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10 Best Mice For FPS 2020

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We have tested dozens of models to find the best mice for fps, performance, and value.

In my opinion, it is a fact that a video game of any genre has been benefited from a specialized and full of features gaming mouse. When it comes to FPS (first-person shooter) games, you know that it is heavily dependent on the reaction time and your aim placement.

An FPS mouse helps you in having a quick, rapid response timing and improving your performance much faster with added experience as well.

Now, before we get onto the list of some best FPS mouse, I should tell you some important things.

First of all, I think that it is not worth wasting your money on a mouse if you are just a casual gamer and you don’t spend much of your time playing the latest and hit games on the market nowadays.

Even if you are a person who does gaming not so often but uses the computer for doing moderate day to day tasks, then it is not required to you to waste your money on purchasing an FPS gaming mouse.

This article and the list of a mouse I am going to provide you with are especially for the pro gamers or regular gamers you can say.

Now, I will be talking about some of the top best FPS mice and I will be describing the facts of how these FPS mice can help you have a better experience related to FPS gaming.

If you or any of your friends are new to this gaming side of life and have no experience regarding gaming needs and gaming mice as well, you don’t have to worry about it all now.

10 Best Mice For FPS 2020

Now, I will be letting you guys know about some best FPS mice that you can buy from the market at this very moment.

The following are some of the best FPS mice you can buy from the market today. If you go through this article to the end and decide to buy any one of these FPS mice from my list, believe me, you won’t regret your decision ever.

Logitech G502

Best mice for FPS

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This great Logitech G502 is one of the most used and very well known export gaming mouse in all over the world. It is considered as one of the best mice for fps games ever built. Image source: here

Logitech G502 is known for its extremely accurate performance as it excels in every aspect of a gaming mouse.

This Logitech G502 gaming mouse has 12000 DPI and this DPI is adjustable to five different levels. You get to adjust the DPI at your convenience and according to your needs.

Logitech G502 gaming mouse is said to be an official replacement of the top-selling gaming mouse, namely “502 Proteus Core” which was privileged by all the right-handed gamers around the globe and claw grippers as well.

It can be said that the design of this Logitech G502 is a low profile, but it still excels in every aspect and department of a gaming mouse.

This mouse is more likely similar to its predecessor or elder brother you can say and it still provides all the possible features to fulfill the needs of claw gripping users and right-handed users as well.

This great Logitech G502 gaming mouse is highly and completely customizable in every department you can think of.

The impressive thing is that you can even adjust the weight of this mouse according to your needs and comfort. You get to adjust the settings of this mouse as per your utilization.

As I mentioned above that that you can set five different levels of DPI according to your requirements and you can switch between those levels in between your gaming session and whenever you want using the simple buttons.

What more impressing about this Logitech G502 is, that it has 11 customizable buttons on which you can put your most needed commands close to your hand on whichever button you want.

  • 11 completely programmable buttons

  • Five adjustable different levels of DPI settings

  • RGB LED color configuration

  • Weight is fully customizable

  • Completely customizable

  • It is designed for right-handed users only

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Best mice for FPS

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Razer DeathAdder Elite is an exceptional and great gaming mouse offered by the Razer Company.

It is said to be the best gaming mouse for shooters who are in search of super comfortable controls and have perfect timing and aim.

It has been a long time since this Razer DeathAdder Elite has been in the world of gaming mouse and nobody has ever doubted its splendid performance and features provided to the users.

After all, this Razer DeathAdder Elite is equipped with an RBG lighting feature that attracts all the gaming users and makes it much worth it for the gamers to spend the money on the best mouse for fps games razer.

This Razer DeathAdder Elite is known to be the best selling game mouse in the whole world.

It is known that this product has been bought again and again just because of the splendid design of it and the very easy configuration of this mouse.

Razer DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse offers you up to 16000 DPI, which is considered as a very high standard feature.

It has two buttons that are designed on the left side of the mouse to have fast access to them while gaming.

This one has a very simple button environment and in my point of view, it is enough.

  • It has superb cutting edge design

  • This one is highly accurate

  • It has a good grip on the scroll

  • Can be used for office usage purpose as well

  • It is designed for big hands

  • It doesn’t offer a lot of functions

BenQ Zowie FK2

Best mice for FPS

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BenQ, it is a well known Company in the aspect of gaming devices and all. This is one of the most ideal and accurate gaming mice for both, the right-handed and left-handed users.

Supporting both handed users is a great achievement and it is worth the appreciation as many gaming mice are specially made for anyone of the users.

To describe to you what this BenQ Zowie FK2 is, I should say that it is simple in design, compact in size sleek in its look. If you are a pro gamer, then this is an ideal mouse for you.

BenQ Zowie FK2 is a low DPI centric gaming mouse, as it offers 3200 DPI and it allows you the capability to shift between 400, 800, and 1600 gears with a simple push-button only.

I don’t take 3200 DPI as a very low option because most of the pro gamers use less than 3200 DPI on their gaming mice.

If you get used to this mouse once, you will see that this BenQ Zowie FK2 has swept other gaming mice from the root.

Another exceptionally impressive thing about this gaming mouse is that it offers optimal performance for both the users with larger and smaller hands equally.

