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10 Best Budget Speakers For PC 2024

Jamming for music on your computer is much better. Even the best ones of the built-in speakers can leave the audio sound on your laptops thin and lifeless.

Considering each situation like this that people go through, these are the reasons why external PC speakers are a must-have for getting the best budget speakers for pc gaming from the media files that you have on your computer.

If you visit an online shopping platform or go to your favorite electronics shop, you will be provided with a lot of head-spinning variety of speakers of this same category that you are looking for.

You will see that some of the sound systems will be holding a price tag of even more than the cost that you paid for your laptop or your computer.

It is not necessary to look out for an expensive option of external speakers for your personal computer, though many great quality speakers can have found even at a price that each and everybody can afford easily.

There is no doubt about the fact that a 5.1 multi-channel speaker system that includes 5 speakers and one subwoofer sounds pretty satisfying and excellent, but certainly, they do not come at a budget price.

With the budget money that you carry in your wallet right now, you guys can buy a much better quality two-speaker system for your computer.

These are the basic 2.0 stereo setups that are comprised of just a left speaker and a right speaker with just a single driver that is the actual loudspeaker of the system in both of these speakers.

You can also find a pretty decent 2.1 sound system for your PC, as they come with a pair of speakers that are designed to handle some much higher sound frequencies and they have a separate subwoofer for bass management only.

10 Best Budget Speakers For PC 2024

It is a fact that the 2.1 sound systems will take up more of your room space as compared to the 2.0 sound system, but it will often produce and provide you with sound that is much more balanced than ever.

So, without any further wait, let me start with the review of some of these that you can buy from the market right now or can just order them online.

Do read carefully and select the one that meets your requirements and deems fit for you.

Logitech G560

Best Budget Speakers For PC

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When you talk about RGB lighting, there are chances that you either love it or hate it. Image source: here

This Logitech G560 Lightsync feature is anything but gimmicky, if there is one RGB product that I’d recommend, which might impact your PC gaming experience, it is this one.

Logitech’s software allows you to choose between two control modes for the speakers.

Hardware control ditches the software and uses Bluetooth or AUX input for its lightning.

You get a nice looking rainbow color cycle which also acts as an audiovisual, which flashes and brightens to the beat of the music being played.

Switching over to the software control will allow you to choose between the fixed color, color cycle, breathing, audio visualize, and also screen sampler lighting modes.

Screen sampler, though, is where the G560 shines. It is much like ambient TV backlighting products, the software takes user-defined areas of the screen and it extends to the colors outwards to create a very immersive lighting experience.

As there is a good portion of this effect that relies on the rear-facing LEDs, the speakers need to be positioned just beside your display with their back against a wall to get the finest effect.

As the lighting was a huge factor in the immersion aspect, the precision and accuracy of the positional audio are also really impressive.

I do not normally like the virtual surround of 7.1 digital gaming headsets but I was surprised with how well DTS:X worked with this G560, particularly while trying to pinpoint where I was getting shot from in Fortnite game.

It is the perfect choice if you want a surround sound without the hassle of a 5.1 or 7.1 set.

  • This one offers immersive light sync RGB lighting

  • It has built in DTS:X Virtual Surround

  • It has less features

Creative A250

Best Budget Speakers For PC

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When you are out in the market shopping for some cheap PC speakers, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice. It does not help that reliable brands have multiple choices in the same price tag.

The differences at the low-end products can be negligible, but the Creative A250 2.1 Speakers stood apart from the competition with their big sound difference despite its compact size.

With a total power output of 9 watts, I was amazed to see that the speakers pumping out clear crisper audio than some of their competitors which use two to three times the amount of power.

Whereas they will not produce the highest volume of their sound, I found a bit distortion even when the volume is cranked up.

Despite being a smaller and a lower-powered than a few of the other options, such as the Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 or the Logitech Z313, this A250 subwoofer offers clearer low sounds.

The only complaint on this speaker is a lack of bass control to complement the suitable volume knob which is located on the right speaker.

Wherever these speakers lacked in volume, they made up for in clarity.

This is why I highly recommend these speakers for the students who are on the go, as the speakers are small enough to fit on any of the cramped desk surfaces.

These are easily the most portable 2.1 sound system which I tried and it performs best in a smaller bedroom or dorm.

  • It is affordable

  • Small footprint

  • Offers excellent clarity

  • Not bad but less features

Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitors

Best Budget Speakers For PC

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Most of the users could not imagine spending some more money on a PC speaker system, but audiophiles crave high-end just like any of the PC gamers lusts for the best budget speakers for pc under 50.

