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What Does ‘YEET’ Word Means, And How Do You Use It

Yeet is a shout of fervor, approval, shock, or all-around energy, regularly as gave while doing a dance move or tossing something.  To all the people who have grown up in the 2000s, What Does ‘YEET’ Word Means?

I am sure that there is a pretty big chance that you have heard the word “yet” for sure until now, whether putting the fact insight that you understood what it means or not.

I don’t know but surely somehow, this term has found itself at the peak of pop culture, an observable fact that some idolized it while others are still struggling to understand how something so obscure can become one of the biggest internet memes of all time.

The generation we are living now is pretty much into meme type content, so everyone knows that now and then, new words come out of nowhere and comes through into the lexicon of the internet without any rhyme or any significant reason.

One of the latest examples of this phenomenon is the word “yet”, this word has been growing in terms of popularity and usage in memes among all the young people throughout the world on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit.

It is a matter of fact that not all the content on the internet is created equal, and it just so happens that while there are some things that all of a sudden capture our collective interest and then launch themselves into the viral sensational phenomenon type of thing (I hope you understand what I am trying to say).

On the other hand, you have those things which just somehow go super-viral very swiftly and leaves all the people who are into memes in just scratching their heads while thinking of the reason that why this happened. Yes, my example is “yes” here again.

Before we talk further about it, let’s take a look at what the users of the Urban Dictionary have to say about this word.

Urban Dictionary Users Say:

  • It is a new weird dance thing on Vine that is called YEET. It is a phenomenon that started back in February of 2014, but it didn’t pick it up until a kid who is known by the name Lil Meatball posted a video claiming that he can do this much better than Lil Terrio did it. This Lil Meatball kid is from Dallas, Texas and he is just 13 years old.
  • Yet it is a term that is made famous from a dance on the vine and now it can be used as an exclamation.
  • Yet it is a term used to express excitement; it is especially used in a basketball game when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are sure will go in the hoop without any doubt.

Urban Dictionary explains this word yet much better here, where it says that:

It is an extremely expressive word that can be used in many situations.

On one end of the spectrum, the word “yet” can be bellowed with a full, guttural sound whilst lobbing an object furiously to assert authority (great for water balloons and empty containers).

On the other hand, the word “yet” can be used very gently, like the faint brush of the wings of a butterfly as it crosses one’s lips, as one completes a very difficult task (i.e. defeating a boss in a very difficult game, solves a very tough question on a math test).

As all you guys can see by these definitions from the users of the Urban Dictionary, the use of this ‘yet’ word has been evolving steadily over time.

Come on guys let’s take a moment for the kid who has brought this thing into the viral fame, ladies and gentleman I am talking about Lil Meatball.

No doubt that as soon as this video of Lil Meatball kid went viral and came to be known as the “Yeet Dance” it was very soon copied and remixed by a lot of Viners.

They surely made some pretty hilarious videos out of it, you can search it on the YouTube yourself.

Meaning of the word “Yeet”

The short definition for the word “yet” is that it is a flexible term that is often, but not always used as an exclamation. I know this statement of mine is not easy to understand but you will understand it for sure.

Way back in the year 2008, a user of Urban Dictionary said that the meaning of the word yet is just simply a way to express excitement: “especially used in basketball when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are sure will go in the hoop” or it can be used in a colorful yet less wholesome context as well.

This term “yet” gained popularity later in February of the year 2014. There is no doubt about the fact that yet looks like a nonsense internet word that is used without any concrete definition or context.

This word is pasted on memes for literally no reason, and that one friend of yours who spends a lot of his time on Reddit can’t seem to stop talking about it or using it for no reason.

For most uses of the term ‘yeet’, what you see is what you get. It is just one of those words that sounds very funny and expressive. This word is usually used in place of affirmative words such as “boo-yeah,”.

But it is also sometimes used in place of some regular verbs to bring humor out of everyday actions, such as dancing, running, or even tumbling down a hill.

Yet it is not a nonsense word as I mentioned in the first paragraph of this “Meaning of the word (YEET)” section. I meant to say that it is just how most people use this term.

Yet has a concrete definition, and that is to forcefully throw any object with great confidence and authority of a good.

You will be able to see this definition at work in some memes and videos for sure, and you can even use this term and definition in your everyday life.

Suppose that you are just done eating your breakfast, so you can just meet all the eggy mess across the kitchen of your house and straight into the trash bin. Whenever you are hungry as a horse, you can meet your body into any restaurant like a ragdoll.

While performing these types of action as I have mentioned in the upper paragraph, you should yell “YEET” because this is what everybody who knows about this stuff does.

So YEET is a word that means “to throw”, and this word can also be used as an exclamation while you or somebody else is throwing something.

And no doubt YEET is also used as a nonsense word as well, more often to add humor to action or for any verbal response.

