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7+ Best Android Emulators for PC, Windows, Mac, and Linux

It covers gaming as well as the general client, in the event that you need to enjoy Android applications on Windows PC at that point Blue Stacks is a great emulator at your disposal and the best Android emulators you will have in this list.

BlueStacks is an app that helps the user run Android applications on their PC. With the help of BlueStacks, users can take their game playing to a great new level. BlueStacks are often considered as pioneers for bringing mobile games to PC, to give users options that enhance their experience.

7+ Best Android Emulators for PC, Windows, Mac, and Linux

KO Player is a Korean Android emulator, which works well on Windows. There are several versions of the KO player, the latest being 2.0.0. This emulator brings quality playing experience for the user on a desktop.

To say that classic games that were played on Game Boy or PlayStation 1 can have played on PC can be a joke for some people. However, the emulators have made it possible for gamers to access classic games again.

Nox Player

Android Emulators for PC

Nox works on Windows PC and gives the user a great experience. When the user runs Nox on their Windows PC, they would get the same feeling as an Android device.

Nox player gives the user an environment, where they can install and run their android apps and games. This virtual environment is user-friendly and makes it possible for users to quickly understand the player.

The user interface is nice and clear. It is also a huge reason why so many people use Nox player. If people start using Nox, then there is no doubt that they will get addicted to it.

The reason why Nox player is compatible with Windows PC is that most people around the world have Windows installed on their PC. It makes Nox player compatible with almost every PC, and accessible by users.

The interesting aspect of the Nox player is that is free, and anyone can download it. There are no hidden charges in the app. The app can have used by everyone and can have easily downloaded directly on Windows.

Those who breathe and eat video games would love this Nox player because it supports devices like joysticks. It supports any controller device, which is of third parties and the best part is, more and more support had added for extra devices on this app.

Not works on Intel as well, and works on AMD based computers. If users want to download high-end Android games, then this player supports them as well.

The recent release of this player is its sixth version. It would be best if users regularly update the player so that they can benefit from the changes the app makes. The update had completed removing all the instability of the app. It is no longer unstable and doesn’t crash as other emulators do.

Moreover, the update has made it possible for users to run the Nox player on Mac as well. There are multiple controllers support available so that users don’t have to face any problems. In addition to this, there is keyboard mapping available, which gives the user a really good Android experience.

The latest version of the game, which is available for download, made it possible to optimize the memory use of the Nox player. When the memory usage optimized, then the player runs smoothly. Some users faced problems with the toolbar in the past version.

Users find this emulator very helpful. The first reason players download this emulator is because they don’t have to pay for it. Moreover, when they are using the emulator, it doesn’t crash. If any smartphone has a lower configuration, and can’t play certain games.


Android Emulators

With the help of BlueStacks, users can play games on the 7.1.2 version of Android.

The graphics of the app are Hyper-G, which means that when a user plays a game, they would be able to see exciting visuals on screen.

The interface of the app is pretty easy to use. With the help of the interface, users can install as many games as they want, within a few seconds.

When the user runs the app, they will have asked if they have an Android phone.

If the user has an Android phone, then they can easily link the phone with the app, and sync all the apps that they are using. However, if the user doesn’t have an Android phone, then they can still download the apps. The users can download through the following options:

  • Through the app store, which has linked to BlueStacks
  • Through Google Play from the browser that the user is using
  • By downloading APK files

The system controls are designed in a way that they are user-friendly. The user can use gestures or their PC’s keyboard to play a game. They can also use an external gamepad, or use the features of a tablet, which usually has a touch screen feature.

There are many famous names, which are compatible with BlueStacks. Some of these games include Angry Birds and Clash of Clans.

The thing that concerns most users about such apps is the memory and CPU usage that they take. However, when the BlueStacks 4.0 version had released, users felt that there had a reduction in memory usage and CPU usage, and the visuals worked the same.

This version also added a media manager, which made it easier for the user to transfer files between the virtual device that they were using, and the host computer.

The updated version has made streaming enhancements and introduced a new keyboard control, which is repeated tap. It repeated tap used by players in first shooter games and is very effective.

The audio for games has also improved. Prior to this version, users faced many audio issues, especially the ones that were related to the microphone. These issues have improved with the help of Sony Audio Recorder, Viber, and WhatsApp.

This version also allows players to install more apps than before. The app can run on Chrome or a default Android browser. There were compatibility issues with some games, and these issues have solved as well.

