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10 Best Textsheet Alternatives 2024

Textsheet was a high-quality educational website for students, which provided a leading solution and answers to school or college projects, homework, or student assignments.

Text sheet is the website used as a referral for homework problems delivered to students.

Unfortunately, Textsheet has been shut down, and this is just the news for many readers, prompting readers to check out essential websites available as textsheet available in 2021.

Why does Textsheet not work?

Text sheet used to provide answers and solutions to Chegg’s (a different version of Textsheet) paper for making online.

Answers are provided to readers using the Chegg API whenever a student writes the problem URL in a Textsheet search box.

Therefore, The Textsheet has been demolished due to copyright issues demanded by Chegg. DMCA copyright infringement resulted in Textsheet being wholly removed from the Internet.

With the Textsheet reduced, We have to find something to make student life more manageable.

10 Best Textsheet Alternatives 2024

Here you have options for other text options for homework books, assignments, and other reading materials.

Some of the best ways to Textsheet / websites like Textsheet

Do not be discouraged. Other Textsheet methods similarly provide solutions to the problem of homework.

Here is a list of many free Textsheet methods.


Best Textsheet Alternatives


  • Chegg is what led to Textsheet being downgraded and is a trendy alternative.
  • It has turned into an immense collection of solutions and solutions.
  • It can help you get homework help in more than 80 major subjects and subjects, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, and much more.
  • Can download the Chegg app from the Google Play Store or App Store, and you will have to pay a certain amount for subscription services.
  • 24/7 help with homework is available

  • Verified answers are provided

  • Inexpensive

  • Free trial

  • Accounts suspended or “flagged.”

  • Customer support needs to be improved

  • Problems with cancellation.

Link: here


Best Textsheet Alternatives

studylib is the closest version of Textsheet available on the web. It does not charge to access their items, which other users upload.

Users can view any text in the slide player on the website to get answers for assignments.

Downloading any text from the site may require you to upload one document at a time.

It’s an excellent program to help the database grow and help other people looking for solutions.


  • The other feature to help students prepare for exams is FLASHCARDS, which enables you to memorize certain things that are hard to find inside your head.
  • They have a few flashcard sets for learning languages ​​and subjects such as Maths, Physics, Engineering, among other topics in the workshop.
  • It can use to test multiple learning levels

  • This one can use to test people’s ability to compile data

  • It can use to diagnose human suffering in a sense

  • Analysts can see the questions as tricky or very selective

  • It is challenging to assess attitudes by reading because one can easily insert the correct answers.

Link: here


Best Textsheet Alternatives

The private site offers excellent questions and answers. Currently, there has been an improvement in the level of college-level students.

Its expanded information makes it accessible to students around the world.


  • Some of Slader’s alternatives, TextSheet, are supposed to provide all the features.
  • It includes answer keys based on the USA syllabus.
  • The clean and straightforward interface allows students to access free services.
  • You can enjoy an ad-free account.
  • The keys to the answers are available in subjects such as Mathematics and English.
  • Free app

  • Two free solutions a day

  • Show your digital tutor by uploading a photo

  • Onlineworkwork helpers ready to help

  • Many different books to choose from to find your textbook.

  • Monthly fees if you need a lot of in-depth help, but are still under your tutor.

Link: here


Best Textsheet Alternatives

Sparknotes is one of the best online resources that provide comprehensive guidelines for English Literature and other subjects such as Maths, Biology, etc. The site is an excellent Textsheet for readers of books.

Unlike boring English books, this website provides detailed descriptions of your prose and poetry.

It includes space with a summary of the scene and reports of the complex components of Grammar and Literature.


  • In addition, it also provides KRE, SAT, ACT, and other competitive test kits.
  • Currently, everything is free for Sparknotes in the event of an ongoing COVID epidemic that has swept the world.
  • The No Fear Shakespeare guidelines are very remarkable.

  • Provide parallel translation of the original text of the scene.

  • Disruptive design and limited support options for students with a problem can be more frustrating than helpful.

Link: here

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Best Textsheet Alternatives

Skooli is another place for little instruction like School Solver. While Saver School wants you to pay per question, in Skooli, you pay per minute if your question takes five minutes of teacher time.

