Top 60 Most Popular Dating Apps 2024

Everything has changed considerably since the Internet became widely accessible worldwide. With the advent of social media, apps and dating sites have emerged and dating apps.

Let’s begin!

Top 60 Most Popular Dating Apps Of 2024

If you are still single, you have probably considered signing up for a dating application. There’s no need to go out to a bar to meet people anymore because dating sites make dating so much easier for you.

Sometimes the ideal person to relate to you may not be as close as you might think. Here’s a question: How could you ever have a stable relationship with someone who is miles away?

Of course, it is possible to meet this person on a trip, for example, but logically it is not such an easy task. Through online dating, you can date people from all over the world and be very happy as long as you know how to wait.

Pros of Online Dating Apps

Dating Apps

Online dating is great for the shyest people, who do not know how to get in who is the end.

You can use the internet to be able to say what you feel to the person you like or look for a virtual “company”. Some may not think so, but passion, love, occurs just as in “real dating.”

The person is attracted to the other in some way and so decides to start a relationship. If it were not so, it would be much easier to date the first person you meet on the street (apart from the extremely shy ones), but you can’t send it in your heart.

Over time, distance dating can also provide greater romanticism when meeting in person. You will surely miss each other and try to make each day together unforgettable.

Try not to find reasons for fights in dating, because, in virtual dating, they do not usually occur so often.

Probably the biggest advantage of online dating is the huge group of potential partners – partners you wouldn’t have a chance to meet “organically” in your everyday life.

Having access to people of your type, who share the same interests, who live in the same place, and with whom you may even have common friends increases your chances of searching someone you can date for a long time.

Cons of Online Dating Apps

Dating Apps

Make no mistake, even though online dating opens up greater possibilities, you will hardly ever meet a person identical to your way of being.

It’s normal for your virtual girlfriend (or boyfriend) to have qualities as well as flaws, just like every human being. Another drawback of distance dating is not being with your love whenever you want.

In online dating, it is good to identify the dangers. Some individuals try to get close, make good people and the other even thinks that she is perfect.

Then, when they get to know each other in person, a lot happens, from a robbery to rape to murder. Sad to think about it, but it does exist, so it is good to warn anyone unaware of the dangers of the internet.

It does not mean that it is not possible to date online. This is a relatively new way of relationship, but it can work very well.


dating app

Tinder is the most popular dating app on the internet. This app has over 100 million users, 1.4 billion slides, and 26 million matches per day!

You can meet many interesting people in this app and give some likes, and if the person likes you too, they can chat via chat.

To use this app you need to install it in some app store then sign in to your Facebook account. Don’t worry about Facebook Authentication because nothing will appear later on your social network.

Tinder also uses GPS to find your location and to find single people around you who are also after some flirting.
Many profiles will appear every day and if you are interested in them, swipe right, otherwise swipe left.

Tinder is free and available to Android and iOS users.


dating app

Unlike Tinder, where the location is based on the desired distance, Happn tells you when you find someone who also uses the app. It even provides a map with the location of possible crushes.

Easy to interact with, it will help you break the ice with that one you often bump into, say at the market, or on the bus. If you like this person with whom you crossed the road and the app warned you, just send a sale, maybe some relationship can come out of it?


dating app

Badoo is a social network for meeting people with over 150 million members. Make new friends from your Android device, download Badoo free Make new friends through Badoo, the premier social network for meeting people.

Engage with users around the world, and especially those around you: chat with them, exchange files, share interests and hobbies, and more.

Make new friends through Badoo, the premier social network for meeting people. Engage with users around the world, and especially those around you: chat with them, exchange files, share interests and hobbies, and more.


dating app

Bumble is similar to the Tinder app, which is based on two modes:

In “Bumble Mode”, a woman has to take initiative and send a message to any suitor. Otherwise, the message and game will disappear within 24 hours, and you will receive a new affinity very soon.

While “Bumble BFF” is geared towards dating and friendships. This mode is ideal for growing your circle of friends, including people with similar interests or who are also willing to network.


dating app

When it comes to flirting, Grindr is undoubtedly the app most used by those interested in same-sex partners. It is an application that has a large number of users connected and that is constantly increasing.

