that’s it.

YouTube App

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms where audiences watch videos, on such interesting topics.

Most people are liking to watch movies, dramas and more!

Reasons to remove Youtube app? Would you like to let us know in the commend section for more help for our audience as a tip.

So, without wasting the time! Let’s get started.

How to Uninstall YouTube App?

There are such interesting ways to uninstall but I do not like one of them except the control panel that I like to recommend also to my friends.

[ Advantage ] And in the control panel also has one interesting thing that is just a few clicks makes your life easy.

[ Disadvantage ] Using the control panel, there still having files in C:// disk most of the files!

That is why most of the peoples are avoiding using control panel option or method. I do not think like but let us have some simple guide on it.

[ Recommended ] Method #1:

As I am thinking, it is also easy for everyone like newbies and advanced guys.

  • Use Windows + R.
    • Write down in the search box ” control panel “. And ” Enter “.
    • It will open automatically.
  • Click on the Youtube App icon to uninstall.
  • One pop-up will be on your screen and click on the ” Yes ” button.
  • Done.

Tip: The short way for the control panel is the Windows key + R then write appwiz.CPL control panel open directly.

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