As there are a lot of people that have started to meet now, the name for the dance move slowly worked its way into some casual conversation for sure, as it is a new way to express excitement over anything you love to do or watch.

For example, if you and your friends are dancing and all of a sudden one of your friends lands an awesome backflip. This is your cue to yell out “yet!” loudly so that everybody can get to know just how awesome they are.

The word Yeet does not stand just only for one thing particularly.

This term has taken an interesting journey through pop culture terminology while becoming not only an action but a saying as well.

I have managed to understand that yet is more than just a dance phenomenon, it is more like an exclamation that has become popular through the vines of people who are chanting at the dancers.

About the YEET dance

'YEET’ Word Means

No guy is so sure about where the yeet dance first originated.

Though the first-ever recorded video that is in our records is uploaded to YouTube in February of the year 2014 by a user named Milik Fullilove. If you want to see it yourself, you can search it on YouTube and find this username yourself.

From there, many other people uploaded their other takes and tutorials as well on how to dance.

But all of them didn’t go very viral until the following month that I have mentioned above when a short video that is featuring a boy in it who is known as “Lil Meatball” exploded hard on Vine all of the worlds, and there is viewed in over 40 million loops at a very short period.

Within some weeks only, the Vine garnered more than 15 thousand likes and more than 130,000 reviews and it surely became a viral meme sensation on both Vine and other social media platforms as well, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The dance of Lil Meatball generated thousands of comparable videos from a lot of people who have been hoping to find the same success as the boy Lil Meatball got and all of this even led to the creation of a few songs as well, such as the song named “Teach Me How To Yeet” by Oh Boy Prince and another one named “Yeet” by Quill.”

There is another video footage of a female teen yelling while throwing a water bottle down the hall of her high school, for instance, it is a pretty good example for sure. You can search it on YouTube as the name of the video is “This Bitch Empty YEET!!!!”

How to Use the Word “Yeet”?

'YEET’ Word Means

So as you guys know that what this word means, but how are you guys supposed to use it? Urban Dictionary has given another helpful breakdown to all of us to understand this word better than ever.

It says that “Yeet is a beautiful and commonly misused word. It is very flexible and can take many parts of speech.

Though, the tenses of this word are often used incorrectly. For suppose, in the future tense, you “will meet.” For the present tense, you “are getting,” and for the past tenses, “you yote.”

The third form “yote” that I have used here if most of the time replaced with “deleted”, but that is a major example of poor grammar to be very honest.

All the people who are using “deleted” instead of using “yote” should understand that it is like you guys are using the word “ate” instead of using “ate.” It makes them sound like a baby or a complete moron.

Again, the word “Yeet” is mostly used as a humorous nonsense word with no literal meaning of it.

You can technically use it whenever you want to chuckle, even though you should probably avoid using it in professional situations.

You should most likely avoid this in using it in any of the situations where you might be mocked or ridiculed for shouting out a meme. (If you are reading this article in public, it is already too late. Everybody now knows that you are a super obsesses with memes now).

But some of the yeet-enthusiasts glare on the nonsensical use of the word yet.

If you want to respect the word’s real and concrete definition, you should exclaim “YEET!” as you throw or as you push a heavy object, or when you forcefully run into an obstacle.

Just keep that in mind that the effectiveness of this word rests on your self-confidence. If you are not confident in your throwing abilities, you should use yet carefully.

As for the use of yet in everyday conversation, use it as you would use any of the other verbs. It is not strictly an exclamation; it is just fun to yell “YEET” while something is flying across the room.

You can take these things a step further by just studying yet’s verb tenses. You have to keep that in mind that yet is not recognized as a real word by the Webster’s Dictionary.

The definition and explanation of yet may change over time, and educators may scowl on the word the same what that the spent a century on frowning over the words “ain’t or “y’all.”

In other words, do not put yet in your essay or your exams and do not say it in your professional field respectively. Otherwise, they might YEET you right out of there office.

Using the word “Yeet” as a verb

'YEET’ Word Means

  • You can use this word to make a violent motion of an assortment, such as a “whip”, or any other motion that might be associated with violent camera shake or a photo blur as well.
  • The term “yet” is to a certain extent commonly used as a verb for the specific purpose of throwing any object with a lot of force over a very long distance.
  • The term “leet” also can be used as something that you would include in your sentence to describe what happened to any person who has been greatly defeated or defeated all of a sudden in a competition match such as in any kind of sports or a video game as well.

Using the word “Yeet” like a pro sentence

  • In this case of using this term as a pro sentence, it takes the role of “yes.” You would probably have to say “Yes” instead of saying “yes” or “yeah” if you want people to know you are a kind of a funny guy and a hip.

Using the word “Yeet” as an exclamation

  • In this form, the term “yeet” can be exclaimed in any kind of state of affairs where the verb form could be used to describe the action in which the speaker is currently taking part.