The app uses your phone’s location to find other nearby users. Plus, it’s a fun app to chat, exchange photos, and meet people.


dating app

LOVOO is one of the best free dating apps available for smartphones. Through the app, users will be able to discover users based on their location and preferences.

Find people who share the same interests and start a live chat with them.

Also, the app offers a video calling feature among its users. Your Premium subscription unlocks even more features. Download it for free for iOS and Android!


dating app

EHarmony provides a free compatibility questionnaire for its new users. Through this, he can find out who are the best people within the app so you can chat and maybe make appointments.

It allows the exact visualization of which characteristics match between two users. This makes it easy to find common points of interest. It is free and available for iOS and Android!

Link: here


dating app

Looking for someone to suit you even for just one day? This is the main idea of Once. Of course, it does not stop you from meeting the person more often if you are interested. Every day he brings a list of users who can match his profile and preferences.

The app makes you spend less time searching among hundreds of users, giving you more carefully chosen options. Such as people near your region who also use the app.

Link: here



OkCupid slightly changes the dynamics of showing who you are, beyond just a photo.

The app especially considers your characteristics when introducing other users. Highlighting your personality, interests, and preferences more than just your appearance.

Once you find the user that suits you, you can start chat conversations directly through the app.

Link: here



CoffeeMeetsBagel is an application very similar to Tinder. See the profile of other users and, if both choose to connect, you can start a chat conversation where they can, perhaps, make an appointment.

The app also considers your location, primarily offering closer options.

Link: here

Match ™ Dating


Match Dating is a good application among free dating apps. It also highlights its number of LGBT users, being an attractive platform for this audience. It offers many features and tools for users to find people who share the same interests.

But more interested users will like to pay for their monthly subscription to unlock even more features. Download it now for iOS and Android!

Link: here

Her – Lesbian Dating App


She is an app focused exclusively on female homosexual, bisexual or queer audiences. It is completely free, without ads or any kind of charge.

The app does not allow male users to register, confirming the identity of all its users.
Find people who share the same interests and preferences in your area, chat, and date!

Link: here



According to Hinge, 75% of the first appointments made through the app become at least one more encounter. Create your profile and look for other users who share the same interests and preferences.

It’s free, but it offers many more features and tools if you buy your monthly subscription. Find the right person for you, install it for iOS and Android!

Link: here

POF(Plenty of Fish) Dating


POF is one of the apps with the most tools and resources for users to find love relationships for free. Search for users who share interests and preferences based on the information you fill out on your profile. Also, the app gives preference to people closer to your location.

The app also offers the option to subscribe to your paid package, unlocking even more features for more interested users.

Link: here



Kickoff’s main purpose is to make you meet new people through your friends, which is what makes it different from the apps presented here.

By finding users based on mutual friends, starting a new relationship becomes more fun, trustworthy, and natural, and the chances of finding someone with more affinities are greatly increased.

With Kickoff it’s more quality than quantity. Registration in the application is done through Facebook, which facilitates the recognition of a real person, excluding the possibility of fakes.

Link: here



Wapa is one of the oldest dating apps. Formerly known as Brenda, since its inception has focused on women seeking other women. By registering, the user fills a profile with personal descriptions, physical information such as age, weight, and height, and up to 5 photos. Its dynamic is very similar to Tinder, with the differential of being only for women!

If Wapo is a dating app focused on guys who want to contact other guys, Wapa: Lesbian Relationship is just the opposite: women who want to meet other women for coffee, a date, or whatever.



Dating at your50s and beyond is a completely different experience than dating in your 20s, and OurTime knows that which is why this app caters to older men and single women who want an easy and safe way to meet someone.

Date me


Date-Me is one of the best free dating apps that work in much the same way as social networks. It only works on mobile, creates your account, fills in the information for users to view – which includes their preferences, goals, and special types of people – and allows you to find potential suitors.



Dating is the ideal dating app for those who prefer to take things slowly, calmly. Daily, the dating service will find someone else who could fit your requirements.

It’s kind of a blind date. Your next step will be to choose the applicant, so if they respond, your profile details, such as contact information, will be available to them and vice versa.

And so the conversation begins. With a rating of 4.7 stars, this is a service that has fallen in favor of the flirtatious on duty.

