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10 Alternative to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room

Google Chat, also known as Google Hangouts, is a great alternative to Yahoo Messenger. You can use it on your computer or phone, and it integrates with Gmail. It’s easy to use and has a clean interface.

Plus, you can video chat with up to 10 people at once. WhatsApp is another option that’s similar to Yahoo Messenger. It’s available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phones, and it lets you make calls and send text messages.

WhatsApp also has a desktop app, so you can use it on your computer. Lastly, there’s Facebook Messenger. It’s available for all major platforms and has over 1 billion users. You can use it to send text messages, make voice and video calls, and even play games.

Yahoo Messenger is one of the Instant Messenger programs that have introduced this form of communication to adults, is out of action after 20 years in the market.

Since its inception in the late 90s as a popular IM program called Yahoo! Pager (a term that describes the technology of the times), in its recent pivots for texting and communicating with others, Yahoo Messenger has undergone many changes over the past two decades in the market.

In the end, however, Oath has decided that from July 17, the messenger system from Yahoo!  will be gone.

Why does Yahoo not work?

The announcement of the closure of Yahoo Messenger comes just six months after Oath shut down another pioneering program in his recovery area, AOL Instant Messenger.

Both of these shakeups in the IM market have led to moments of thinking as market watchers, users and those in the IM business are trying to learn lessons from the experience of these programs.

10 Alternative to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room

This app is used to communicate with others, but this takes more charges and other requirements, so there are some alternatives to Yahoo Messenger.

The followings are the 10 alternatives of Yahoo Messenger:

Google Hangouts Instant Messenger

Alternative to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room

Google Hangouts is Google’s latest communication platform that integrates three previous Google products (Google Talk, Google+ Messenger, and Hangouts) to provide.


  • Messaging
  • Video chat
  • SMS
  • VOIP services
  • Screen sharing
  • Group communication
  • Automatic Screen Focus
  • Google hangout is synchronized, which means it can be connected on all devices.
  • Google Hangouts is integrated with the list of services within G Suite.
  • You can promote their business.

  • You can easily share information.

  • You cannot track if the other person views your message or not.

  • It cannot view another person’s status that whether he/she is online or not.

  • Both parties should have a Google account or Google hangout on their phones or devices.

Link: here


Alternative to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room


  • It has a strong focus on Instant messaging.
  • It provides you:
  • Video chat
  • Voice call
  • Group Conference
  • Screen Sharing
  • You can video call with anyone in the world.

  • It makes families closer even they are in different parts of the world.

  • Skype offers you secure voice calls and video calls.

  • It offers its services 24/7.

  • In case of emergency, Skype will never provide you access.

  • It does not provide any face-to-face interaction.

  • Sound quality will depend on Bandwidth.

  • It doesn’t provide any language translation.

  • Any information can be intercepted which is transmitted through Skype.

Link: here


Alternative to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room


  • Telegram is one of the voice-enabled services and cloud-based messaging services that allow users to exchange :
  • Audio
  • Stickers
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Other files in a proper format
  • You are allowed to add different devices to your account and receive messages or texts from each one.
  • Users can also send messages via private chats that use user encryption.
  • You can enable night mode.
  • You can transfer phone numbers.
  • It can use it on pc without connecting on phone.

  • You can use it for business purposes.

  • It is an advertisement-free app.

  • It is easy to use.

  • You can send private photos to other people you want to send.

  • It keeps your messages safe from hackers.

  • You will never know about the online status of another person.

  • It has no voice message service, which means an illiterate person cannot use it.

  • You cannot select more than one file or photo at a time.

Link: here

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Brosix Instant Messenger

Alternative to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room


  • Brosix focuses on providing businesses and other organizations with secure and secure internal messaging networks.
  • It offers a range of collaborative features aimed at
  • Increasing the efficiency of team communication
  • Making it a good choice for those users who have been using Yahoo Messenger in the business environment.
  • You can control your

  • It provides you with a private team network.