High-end desktop speaker systems are usually composed of powered monitors and a separate subwoofer.

And while many of them provide exceptional sound clarity, I found them lacking in consumer-friendly features that the PC gamers would benefit from. That was until I tested the Klipsch R-15PM powered monitors.

With up to five of the input options which include, Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm AUX, digital optical, and analog RCA/ phono, this R-15PM is the most adaptable and versatile set of speakers which I have tested.

A small remote control will allow you to plug in multiple sources at once and switch them on the fly.

The built-in amplifier eradicates the need for an external DAC to help keep your desk clean and it allows you to forgo the a/v receiver when it is used in the living room.

These are not the cheapest high-end speakers, especially when you also consider the cost of adding a subwoofer, but once I consider their simplicity and its consumer-friendly features, then this is the choice to go for.

  • It has lots of good features.

  • Good in sound.

  • No idea

  • It has battery timing less

Harmon Kardon SoundSticks Wireless

Best Budget Speakers For PC

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When you are building a gaming PC or upgrading a battle station, speakers usually are not very high on the priority list.

But jumping from the included set of speakers on your monitor to a pair of external speakers can provide you with a sound quality boost similar to the performance increase you’d see when switching from the included graphics card to an external graphics.

These SoundSticks speakers are mid-range speakers which can have a tough pill to swallow.

But when you consider their unique design and equally satisfying performance, these speakers are a worthy choice for investment and a great addition to any system.

Unlike most of the Bluetooth speakers, the SoundSticks enter and stay in pairing mode as soon as they are turned on.

This will be easy for you to switch between the audio sources at any time without having to touch the speakers.

With its beautiful looks and satisfying sound quality, these speakers were an easily most favorite choice for PC gaming, but big-budget audio purists looking for the best speakers for pc music.

The performance and expandability of powered bookshelf speakers or studio monitors that remain tough to beat.

  • It has a unique design

  • It offers you with a Bluetooth support

  • Not bad but have less features

Logitech Z323 Speaker System

Best Budget Speakers For PC

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This product is the actual solution for an affordable computer sound system from Logitech to all of you guys.

This product that I am reviewing right now can create an impressively realistic soundstage and it is also capable of impressive output. This speaker system is rated at 30W.

If you guys are wondering about the features, let me tell you that one of the best features is the subwoofer of this sound system.

The subwoofer that comes along with this system has four tall legs, which enables and provides you with plenty of clearance underneath the speaker.

This results in greater and deeper bass and less stifled sound that you will surely enjoy.

The satellites do not look like much, but all of them are eye-catching enough regarding the price tag it holds. Each satellite here is 3.4 inches x 4.5 inches x 8.3 inches tall.

Don’t you get worried about the size, they all are slightly curved.

This sound system features RCA and 3.5mm inputs as well; this means that it is capable of being compatible with gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, and your iPod as well.

All of you must note that neither the speakers not the subwoofer in this sound system has the EQ feature, and you guys will only be able to use the normal volume control.

If you will have to make any audio configurations, you will have to make them through the audio software.

  • High-end designed subwoofer

  • Superior clearance on the woofer

  • Features RCA and 3.5mm inputs

  • Features a headphone jack

  • Speakers lack in midrange definition

Bose Companion 2 Series III

Best Budget Speakers For PC

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This sound system that I am reviewing right now was designed with all the computer users in mind.

This product has a position among the best and popular devices of its kind, even though it is cutting it pretty close to the budget limit that you guys are looking in.

As you guys would be wondering about performance, let me tell you that the overall audio performance here is pretty impressive.

As the speakers offer only little to no distortion even when you crank them up to the high level of volume. But you guys should know that the bass definition is not too impressive.

Though, both the speakers are optimized to enhance vocals/dialogues in movies excellently as compared to other sound systems that lay in the same class and price range.

On the very front, you are provided with a basic volume control knob and a headphone jack as well, both of them are located on the right speaker.

The design of these speakers is pretty simple looking but professional, which I think makes these speakers a good choice to look for to use for office work as well rather than buying it for gaming at home only.

The build quality is pretty great, each of the speakers has a rigid and solid feel.

  • Excellent build quality

  • Supports two devices at the same time

  • Features a headphone jack

  • Great midrange definition

  • It has no subwoofer

Edifier R980T

Best Speakers For PC

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If you guys cannot afford to buy a high-end sound system for your PC, then considering bookshelf speakers is the best alternative that you guys should look forward to.