And according to the creators, this is a very effective dating service, with over two thousand couples joined daily.



Specific to gay men, the app already has over 12 million men worldwide. In addition to the usual relationship app filters, Scruff offers the option to update your profile with the places you travel, as well as connect you with travelers passing through your city or local people from places you will be traveling on your next trip.

The app also provides a calendar of the main events aimed at the gay audience in the city where the user is. They are parties, parades, festivals, among others. You can also check who will attend the event.



Specifically focused on relationships between women, Femme was created by Match Group, also responsible for Tinder. With similar features and an interface that allows likes, matches, and conversations, the app provides filters for searching for the ideal girl.

The platform was launched in 2017 and since then has received about 10,000 new registrations per month. The goal is to provide a comfortable environment for homosexual and bisexual women, free from prejudice.



Moovz connects the LGBT community as a whole, gay, bisexual, and trans men and women from around the world. With features similar to the previous ones, it connects people with the options to enjoy, match, and chat and provides event and news information.

With a slightly more similar interface to a social network, it offers a feed where you can see the posts of friends, contacts, digital influencers, famous, among others. Likewise, the user can share photos, videos, thoughts, and anything else.



If Tinder is too small for you, the Knuddels Android app lets you get closer through profiles and video chat conversations.

Here you can find a large common room and then smaller, more private channels to ‘talk about the political situation in Latin America’ face to face with others around the world.



Initially advertised as a 3nder, but barred from using that name for legal reasons, Feeld is a much more interesting app: its goal is to bring together people who want a multi-sex relationship or simply have three-way sex, whether couples looking for single people to participate or vice versa.

If you’re interested in getting out of sameness and experiencing this kind of relationship, even if it’s only for one night, it’s worth creating your profile and starting looking for your chance.


This is somewhat peculiar. It can have classified as a Tinder-Snapchat junction but geared toward relationships.
Once you download Fresh, you can post 24-hour selfies. The difference between social networks and this app is that filters and edits are not allowed.

Fresh lets you select whether you want dating or friendship. By launching a selfie you will be able to look at the other profiles and, if there is a mutual interest, the chat is released.



In this application, who coordinates everything is the female audience. The main function is to make profiles registered by men so that women choose what they like best. Initially, the interaction starts from them, based on the characteristics of the applicant.

The phrase “Adopt a Camera” will make you reach out to the individual and “put him in the cart” as if he were making a purchase. Thereafter, the user will be permitted to send messages.

Second love app

Second love app

If you are looking for a change in your routine, have tired of the monotonous everyday relationship, and want to vary the menu, you need to know the Second Love app, a free relationship app that will help you find a second love. It is the ideal solution for anyone who loves to make dates on the web.

The Second Love app was not made for you! This app is ideal for those seeking just a little house or an adventure to get out of the routine and app. It is for men and women.

Users can put photos and personal information on their profiles. Also, the free app provides a chat and message service with the app Here in-app registration is free in the free app, but to view photos and make contacts, you must have a subscription.

Be2 App

Be2 App

Be2 is the fastest growing app on the internet. It is used by over 21 million singles looking for love – and up to 20,000 new members join be2 daily. If you are looking for real love, be2 is the right app for you.
Take the quiz on this amazing app!

With be2 you can find real people from your area who share the same interests as you in the app. Chat before the first date. The new be2 offers single person profiles that are compatible with you and your application region. A personality test within the.

Be2 is a successful app because it is the only one that uses a personality test to generate compatibility in the big app. This gives you the chance to find not just someone but the right one that suits you best.

Find what you always wanted. If you are looking for a serious relationship and looking for the ideal person to spend your life with, be2 is the right online dating service with the app.

Two App


Two is the best app to meet new people! Start talking to people in your area. Whether you like chatting, searching, sharing photos and videos, or playing our fun discovery games, Twoo is full of new and exciting people to have fun with.

The app is total. Use Twoo to meet new people and make a date, chat, and play our games. There are millions of active people waiting for you right now!

Perfect app

Perfect app

Here in the perfect relationship app, there are chances to meet your ideal match as it has rooms for relationship and friendship between Christians, gays, lesbians, and much more varied public.

