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How to Win the Stardew Valley Fair

It is easy to win the Stardew Valley Fair? I don’t know neither am I do sure it is. People love fairs very much because they always serve as a clean break in our daily lives.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in-game or in real life. In role-playing games like StarDew Valley, fairs and festivals help us feel more lively.

In Stardew Valley, the fair is a festival that takes place every Tuesday, the 16th of every fall.

As with all other festivals in the Valley, you will receive notifications about the StarDew Valley Fair from the pop-up window on the left side of the screen.

On holidays, you can only enter Pelican City at 9 pm. During the event, you will also not have access to houses and shops outside the town square.

  • Participate in the festival and earn star tokens in various games.
  • These iconic pieces are the common currency of the game. You can later redeem the price at a store near the entrance to the bus stop.
  • Only 9999 tokens can be saved at one time. Please be aware that throughout the StarDew Valley Fair, only one item can be purchased from the store each year.
  • Therefore, the maximum token you can use is 3,400 (1,400 Star Tokens if you have already used something to buy Stardrop).

Quick Tip: Send only 5 items on the grunge screen to avoid losing a single point, but it would be nice to be able to fill everywhere and collect all items and as many points as possible.

You can also send items from each category to increase your overall game points.

The higher the quality, the higher the mark, so the quality of the product must be the highest.

If you don’t get the chance and Lewis disqualifies you. Then you can polish or blackmail him by putting the mayor’s purple boxer in your box. By doing so, Lewis is embarrassed and pays you additional points for the secret.

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Trick to Win at the Fair in StarDew Valley

If you want to get gold coins fast, this cheat is a little more difficult than anything else.

  • To earn coins, you can go to the Wheel of Fortune at the fair and bet Star Chips on this wheel.
  • It is a roulette wheel, and you can get gold coins if you get the color you like.
  • Although the Stardew Valley game is decorated so that the orange color does not appear three times in a row.
  • This is where the real trick begins.
  • You need to make a small bet until you get the orange color twice in a row.
  • If you get orange twice in a row, you can make a big bet on green and there is a 75% chance that it will turn green, so you can win a big win.

I’m sure these cheats will work for you, but if somehow it doesn’t work. So these games are just fun and easy to win, so you won’t lose your horse.

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