For those who are concerned about their eyesight, and want to transform their PC into a gaming device, would find such apps very helpful. The best part is that they can play their favorite games on their laptop, and it would work the same way as their Android device.


Best Android Emulators for PC

MEmu is an Android emulator. However, not many people know what an Android emulator is.

This is a software that simulates Android OS on a person’s PC or desktop. This software provides the user experience of Android OS, allowing them to install or uninstall Android applications as they do on Android devices.

Android emulators get help from hardware virtualization, simulating multiple cores like the way an actual Android device does. If someone is using Windows, and they install an Android emulator, then it works as all the other applications work on a PC.

To run the MEmu app player on PC, the first thing that a user has to do is to download MEmusetup.exe. This is an extension file that will help download the emulator.

When the extension file is installed, then it should be run by finding an app in Google Play. It runs in Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The CPU needed for the emulator can be Intel i5 and i7. The user should enable Virtualization Technology on the CPU.

When the player sees the interface of the MEmu player, they will see the following options:

  • The option to install additional apps like calendar, camera, and contacts
  • Play Games
  • Play Store
  • Settings

By searching games on the Play Store search bar, the user can download as many games as he wants. For example, he can download The Walking Dead Road 1 and Hidden Hotel.

With the help of keymapping, the user can decide which mode he wants to choose. There is a standard mode and MOBA Mode. The user can use their mouse to play a game. There are easy directions for a user to map the keys according to his own convenience.

If users want, they can share files between their Windows/PC and Android devices. The user interface of sharing files is very easy; the user won’t have to read up much to understand how to move files.

There is a fake GPS in the emulator, to make things more exciting for the player. The player can also record the screen, while he is playing a game. There is an option of an operation recorder and multiple instance managers as well.

MEmu Player is an easy to use player. Those who don’t understand technical descriptions of how to use software would find this software, user-friendly.

These are that it allows players to play the latest games, and they don’t have to face much hassle doing so. Not every emulator is as good as this, because not every emulator offers such a user-friendly interface.

The transferring of files and app data between the PC and the Android device is very easy to do. It could be better for those who don’t want to lose their progress in different games.

It is an easy to use player, and those users should consider it who wants an easy to use an emulator.

KO Player

Best Android Emulators for PC

There are many traditional Android emulators available for players. However, the KP player uses a kernel technology, which is based on x86 architecture.

This design has lots of benefits for the player, as it brings stability to the game, makes the emulator compatible with different games, and the emulator performs better.

Most people have worried about weakening their eyesight when they play games on smartphones. However, with a KO player emulator, they can play games on a big screen.

This not only makes the game work smoothly, as compared to an Android device but gives the player better storage options.

There is more storage in a PC, as compared to a smartphone. These are an important factor for those gamers, who want to save their progress in a game, and not start from scratch every time they play a game.

The emulator can have downloaded without paying anything. The content of the emulator is available for free download as well.

Gamers would love the display options on their large screen because they no longer have to squint their eyes and look for that one option they want to choose.

Keyboard mapping for controlling and playing games can be an issue for gamers. The emulator makes it possible for users to map their own controls, and streamline them in a way that makes it convenient for them to play.

Even if the games had not designed for multiplayer, gamers can still record and share their games with other people. They can record their progress and share it with others, and see how others are doing in the same game.

It not only gives people a chance to collaborate with each other but share tips on how to improve their performance in a level.

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If a player is using an emulator, then they can have the same experience that an Android user has. Google Play Store can fulfill many wishes of a gamer because it had designed to bring the best games to those who love video games.

The emulator has to be compatible with the games that the player installs or downloads, and the KO player can help in this case. There are games, which can only have downloaded through .apk files, and KO players can download such files.

When a player plays games on the desktop, then they can use a keyboard, mouse, and a microphone as well. This would give them the same Android experience, which allows players to interact with each other.

If the player’s laptop or computer has a camera, then the player can advance his playing experience. The KO player can have easily installed and run, and the player doesn’t have to know any difficult technical information to operate it.

Genymotion Emulator

Best Android Emulators for PC

This is an emulator that is available for free download. It is a powerful software, which is easy to use. The best part of the emulator is that it can accommodate different Android phones, which are famous. These Android phones include Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy.

The emulator has the capability to detect keyboard and mouse, and internet access. It doesn’t have any bugs and doesn’t show any errors.

The emulator gives the gamer a chance to switch their geolocation on, and they can minimize and maximize the emulator window when they launch the Android application.