Just use one of the search filters and start the chat. You can also see the full profile of the people you care about, communicate in a chat with those who are most interested in you, update your photos directly from your phone, wink and add to your favorites.

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Meet singles in your area to talk and flirt with Jaumo. This app is a quick way to find people interested in it, and similar to Tinder.

Works the same as Tinder: you view profiles, accept or reject depending on the image, and get a notification when someone likes you, or send a chat request. And you can flirt in multiple languages, Spanish, or whatever you want.

Date Way


In Date Way for Android, you’ll meet new people near you to chat and flirt at ease. Finding your crush is now easier
with this app, you may find your crush that you can’t find in other media you relate to.



Meetic can improve your social life and make you know the perfect person. Connect with this network and meet people near you.

You do not know where to find the love of your life? Doing activities that you enjoy with others who share your interests is a great start. But if you want to increase the chances of finding people to start a relationship with, join Meetic.



Mingle2: Chat, Meet, Dating is just for that, meeting new people, and who knows your partner. If you want to flirt with your phone download the app.

Mingle2: Chat, Meet, Dating is a simple dating app. To meet, chat, meet, and interact with people near you, meet compatible people, make new friends, and even date.

Turns out there are a lot of dating apps to meet new people, but does Mingle2 have something new to offer? It might be.



Desire is an Android app for couples to play by proposing challenges to each other as the temperature rises between them.

Relationship with your partner can be even more fun with this new Desire app. It is designed for all types of couples, regardless of their sexual orientation or time known, to give their crush or tare a loose income, offering different challenges and making the mood spicy.



Topface is an app to find your match on Android for you to explore among millions of registered profiles and use chat to chat with any of them.

This dating app works the same way as Tinder and the company. That is, set search criteria and flirt at ease, whimsical in your main photo. But the app offers the ability to fill in certain aspects of the profile where we can be more expressive by marking our preferences.



Download MiuMeet free, the best flirt app on Android. If you are looking for someone and is open to love MiuMeet lets you meet like-minded people.

This dating and dating app lets you chat with people close to you, both geographically and tastes. Find like-minded people to chat and get to date thanks to MiuMeet – Live Online Dating.

MiuMeet is the perfect app for people of all kinds of sexual orientation. There is even an astrology-based calculator that will tell you how compatible your partner and you are.

Meet people thanks to and its official Android app. You just need to download free to meet people and have dates.

With building relationships is easier than ever from anywhere in the world. Break down geographic barriers and contact anyone you want through this social network. To get a date, download for free.



With Qeep the fun is assured. You can chat with users around the world, sharing your photos and playing with them
Halfway between the social network and instant messaging app, we find Qeep, thanks to which you’ll meet new people and have fun.



Joyride is an Android app for single adults to easily make appointments where they can unleash their most primal instincts.

Dating apps abound and Joyride is one with clearer planning than Tinders. Mainly because it’s all about pretending it’s not about meeting people to crawl between the savannas of a bed (or in the back seat of the car, in a lobby or under a tree, it doesn’t matter).



With Blued Gay, Video, Chat & Live Stream you will flirt and meet new guys near your location with messaging and video calling.

Blued Gay, Video, Chat & Live Stream app, which brings a different way to meet new faces from the mentioned apps. We are talking about an app with over 30 million users worldwide that offers a more social approach beyond likes.



Download now Tagged for Android and meet new people with the same interests as yours. With Tagged you can meet people from your neighborhood.

Tagged is a social network focused on meeting people for preference’s sake. You can chat with other users, check who has visited your profile, keep track of updates from people you follow, and browse all profiles



ChatMeet brings together in one Android app random video chat services where you can meet people and flirt with other users.

This is a random video call service that users use to flirt (quite free and unfiltered) through their smartphone camera like ChatSpin or Knuddels with totally random users from all over the world.



LivU is an Android flirting app that randomly connects users with video chat. It has all kinds of effects in real-time and the chat.

The planning of this app is different from others to flirt with those mentioned where what each one can say about themselves and the photos they share will build on others on the first impression. This video chat app randomly connects your users to meet them.

Now, it is not very practical to have a relationship with someone from Pakistan or Malaysia, although traveling by plane is becoming easier.