For example, if you throw something violently or hit a vicious whip, you may then exclaim the word “Yes!” while doing this.

Whereas the phrase has phased in and out of popularity in the past few years, it is still common to find it online by the way, particularly on social media.

People may have forgotten the word’s confusing journey through mamahood, but they sure as hell have not forgotten just how fun it is to use this.

Yet Lore and Etymology

It is really hard to pinpoint exactly when the yeet became a word, but the meaning of the word and usage of it seems to stem from the 2000’s hip-hop.

In an Urban Dictionary entry from the year 2008, a man named Bubba Johnson defines the word yet, he explained that it is an exclamation which is used when throwing an object in the air, particularly “in basketball when someone has shot a three-pointer that they are pretty well sure that it will go in the hoop.”

Of course, most people rarely use yet as an actual word; it is mostly used as a nonsensical exclamation. This nonsensical usage of this word is reminiscent of rap ad-libs, like 50 Cent’s “G-G-G-G-UNIT” or Lil Johns “YEEAAH.”

As these funny rap ad-libs may be influenced by the nonsensical meaning of yet, it is also likely that the word looks into nonsense on its own.

After all, it was just popularized by the memes like Lil Meatball’s yet dance in 2014, where it is used as a generic exclamation without any of the discernible from or the context.

Meet Meme

The video of Lil Meatball just went on the internet to inspire various memes, and ultimately, “yet” has evolved into a phenomenon of its own.

Now, much more like the word “Smurf”, yet can take on any number of uses as a noun or as a verb, typically it is a way to express a sudden or forceful motion, such as when you are throwing an object with a long distance.

Just like that, it appears that this term can also be used to describe someone who has experienced a dramatic defeat in situations such as playing a sport or while playing a video game.

As the year is undoubtedly unique and special, it is not the first dance craze to go viral on social media.

Here are some of the other dances with which the people have fallen in love with in the past few years, and then meme-ified it forever and ever and ever:

The Soulja Boy Dance

We all remember the “Superman-ing that hoe” from the Soulja Boy’s one-hit-wonder “Crank That,” a dance move that is performed by uncountable young (and brace-faced) middle and high schoolers back in 2009.

It was easy and simple enough that everyone was able to pick up on some of the dance moves and work term into whatever else they were trying to do.

The Single Ladies

Ever since the Queen B has launched the “Do-You-See-A-Damn-Ring-On-This-Finger?” hand movement, every person is now trying to get wifed up via this popular Beyonce dance.

Is there anything else that she cannot make us do? She is no doubt a Queen of nowadays music.

The Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake, a song b Baauer, has quickly turned into a dance craze after this group of young and ambitious men made this video showing the strange dance.

Here is how it typically goes: One person in the room (usually wearing a mask or facial covered up of some type) will start to dance as the song starts, while everyone else seems not so interested or they are absorbed in their current work.

As soon as the song beat drops, the video cuts to everyone in the room dancing with that guy crazily.

It was surely the most fun while it lasted but there were only so many more renditions which the world could take. More visit: AmazeInvent

The Dougie

Despite its now-infamously insistent lyrics (teach e how to Dougie, T-Teach me how to Dougie), I never did hear how to Dougie, to be honest. I would say there is still time, but once a viral move is dead, it is pretty dead.

That’s all I had for you guys, I hope you now understand clearly that what does slang word yeet mean and when and how can you use this word.

Where did the term YEET originate from?

Another bizarre dance thing on Vine called #Yeet. It is a marvel that was begun back in February 2014 yet it didn’t generally get until a child who passes by the name Lil Meatball posted a video guaranteeing he can show improvement over Lil Terrio.

A term put on the map from a dance on the vine and would now be able to be utilized as an outcry.

What does OK Boomer mean?

The expression “alright Boomer” is a derogatory counter used to excuse or counterfeit the perspectives of more seasoned individuals, especially children of post-war America.

Is OK Boomer ageist?

Our most insulted age — those ages 23 to 38 — have no government security from age segregation at all.

In any case, whatever courts at last hold about utilizing the expression “alright, boomer,” at any rate those in that age accomplice (55 to 73) have insurances from ageism in the work environment.

How old is a Boomer?

Starting in 2020, the breakdown by age seems as though this: Baby Boomers: Baby boomers were conceived between 1944 and 1964.

They’re current between 56-76 years of age (76 million in the U.S.) Gen X: Gen X was conceived between 1965 – 1979 and are right now between 41-55 years of age (82 million individuals in the U.S.)

Would you be able to be terminated for saying, Boomer?

(WSET) – The disputable expression “alright Boomer” has isolated ages.

As indicated by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, saying the expression to an associate that is 40-years of age or more seasoned could get you terminated.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act forbids oppression individuals 40 years and over.


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