Edifier is helping you guys here, as it is providing you two 4 inches long active bookshelf speakers with almost studio quality, and 24W of power.

One of the best selling points and points of this speaker combo from Edifier is the flared bass reflex port it has, as it offers extra depth and pretty surprising and impressive bass quality for a 2.0 sound system.

Both the RCA and 3.5mm cables are included to have a very quick and very simple setup.

More than you will love to know is that you can connect this system to two different devices at the same time. This surely is a great feature provided by an in-budget speaker system.

Just beside the volume control knob situated at the back panel, you will notice there is a bass knob too.

It will help you in boosting the overall quality of your sound without having to mess around with the software interface of the movie player of your sound card.

Let me tell you another thing that you will surely love, these speakers have wooden enclosures, and these fancy enclosures provide a pretty comforting audio importance.

  • These are active bookshelf speakers

  • Sill dome treble drivers for audio

  • Knob for bass management

  • Compatible with two devices simultaneously

  • It has a narrow frequency response range

TaoTronics Bluetooth Speaker

Best Speakers For PC

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This product that I am reviewing right now is a soundbar that is equipped with Bluetooth 5 technology.

It is one of the best products of this category that TaoTronics have introduced until now for all the computer users who are looking for something great in a budget.

It has a wide design, as exactly as you can expect from a soundbar to be, it helps in improving the soundstage and push it for a pretty much more of the immersive experience of gaming and movie watching.

If you inspect it, you will find two 5W speakers on the inside, both of them boasting the full-range speaker design.

You will surely love the slim design it has, even though it comes at the price of some impressive power and clarity as well.

It is said that it is a real space saver, and this is what many people consider as one of the most important things while looking for a sound system.

All the controls are situated on the right side of the soundbar. You will have buttons for standard power, play, modes, and volume control as well.

All of these buttons are highly and greatly responsive, and they can handle thousands of pushes easily.

If you compare this product with most of the speakers, it is worth mentioning that this soundbar lacks in the durability department for sure.

  • Great midrange definition

  • Playback controls are easy to access

  • Bluetooth 5 technology

  • Exceptional compatibility

  • Build quality is not that good

Polk Audio T15

Best Speakers For PC

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Here I have other bookshelf speakers for you, these are considered to be among the best audio devices that you can get for your personal computer, be it a laptop or a desktop computer.

They possess a combined power of 100W together and they are pretty much loud enough as you will ever need them to be in your small-sized gaming room or your office as well.

They come equipped with Dolby DTS surround system sound, both the speakers offer you guys with a pretty impressive soundstage that is very clear, very detailed, and natural as well.

The bass response can also be found there in spades, this simply means that there is approximately no purpose at all that you can’t use these speakers for, except for playing your electronic guitar and other related stuff.

You can just easily set them both on your computer table without even worrying about any kind of distortion or vibration. What more is, that this sound system also consists of a wall mounting option for you guys.

You guys should keep in mind that these T15 speakers are a part of the Polk Audio 5.1 home theatre sound system. They also have a rather pretty wide frequency response range that stretches from 60Hz to 24000Hz.

This is actually beyond the standard and level for cheap PC sound system speakers.

  • They are strong and durable

  • Features Dolby DTS surround sound

  • Ability to be wall mounted

  • Great midrange and bass definition

  • It is bigger and heavier than many other speakers

Creative Pebble Plus

Best Speakers For PC

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Here I have a 2.1 speaker system for you guys that comes with a USB connectivity feature that dishes out up to a pretty respectable power of 8W.

This product that I am reviewing right now features a down-firing subwoofer about 4 inches long.

Because of the ported design and the orientation, this subwoofer provides the system impressive depth, great bass definition, and overall sound richness that is great for this price range that you are searching for.

The high gain mode is pretty great, as it provides all of you guys with a decent volume boost, it is an ideal feature for all of you when you are trying to squeeze more bass out of this sound system.

If you will see, you will get to know that the overall design of this sound system is not bad, as the rounded speakers of it and the elevated drivers will probably look very cool next to any desktop computer or laptop of yours.

You can get this Creative Pebble Plus in two colors, white or black, and it also features an option with USB Type C plug.

You can power up the system with the help of USB, this is what a lot of people admire this product for.

Visit more: AmazeInvent

And regarding the sound projection, let me tell you that you will surely be very pleased to know that these speakers are angled towards you.

  • It has a high gain mode

  • Elevated drivers

  • 1 system

  • It has a USB power

  • Audio distortion at high levels of volume


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