  • It is set up in 60 seconds.

  • You cannot add more than 3000 persons to a group.

Link: here


Alternative to Yahoo Messenger Chat Room


  • Whatsapp is a VOIP and freeware service that allows you to send messages and make voice calls simply and securely.
  • Although the app works best from a Smartphone device, you can also get it on desktop computers.
  • WhatsApp has been developing new tools that will help businesses use Enterprise solutions. Needless to say, it will also help companies to provide superior services to their customers on a large scale.
  • You can send your text without any charges, just you need is mobile data or WIFI.

  • No Ads.

  • It is very easy to use.

  • You can select more than one file or photos and time, hence it saves time.

  • It can also share your location with your friends.

  • You can achieve anyone’s contact you want to do.

  • You cannot hide yourself or your profile from any unknown people.

  • It cannot add more than 3000 people to a group.

  • Your profile photo will be seen by any person having your contact number.

Link: here

Facebook Messenger


  • It allows the user to send messages and exchange.
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Stickers
  • Users can also respond to messages sent by other users and communicate with bots.
  • The standalone app allows you to manage multiple accounts, chat and play games. Recently, Facebook messenger added some modern features such as Augmented Reality effects. This allows users to add 3D effects to their videos and photos.
  • It provides unlimited connectivity.

  • It uses the least amount of data as compared to other messaging apps.

  • You can communicate via texts, video calls, voice calls, recordings.

  • You can put your friends’ nicknames also.

  • It can also use stickers and various gifs.

  • It can use it for educational purposes.

  • It cannot provide any privacy.

  • This one consumes more time in sending texts.

  • This one shows the huge number of ads.

Link: here

Kik’s messaging app

kik messenger app


  • Kik’s messaging app retains the user’s identity.
  • It introduces a new feature which includes,
  • Allowing users to send previously recorded videos.
  • Sending Gifs and emojis.
  • It has to block features.
  • Kik’s messaging app is available for free on Android and iOS platforms.

  • You can block or report any person you don’t want to talk to.

  • Its not good for teenagers, as it may spike cyberbullying.

  • It requires more data.

  • It shows more ads.

Link: here

Line Instant Messenger

Line Instant Messenger


  • The line can be used on tablet computers, smartphones, and desktop computers.
  • It can address book alignment.
  • Free texting, video chat, and voice chat.
  • You can create a group.
  • Reporting feature.
  • The app has its own attachment store where users can purchase stickers.

  • If you are a Line user you will also get access to LINE GAME which includes simulations, puzzles, battles, and much more.

  • Cheap privacy system.

Link: here

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ICQ (instant Messenger)



  • ICQ provides you following that can be rescheduled at any time:
  • Offline messaging
  • Searchable user guide
  • Multi-user conversations
  • Games
  • Greeting cards
  • File transfers
  • Apart from a few common features, the ICQ messenger provides its users with other different services such as ICQ2Go, ICQ SIM Card, ICQ for Mac, ICQ Game Center, and ICQ TV.
  • Users’ privacy is properly protected as they are allowed to select their avatar while setting up a profile page.
  • It automatically simplifies almost all the typical messages.

  • It provides you with quick message replies.

  • It took a lot of time.

  • This one requires more data.

Link: here

Google Allo

Google Allo


  • Features range from smart feedback to Whisper Shout.
  • Google Allo also offers an incognito mode that ensures that private notifications and conversations are not saved.
  • The Smart Smiley feature of the app recommends stickers and emojis based on message tone.
  • It offers a smart and quick reply with a single click.
  • It offers the best option to answer any query.
  • This one provides you creativity text

  • It provides you with a bundle of emojis and stickers.

  • You can search your previous conversation, and any text.

  • It requires more internet than other apps.

  • It shows more ads, which disturb the people while using the app.

Link: here


There we discussed the best options available as alternatives to the Yahoo Messenger. If you want to contact and communicate with your family and friends, then these sites will be the best for communicating with others.

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