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9 Best Cheap Mic for Gaming 2024

A mic is a device that converts the vibration of sound in the air into an electronic signal. It records the sound on a recording medium.

Microphones enable different types of audio recording devices for purposes that include voice recording and music and various types of communication.

Microphones are often designed for a specific purpose. Aside from the device type, one of the primary considerations is what a record is.

Microphone orientation is one such consideration in microphone design. Omnidirectional microphones are suitable for recording all the sounds in an area. But not for focusing on a single subject in the background noise.

Directional, bidirectional, shotgun microphones are suitable for interviews. However, two unidirectional devices, such as cardioid microphones, often have the same effect.

9 Best Cheap Mic for Gaming 2024

Samsung G-Track PRO

Best Cheap Mic for Gaming

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Samsung is a famed brand in the world of the budget-friendly mic. But this has given itself a name, and we can personally test it at the NAMM show.

Our Samsung G-Track PRO review gives you more details. G-Track Pro comes with a large-diaphragm (25mm) dual 1-inch capsule for a large pickup pattern.

This is a condenser mic, and I am good at capturing what’s in front of it and rejecting the back and sides. It would help if you had a small desktop microphone to sit beside you while playing the game.

However, you can also use a “polarity pattern switch” if you need to change the way the sound is picked up. Depending on its position and actual usage, you can vary it to pick up in all directions.

If desired, bidirectional back and forth. What makes this pick stand out more than other picks is the sound quality. It has high-end resolution recording at 24 bit /96kHz, providing great clarity for any game you are on.

In addition, there is a gain control on the microphone itself if you need to adjust the audio level on the fly.

  • A headphone volume knob if you connect the phone directly to the microphone itself.
  • Samsung G-Track PRO is a high-end USB microphone, and it is currently a big blow to desktop USB microphone games.

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

Best Cheap Mic for Gaming

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The second is one of our favorite USB models on the market and continues to maintain the best gaming microphones in the USB category for now.

  • First and foremost, if you’re discussing either this pick or the previous G-Tack PRO.
  • The retail price is the same. But if a particular website on the net sells at a lower price, then you choose one of them.
  • AT2020+ is very similar in terms of specifications and features.

The type of condenser cardioid mic and pickup pattern, nifty desktop stand, Plug and play in the box don’t require a screwdriver to be used immediately after the package is removed.

The only draw here is that the G-Track PRO is 16-bit deep, a bit shallower than 24-bit. It is not an absolute difference for the game.

Give priority only when recording music with a microphone. Especially when it’s cheap, Audio – Technical AT2020+ is another rough microphone for our game.

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti Blackout

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It was one of the most popular USB mics in the game.

So, it was taken over by G-Track PRO due to its low bit depth and low price.

If you want to resolve the G-Track PRO, you need to get a more expensive Yeti PRO. Anyway, Blue Yeti is a viable option as the best gaming mic because of its legendary reputation.

The highlight features and specifications are as follows: Built-in desktop stand, color option to buy, mic gain control, multi patterns, and drive-free operations.

As explained earlier, you can switch between pickup-style pole patterns. If you are not interested in the ability to buy mini desktop stands and some mounts.

For example, you can purchase their Blue Compass, which is a boom arm that attaches to your monitors and hooks above your head. It will increase the space a little more in your gaming environment.

Blue Yeti is a reference for the high volume of reviews and overall consistency that it brings to our gaming gear setups. The standard Yeeties go to 16-bit / 48 kHz, while the PRO beats the 24-bit /192kHz.

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Rode NT1-A Bundle

Best Cheap Mic for Gaming

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I will show you a more expensive option for a while. But if you have cash, this is a studio option and will blow the USB mic out of the water.

  • It is the best mic for your game.
  • It is a studio mic, which is excellent for recording artists.
  • This one is a budget-friendly option of not being too “crazy” in build or sound quality.
  • It can deliver very high-quality audio. Therefore, it is recommended for gamers.

The NT-1A is the giant 1-inch gold-plated diaphragm and has the most dynamic range. It has a low self-noise ad a warm, professional, and suitable for recording and streaming.

You will need a mic stand as-is is the next-level option in the game if you can invest in some stand or accessories and place it on your desk like any other microphone.

The connector we provide is bundled link that includes shock and pop filters. The Rode NT1-A is perfect for gamers if they want to step out of the ordinary micro USB.

eBerry Plug and Play

eBerry Plug and Play

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Let’s talk super cheap. Suoer cheap is basically a cart add-on and means the best gaming mice. If you just need to provide audible audio to the gamer.

It doesn’t take into account flashy features such as polar patterns, audio resolution, flashy mounts, and unique connections.

  • At least, it is better than the phone.
  • It is for those who may have broken the headset mic and need a quick, easy solution to find the voice of the game again.

It’s certainly at least a USB connection and doesn’t rely on the tiny 3.5mm we are familiar with. The adjustable neck allows you to fit to your liking.

Also, its small size makes it very convenient to fit into existing game setups.

Compatible with both Mac and Computer, every Plug and play is a gaming mic for one thing Mike has to do:

Express our voice to enemies and teammates.