With Hitwe you can meet new people, find your better half. Meet singles like you on this flirtatious social network
this service offers you a platform where you can meet single people from all over the world, without a subscription, and still completely free, but here among us, if you want your profile to be highlighted you will have to drop something (although not a necessity).



Do not hesitate to download Zoosk if you want to try to find a flirt without difficulties. Explore candidate photos and contact who you like with Zoosk.

Zoosk is an application whose purpose is that you can flirt with other users and maybe end up at the altar or in a civil registry someday.

You will be able to explore the photos of other members of this social network and send messages to the ones you like. Of course, they will also be able to contact you.



iDates for Android is the platform app for creating your user profile and finding your match according to the criteria you choose.

Davis works similarly with Tinder, Badoo, LOVOO, and company. That is, first we created a profile, we uploaded our best photos, we said something good about us, and good luck hunting!

You can adjust the search criteria by homes, women, or all at the same time, and also mark the age range you are looking for.



Mobifriends is an Android app for meeting new people inside your country or anywhere in the world with common interests.

The main difference between this app and the vast majority of Android dating apps is that access to other profiles is not determined by your sexual condition.

So if you are straight, gay, or whatever because you chose a life away from these pleasures, here you can meet any of these users.



Sapio is a flirtatious app for meeting people who want to be less shallow to join couples with “similar intelligence”
This app is intended to differentiate the competition where you have to drag the candidate depending on the photo because developers know that from time to time we also want to have a reasonably smart conversation.



TALKO is a lesbian, bisexual, queer, and transgender dating app to meet new people from your city or any part of the planet.

It works just like any other flirting app, chat, and share photos and videos with the rest of the platform users. Everything, besides, with the guarantee of every man being barred because of the profiles that are released after a strict control by the responsible of the site… so if any guy has come here thinking he will have the chance to find women who enjoy threesomes You can forget it.



MeetMe is a flirt app to meet new people. Create your profile with your Facebook account and pick your perfect match on Android.

Millions of people who use this application flirtatious, for you to meet someone close to you and with the same preferences.

This is a platform with which you will meet new people and talk. You will find people of every kind, gender, and condition.



If you want to interact with new people or talk without any pretensions, ChatSpin for Android allows you to contact strangers via video call.

If you are looking to meet new people and have tired of common channels (messengers, social networks of all kinds, hundreds of flirtatious apps…)

ChatSpin lets you try another method. It features a random video call system with people from all over the planet.



Do you find it hard to find people near you with the same tastes? Blendr helps you meet interesting people, new friends, and other singles nearby.

This is a social network focused on flirting with integrated chat. That is, nothing new. But what sets it apart from other social apps is the sheer amount of customization and definition options the user will find in the lists.



Xmatch is a free dating app for users to enjoy the pleasures between the sheets, but the reality is different.
this app promises to get you your crush to end up in bed or local romantic places like the back seat of the car or in the woods exchanging kisses and hugs with some girl.

That would be great if it wasn’t because it’s a lie.



Wylde for Android is the social networking app for couples. Swingers users can meet new couples with the same preferences.

Sharing is living, they say, and it seems that with this premise Wylde, the first swinger social network, was created. With it, human beings from all over the planet can meet new people with the same preferences, as is the exchange of couples, trios, and other activities not accepted by the Christian Church.



Moco is an android app that lets you meet people and talk through your mobile phone. Also with MocoSpace, you will have free games.

If you are looking for a website where you can meet new people and chat with them, now you can do it with your mobile on Moco.

After registering with MocoSpace you will be able to access any of the numerous chat rooms available and chat in groups or privately.

And if you get bored, MocoSpace puts at your disposal a wide variety of free games



In Tantan for Android, you will make new friends and meet your crush. Here we have a similar flirt app with others like Badoo or Tinder.

Now with our phones, it’s easier to flirt. Apps like Tantan follow a similar model like Tinder, which lets you meet new people around you to chat and flirt at ease. There are over 100 million registered users on the app, and statistics already say a lot about Tantan



If you are gay now you have the ROMEO app – Gay Chat & Dating your perfect ally, a client to the popular gay dating network Planet Romeo.

It works the same way as other networks: just register by entering your details, along with information about yourself and a profile picture if you feel it is necessary. Also, the app will ask for your location data so you can find the users closest to you.