There are no unnecessary options in this, which could confuse the player. The main menu of the emulator helps the player set the Android Debug Bridge. This option is very useful for advanced users.

The reason why this software is easy to use is that it doesn’t take much time to launch. Moreover, players don’t have to spend much time configuring the game’s software.

When the emulator is launched on the desktop, the next thing that the player would see is a launch screen. They can click the add button from here, and then select an Android machine that they want to emulate.

They will see a list of Android phones and devices, which are compatible with the emulator. The player should rest assured that the emulator does cover different types of operating systems.

The interface of the software is user-friendly. Users can easily navigate it, without having to spend much time to make sense of it. The files that are needed for an emulator to work, can have downloaded with ease.

All the user has to do is follow instructions, and click their mouse a few times.

There are other settings of the emulator; when users look at the main window, they will notice these settings on the right-hand side. These settings include adjusting the battery and the GPS system of the emulator.

The emulator works on Windows 2003, 8, 2012, Vista, 2008, 10, 98, 7, XP, and 2000. The main language of the emulator is English, but Genymotion is also available in other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Italian. Users can download the emulator for free. The file size of the emulator is 49.52MB.

Many people prefer to use Genymotion because it gives them a good user experience. They are able to emulate many Android device configurations.

Even if someone has an old Android device or an old Windows version, they can still use this emulator. It can have used by even those users who don’t have much technical expertise.

Download Here

Android Studio

Best Android Emulators for PC

In simpler terms, Android studio provides a platform for those, who want to develop their own applications. With the help of Android Studio, apps can have developed on any Android device.

Features of the Android Studio

The constraint layout feature in the Android Studio, helps the user make a complex layout. The layout can have made by adding constraints from one view to another. When the user is done making a layout, they are able to preview it and check if it fits the screen of the device they are creating it for.

The visual layout editor offers tools to users, where they are able to select device configurations by resizing the window, which shows the size of the layout.

This visual layout editor shows the following information:

  • Layout width
  • Layout height
  • Image view
  • Favorite attributes
  • Layout constraint guidelines, which can be set by the user
  • Background of the layout
  • Scale type

The analyzer feature in this studio helps the app developer, reduce their app size. If the app size is too big, and the user feels that it won’t go well, then the analyzer inspects the elements of an app.

It is not necessary that the app has to be built in an Android Studio. The three things that have found in the content of an APK file are 1)manifest file, 2)resources and 3)DEX files.

The Android studio comes with an emulator. When a user downloads the emulator, installs and runs it, then the apps work more smoothly. The apps become compatible with other physical devices. It adapts to the diverse configurations and features of the app, like ARCore. The emulator also works with augmented reality experiences, which run on a Google platform.

The Android Studio help users edit their code. With the help of this studio, users can write their code better, and work at a quick pace. This studio helps them be more productive, even if they don’t know Java language or C++.

When developing an app, a developer is always concerned whether his app would work on different platforms or not. The studio has a flexible build system, which had powered by Gradle.

Its build system allows the user to customize their build, and get different build variants for many devices. These build variants don’t have to lead to multiple projects and can be done with a single project too.

This is a tool that facilitates the user, by showing them statistics related to their app. For example, the space that the app will take, its memory usage, and network activity, are some of the statistics it shows. This feature allows the user to see how their app will perform.

Android Studio gives users a chance to test their creative and technical skills, as they use the Android Studio to develop their own apps. It is not an easy process to develop an app, but it can have used by beginners, who want to learn more about developing apps.

Download Here

Bliss OS

Bliss OS

When we hear the word Android, we often think of a smartphone. However, an Android can be much more than a smartphone software, thanks to Bliss OS. Bliss OS offers a user the chance to bring their Android to their personal computer. This means that even if a person switches from Android to their PC, they would get the same smooth experience as before.

There is no doubt that games can be played on a smartphone or a PC. However, when a user installs Bliss OS on their PC, then playing Android games becomes easier. Bliss OS is compatible with a variety of games. The software has a user-friendly interface, making it easier for users to use.

The installation and the download process is fairly simple for those, who use an Android device and a browser. The software can be downloaded directly from the website.

There is a separate download link for phone and tablets, and PCs and laptops.

The installation process is straight forward. Once the Bliss OS is installed, it would be a good idea to reboot the laptop or tablet. Those who don’t want to install the software can use it in live mood as well.