Instructors on any other sites may charge you 30-60 minutes; at Skooli, you only pay for the time you use the service.

You get a video chat with your instructor via instant messaging. The session is in a visual class, so you get access to features such as:


  • Write or draw on the white plain board.
  • Share files and ask questions.
  • A neat feature is the ability to retrieve the entire session in case you miss any point during a live chat.
  • Instructors are available in all courses and are available 24 × 7.
  • Visual classroom for easy reading.

  • Teachers have a bachelor’s degree with a certificate of teaching.

  • Payment is easy, that is, the payment system as you go.

  • Filters communicate as part of its feature.

  • Enables teacher-student relationships.

  • Comprehensive curriculum.

  • Teachers are limited in number.

  • Learning situations may not be easy.

  • Even though it is called “expensive,” it is still costly.

  • Required sessions are not available.

  • Only three classes were available.

  • Requires regular internet connection.

Link: here



Byjus has a variety of learning materials, guidelines for all ages and educational levels like Textsheet.

Most of the content offered is free, with the option to purchase courses for specific competitive exams such as GRE, SAT, IIT-JEE, and many more.

This website has free video lectures, free live classes that can access from the site, and a smart device app available.


  • They offer various essays on a variety of topics that will help students complete homework and pending assignments.
  • Good salary and benefits.

  • There is an opportunity for growth.

  • A great company to learn about startups and startup culture.

  • Improves personal business knowledge.

  • Bad management.

  • They are not scheduled times.

  • There is no proper working life balance.

  • It is not so important to give employees physical and mental health.

Link: here



Quizlet is an excellent Textsheet alternative that gives classes, study guides, essays, and articles.

The flashcards in it help you prepare objective questions for specific topics.


  • It requires students to pay a certain amount, which varies from author to writer.
  • Students can request access to classes to join for free on specific topics, courses currently in session.
  • You can create multiple custom query sets.

  • Question sets will help students prepare for exams and tests.

  • Students can enjoy learning by using the game formats Quizlet has to offer.

  • It is ideal for online courses and journals to make the tool more interactive.

  • Students may be distracted by Ads in Quizlet.

  • Students Can Learn Wrong Information From Quizlet.

  • Students can use Quizlet to cheat.

Link: here



CK-12 is an online nonprofit online library that provides access to affordable K-12 education in the United States and abroad.

It has a variety of books, tutorials, and free lessons. Everything is accessible on the website.

You can register in classes on particular topics at any time. All you need is an accessible user account, which takes several minutes to perform.


  • Students can also ask questions in the discussions, which other students and authorities in the field can answer.
  • Easy access to free educational content to assist with teaching and learning.

  • The content available may be suitable for children and adolescents.

  • Collaboration is often powerless.

  • Most elementary school students may find that CK-12 is too complex to reach on their own.

Link: here

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Best Textsheet Alternatives

Coursera is a comprehensive research platform that gives them access to an extensive learning materials and resources database.

When browsing a website, it is easy to get frustrated with the number of reading materials available.

It qualifies him for Ph.D. students who want to collect research material for their papers or reading materials.


  • Like other online learning platforms, Coursera is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Complete service services are available for a small fee. But considering what you get, it’s worth the investment.
  • Lifelong learning.

  • Health and wellness. We offer you medical, dental, and personal insurance for you and your dependents.

  • Many students complained that some students copied their assignments.

  • Sometimes a student will start to catch up with peers and get their job looking at them.

Link: here

College Board

College Board

College Board is an incomparable but constructive approach to Textsheet. It is beneficial for SAT aspirants and has many creative questions for SAT students.

Guidelines for its lessons and notes for articles published by renowned management schools.


  • It also allows you to purchase books at significant discounts and exchange them for a price if needed.
  • College Board is available via an app on both iOS and Android devices.
  • To make a good education accessible to all students.

  • Build Skills Over Time.

  • Help students plan their work.

  • It can be time-consuming and difficult.

  • It cost a lot of money.

Link: Here


There we discussed the best options available as alternatives to the taxi. If you are a student looking for some of the best Textsheet options, these sites may be the most suitable place for Textsheet.

The Bladder and Studylib are some of the best free text sheets and Chegg. It will help or guidance regarding your homework, assignment, or project.

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