How To Attach Up Cable Box To TV Without HDMI?

Updated on November 13th, 2020

An HDTV can be connected to a cable box utilizing an HDMI cable or component cables. An HDMI cable joins audio and video in a solitary cable, while component cables are constructed of three video cables (red, green, and blue) and require separate RCA cables for audio.

An HDMI cable box can likewise be connected to an HDTV utilizing standard RCA cables or an S-Video cable, even though the video won’t be shown in high definition.

  • Stage 1: Plug the red, green, and blue cables from one side of the component cable into the red, green, and blue component jacks in the back of the cable box.
  • Stage 2: Plug one finish of the red and white audio RCA cables into the red and white audio yield jacks on the back of the cable box.

Attach Up Cable Box To TV Without HDMI

  • Stage 3: Use the red, green, and blue cables from the other finish of the component cable into the red, green, and blue component input jacks in the back of the HDTV. This arrangement of jacks will have a label, for example, “Component 1” and will have five inputs: red, green, and blue video and red and white audio.
  • Stage 4: Plug the other finish of the red and white RCA cables into the red and white audio input jacks on the back of the HDTV. Make sure they are embedded in the audio jacks on a similar input source as the component cables.
  • Stage 5: Turn on the HDTV and press the “source” or “information” button. A menu is shown, select the input that you plugged the cables into. If a menu isn’t shown, press the source or input button more than once until the right input source is selected.


Attach Up Cable Box To TV Without HDMI

You just purchased a fantastic new audio/video beneficiary (AVR) for your home theater framework and you’re set up to connect everything.

Since circumstances are difficult you chose to keep your old rear projection or other HDTV since the quality is still average and for your necessities, it appears to do great.

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Your TV is too old however, it won’t have any HDMI inputs which leads me to this brisk how-to guide on connecting another AVR to your older TV without HDMI.

Attach Up Cable Box To TV Without HDMI

Twice now I have helped loved ones connecting new AVRs into their older television and gadget setups. Here is the case of the setup I was chipping away at and what you have to know:

  • TV (Component, DVI and Composite Inputs)
  • AVR (HDMI, component yields, lots of inputs for numerous types)
  • Cable Set-top box (HDMI, component yield)

Twice now without intuition, I have connected the STB to the AVR using HDMI, and then since the television doesn’t have HDMI, I connect that to the AVR using the component. Sounds straightforward enough, isn’t that so?

Wrong. Because of the way HDCP works, since the component video doesn’t have any duplicate protection the AVR won’t permit you to impart the video sign of any digitally secured content (for example HDMI) out to any television source simple (for example component).

So what is the best possible approach to connect this? Unfortunately, your options are not great–even though your STB has HDMI out, you should connect the component video to your AVR, along with your audio (recollect, the component video can’t convey audio like HDMI), and then presto, picture!

You aren’t fortunate enough to have DVI, at that point your options are even less attractive.

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Without a digital technique for going from the AVR to your TV then you should reconnect the entirety of your devices to go into the AVR simple so rather than HDMI from the STB into the AVR, you would need to connect it using Component.

There is another option you really should have it digital, and that is with an item, for example, the HDFury, which converts the HDMI signal into Component, however, it costs over $75, so you are presumably best going simple and disentangling things.

This might sound like essential counsel to some of you, however, I consider myself genuinely knowledgeable and have now committed the above error TWICE in the previous 6 months connect and route everything pleasant and quiet, only to discover this significant stopping issue!


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