When the user opens the software, they will see three pre-installed apps. These three are Chrome, Wallpapers, and Videos. However, the file manager has to be installed separately and doesn’t come with Bliss OS.

The next step to use Bliss OS would be to download apps and games from the Google Play Store. There are apps that would be incompatible with the software, but the user will surely find some good games that would be compatible.

Even though Bliss OS is a good software, there are still some things that should be changed. For example, a taskbar should be included in the software, because it would make the user experience better.

Those who have used the software, complain that the power doesn’t work. However, the power button does work on some hardware and doesn’t work on others.

A drawback of using this software is that beginners can’t use it, because it is specifically designed for experienced users. When the ISO file is downloaded, it has to be burned to a USB drive, by using Rufus, and this is a task that not everyone can perform. Those who run the software in live mode may face some problems, but the idea of using it live is a commonly practiced one.

Moreover, if someone wants to install this software on an old computer, it won’t work. This software works well with those devices that perform well.

It needs good and functioning hardware. If someone has an old Android device, then it is best that they don’t use.

If the Android device doesn’t work well or doesn’t have much storage system, then this software isn’t recommended. These are the things that users should keep in mind when they are liking for software like Bliss OS.

Download Here

Remix OS

Remix OS

Remix OS is an Android emulator, created for Windows. It provides its users with an immersive experience. It is free for users and is a great source of entertainment for those, who want to enjoy Android apps on their computers.

Remix OS supports the use of mouse and keyboard; it has an interface that further supports the system bar and file manager. This OS can have installed easily on good laptop brands. Whenever the Android emulator updated, it adds more machines on its list, with which it can have compatible.

This is a really good piece of technology for those, who don’t want to play games on their tiny screen, smartphones, anymore.

It has created with the objective of allowing Android to work on the PC. The software can also be put in a USB and can be run on the go as well. The reason why most users prefer an emulator, to their phone screen, is because an emulator makes playing games a fun activity.

When the software is transferred to the USB, the files and personal settings of the user go along with it.

Apart from downloading apps from the Google Play Store, users will also find the basics of this software. The basics include contacts, calculator, browser and download files. The software has a file manager, which helps the transferring of files from one place to another.

If someone has never used an emulator before, and are nervous about using it, they shouldn’t be. An emulator is easy to use. All the user has to do is read the instructions, and it would have like using an Android device.

The controllers of the software are pretty easy to set for the desktop. There is a menu bar, where the user will be able to set whatever he wants, like keyboard shortcuts.

The windows of the software can have resized according to what the user prefers. Those who have used this software, states that the OS functionality of the software is better as compared to the extension found in the Chrome Store.

The last release of the Remix OS had 25th November 2016, but it had still used by players.

The main benefit of installing an app is that it gives the user access to more than 2 million Android games. If players can download the latest Android games on their PC, and play them with really good visuals, then it would be like a dream come true.

Another benefit of downloading is the fact that the software is flexible and allows the user to choose the apps, which fit their preferences. Those who use Android devices would be able to figure out this emulator soon, and then enjoy the perks that come with it.

There are many features of this emulator that gamers would love, and would get to know slowly, as they start using it.

Emulators are perfect for those who want a combination of PC and Android devices.

Download Here

Bliss OS

Blessing is something different. It works as an Android emulator for PC through a virtual machine. However, it can only run flat on your computer via a USB stick. The boot-to-USB option is definitely a power user option and is strongly recommended for non-use.

As a VM install, this process is easy, but painful if you have never built your own virtual machine before. USB installation is even more complicated, but it allows your computer to actually run Android from the boot.

Makes Bliss a super unique emulator if you can get it to the end. If your system is compatible then of course it really works better so make a backup of your current operating system.

The system runs Android Orio and is one of the latest versions of Android offered on the emulator. You can also find out more about it on its XDA-Developers thread.

Blue stacks

Blue Stacks is the mainstream of all Android emulators. There are many reasons for this. For starters, it’s compatible with Windows and Mac.

It was one of those who did a really good job of updating regularly. The emulator targets mobile gamers. Bluestacks are a nasty stain because they can feel a little bloated at times.

Bluestacks 4 (launched in 2018) plans to fix this with mixed results. It also includes keymapping and settings for many of the games installed.

This should help make things a lot easier. It is probably the heaviest emulators on the rundown.

Notwithstanding it additionally has the most features for better or worse. Bluestacks also developed the MSI app player, another great emulator that some people think works better than Vanilla Bluestix.

You can try either one, they are both through Blue Stacks.


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