Razer Seiren Elite

Razer Seiren Elite

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Let’s return to the high-end one in the USB world as the best microphone for games. Razer is a brand that screams for high-end gaming devices.

We are confident that you can trust your investment in this product by name alone. The look of this USB microphone alone is smooth, and appearance isn’t always a priority. But, it can be a priority for some.

I love its shiny black finish, and the material is very high quality. There is no cheap plastic use, and it can break easily.

There is a built-in high-pass filter. It helps in sound quality by cutting down the disturbing low-frequency noise that occurs in the streaming environment.

Loke the G-Track Pro and the Yeti; you get volume and control on the microphone as well. On the top of the hi-pass filter, there is a digital /analog limiter that reduces distortion.

Pairing it with 16-bit /48kHz  resolution, we have high-quality sound to listen to well in our games.

If you need to step up from other USB mics for an overall build and additional features that ensure transparent and noise-free audio.

  • No, G-Track Pro still wins in the resolution number category the Razer Seiren budget allows.
  • The elite is another excellent choice as the perfect mic for your game.

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MXL 770

MXL 770

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It is another very affordable traditional studio condenser microphone for games. We choose it because of its apparently affordable price, as well as its reputation in the microphone game.

The MXL 770 is known for its highly balanced sound, rugged body that lasts for a long time investment. It has a custom-10 dB attenuation switch that lowers the output level in the carcass you scream.

Or may you want to record some instruments on the side and base frequency roll-off switch?

The box usually comes with a shock mount to reduce vibration and a carrying case if you’re planning a trip to the game. You will also need to buy a pop filter and mic stand.

You need to purchase phantom power on the side to power on this microphone. However, if your mic requires a different spin, we consider the MXL 770 one of the best gaming mics.

Looking around over time, this is also a popular mic included in the bundle, depending on the accessories you need. Such as a traditional mic stand or a boom arm stand for your monitor.

Blue Snowball iCE

Blue Snowball iCE

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Some of the next gaming mics we recommend focusing on are ultra-portable USB microphones.

Whether you are a mobile gamer or just want a small and simple solution to the desktop, Blue’s another famous Mike Snowball iCE here, and while not as powerful or as stacked as the specs.

It does give us a good shot at the size. Great for all kinds of recording and streaming with both Mac and computer.

The cheap Snowball iCe comes with the most popular cardioid polarization pattern. It also comes with legs. Easy-to-use tripod mount, convenient location for setting up your game.

The sample rate isn’t as high as some high-end USB mics. But, it does work at a very high 14-bit/44.1 kHz that can be run in any gaming environment.

Weighing only 460 grams, the Blue Snowball iCe is one of the most affordable and portable picks for a gaming mic. This mic is available in black and white colors.

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Samson Go Mic

best cheap mic for gaming

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It is the most popular portable USB mics, reaching the end of the list. It mimics an almost-sized wallet and is actually folded into a small leather case.

That case can be easily moved by pushing it into some pockets or most backpack spaces. If you want, play games on your laptop wherever you are.

Whether it’s an airport or a different room in your home, we’ll talk about it here.

It’s also very affordable and slightly cheaper than the Snowball iCe retail price. So, if you’re discussing the two with a mobile USB mic, get the cheapest one.

The Go Mic has the exact resolution and has similar features such as Mac and computer compatibility. It comes with the necessary pickups and has a cardioid pickup pattern.

However, the Go mic also has a switchable omnidirectional pickup pattern. The versatility of this gaming mic is only hard to ignore.

  • A small case can be mounted on top of your laptop for easy portability.
  • It can also be used as a microphone for music, streaming, and chat, etc.

Samsung Go Mike is huge in microphone games for some reason. If you’re playing games on your mobile phone and need an ultra-portable smart device microphone.

You can read the Go Mic mobile review just announced this year.

Neewer NW-700

best cheap mic for gaming

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This mic is one of the cheapest mics recommended for all types of applications, especially games.

You will also need to purchase either an audio interface or a device that provides standard 48-volt phantom power. However, this package includes all the accessories you need to get the power out of the box and use it immediately.

Like a scissor, arm holder shock mount, pop filter, XLR cable is connected.

The reviews support the effectiveness of this microphone, although keeping the price in mind. You don’t get anything professional here, like the microfiber we introduced earlier.

However, we will grab it if you don’t want a micro USB. Instead of a traditional studio condo microphone that uses conventional fan power and does not rely on USB to power.

The accessories needed are also great because they come at an affordable price. It combines everything we need besides power.

If you are a beginner musician, it can also be significant money. But, gamers can still benefit from the Neewer NW-700.

Aspects to consider before buying a microphone

When buying a new mic for streaming, keep the element below in your mind.

  • Audio recording quality.


Sharing a live stream of the video game you are playing should be fun. But, if your device is out of order, you can’t enjoy it.

Choosing a reliable microphone that produces excellent audio quality lets you communicate clearly with your viewers and teammates if you play multiplayer games.

In any case, a good mic helps improve the quality of the broadcast and attract new followers.

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