The app has more features than any dating app, Romeo is the best way to find friends or have fun without compromise, finding the guy who deletes your profile from the app. Just waste a few minutes to get in touch with the app.



HOLLA for Android is an app in which you’ll be able to meet people from around the globe and chat with them at random and in the video.

Whether you’re looking for a new community of new people to talk to, make new friends or paint, the HOLLA app is a good place to find it all.

We’re talking about a video platform commonly used to flirt, connecting users randomly with their Android device’s camera


Do you want to get a partner without giving up your freedom? Want an appointment but without having to know your in-laws?

In this app, singles from all over the world come together for different purposes: it can be a very hot adventure, a light relationship, looking for a friendship… whatever your reason, if you want to love, but at the same time without feeling pressured.

Online Dating scams and other dangers

A simple online dating can end badly, many people are driven into virtual scams and lose not only love and dignity, but still, suffer the loss of large sums of money and material goods.

Cybercrime stations call it “trust fraud or the romance scam, ” meaning they are real crimes committed in virtual environments. Usually, the trickster attracts the victim with words of love, promises marriage, eternal love and when the victim has already fallen in his conversation he gives the dinghy.

Scammers pick people at random, but there is always someone unsuspecting who falls for these virtual rogues.

Most of the time, the victims chosen are lonely, loveless women over 35 who engage in online dating with foreign strangers, delude themselves with appearances, and are convinced that they have found the love of their lives, but they are actually in a virtual ambush.

How do they choose the victims?

  • The scammer creates a profile on the dating site, where he posts pictures of attractive, well-established men, making the profile very attractive, but it’s all, the person in the photo doesn’t even know that the victim exists, or that they are using their photo.
  • You are living in the US or Europe, your pictures will be of a good-looking man or woman, often with senior positions in the army, engineer, doctor, respectful professions, and business travelers.
  • Usually, it is said lonely, looking for love, has a child, and found the ideal person (the victim).
  • They send a message and, if they are matched, begin the conquest phase.
  • No matter what method is used, after a timeframe of creating an affective bond, they ask for some sum of money.
  • It could be: a relative of his died, the hospitalized son, who was traveling and was robbed, etc., and thus shows a fictitious situation where he desperately needs financial help.
  • Most of these cheats write in the English language, but with bad grammar, notice, as this will be another clue to falling into the hands of a cheater.

How to protect yourself?

  • Always research the person you are contacting. Ask many questions, if you are a liar you will soon fall into contradiction.
  • Be wary whenever the subject is directed to poll questions related to your finances, employment, home, car, etc. Immediately block this person from being suspicious of something.
  • Do not believe in orders that result in bank deposits or sending cash sums. This is not proof of love.
  • Be very careful of someone who says they love you as soon as they know you and ask them to leave the dating site, or who prefer to talk by email with a private message. If your contact has moved away from the dating site or social network, be suspicious, as they always ask the victim to leave the social network where they met, not to leave clues.
  • Don’t send nudity photos or videos to anyone, they can blackmail and post to social networks.
  • On social networks, be aware of the number of friends and posts. Scammers post nothing and have few friends.
  • If the person seems very enthusiastic about meeting you, but never makes time, move away. She is playing with her feelings, whether for sexual enjoyment, for a blow, or any other reason.
  • If you use video chat, make sure you see the person clearly, discard the relationship if you start making excuses, not to reveal your face or not have a camera.
  • If you’re looking for love, avoid signing up for all the dating sites and apps you find.

What is the # 1 dating app?

Because Tinder is also one of the most popular dating apps, you are more likely to meet someone you like.

Dating is the number one game, and Tinder has its number – even if the application itself is widely counted in Bugset.

Where can I meet a good boy?

That being said, there are three places to meet good guys. If you fix it.

Attend church or wedding. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous, and you may not be religious to everyone I know, but that’s not the point.

Try live music instead of nightclubs. I like to dance.

Sit at the bar.

Is the temple full?

Bumblebee has a much more welcoming feel than its dating app counterparts.

As matches expire, users have a better chance of engaging in a bumblebee conversation with someone than with a tender, and as a result, people feel more optimistic about looking for solid matches.

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