  • Excellent accuracy

  • It has a tangle-free cord

  • The design is clean, sleek and simple

  • Ideal for larger and smaller hands; ideal for right-handed and left-handed users both

  • Buttons layout is limited

Logitech G Pro

Best mice for FPS

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This great Logitech G Pro is considered as one of the top seeking gaming mice among the eSport athletes.

It is said that this mouse was designed and created after a brief association with some top professional gamers around the globe.

It is one of the well-optimized and best wireless FPS gaming you can buy from the gaming mouse market.

This Logitech G Pro gaming mouse is powered with the cutting edge hero sensor technology which is exceptional. With this cutting hero edge sensor technology, you can have access to the low 1000-2000 DPI or the powerful 16000 DPI as well.

A great feature about this Logitech G Pro is that is has a metal spring button that produces and offers you reliable clicks performance with overall accuracy and it eliminates miss-clicks which is one of the most irritating things for a pro gamer.

As you guys know that a lightweight gaming mouse is ideal for FPS gaming and this great Logitech G Pro has a lightweight but sturdy build quality which is perfect for precise controls and great overall.

  • It is highly impressive in pixel-perfect accuracy

  • Ideal for claw grippers

  • Can be used casually

  • Some larger hands find it a little small

SteelSeries Sensei 310

Best mice for FPS

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SteelSeries is a brand that every gamer comes through and knows very well. It is said that this incredible brand has done a great job with this SteelSeries Sensei 310.

This SteelSeries Sensei 310 is perfect in every way, in looks, quality, or capabilities. It is perfect and it fulfills all the requirements to be a good gaming mouse.

This gaming mouse is built in a way that is perfect for both, the left-handed and right-handed users. It has a pair of thumb buttons on both sides of the mouse.

This SteelSeries Sensei 310 provides you with 8 programmable buttons that you can customizable according to your needs and requirements.

There is a TrueMove3 optical sensor in this SteelSeries 310, which offers one to one tracking at 350 IPS. The estimate calculated is that this SteelSeries Sensei 310 can go with 50 million clicks in lifespan.

SteelSeries Sensei 310 offers you with 12000 DPI along with maximum performance full of comfort and flexibility.

  • RGB lightning powered

  • Simple and clean look

  • It is perfect for both, left-handed and right-handed users

  • A little wider for small hands

BenQ Zowie EC2-A / EC1-A

best budget gaming mouse

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Both these models are considered as the most demanded FPS shooting gaming mouse.

People who play CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) will be able to tell you about the actual performance of this great gaming mouse.

The only difference between EC2-A and EC1-A is that the ECA2-A is a little smaller in width and overall size if compared to the other ECA1-A model.

This makes it a great choice for users with smaller and larger hands to grab a model as per their needs.

These BenQ Zowie models have been made to completely focus on performance and quality, which is the most important factor in the aspect of the gaming mouse.

This BenQ Zowie series has been on the top of the list and it is well known over the globe for its sleek designs and features which offer you exceptional performance.

Overall, this mouse has everything you need and it can fulfill every requirement of the best mouse for fps under 50. This is considered as one of the best professional gaming mice you can ever buy.

  • It is incredibly accurate

  • The sensor works well on every surface

  • Design is sleek and simple

  • Absence of some features such as RGB lighting

SteelSeries Rival 600

best budget gaming mouse

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What do you like in a mouse, precision or speed? I think it would be precision.

You are not only the person who is choosing precision over speed as most of the pro gamers love the accuracy over speed.

And as for the precision over speed, no one can beat this beastly mouse which is SteelSeries Rival 600.

You may have seen that the pro gamers are moving their arms quite excessively to get a minimum movement of the cursor all around the screen they use the whole of their hands.

They do this because they set their gaming DPI setting to just about the minimum to get the max possible precision and full control over the mouse.

This may also be the reason why the top-selling gaming mice come with a rather low to maximum DPI settings.

This mouse SteelSeries Rival 600 does not only offer you the maximum accuracy at a low speed but it provides one to one movement of the sensors.

It means that this will make you get a one-inch cursor movement with a one-inch mouse movement. This function discloses the precise movement of the cursor and makes you achieve the max possible result.

You do have seen the true movement sensors are not for everyone.

There may be some of the brands which you could only count on your fingertips as for this aspect. If you are looking for a mouse that is n all-rounder with great functions and optional features, you should select the SteelSeries Rival 600.

  • A highly durable piece

  • Embodiment of precision

  • Offers amazing CPI capabilities and lift-off distance

  • It does not have the premium features

Corsair M65 PRO

best budget gaming mouse

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For a pro gamer, an M65 gaming mouse would be a new item. They may be using the revolutionary gaming mouse, which is largely applauded owing to its exclusive functions and features.

This, m65Pro from the Corsair is an improved version of the original one.

This is the latest addition which has been packed with a handy set of features and offers a more rewarding gaming experience than the previous version of the same.

It provides an ultra-sensitive 12000 DPI sensors which offer an amazing experience of precision and swiftness. This mouse is a great combination of ultra-precision and also highly effective tracking.

The design of this affordable gaming mouse is highly rugged yet it is lightweight. This has been crafted to supply to the needs of both the larger and smaller hands, without any hiccup.

It also offers a customizable system of the weights which has been adjusting in the center of the mouse in a way that with just one shift the center of gravity could change.

  • It offers easily customizable buttons

  • Has 12000 DPI sensors

  • This is adjustable to the center of gravity

  • It is only comfortable for the palm gripper

  • The button placement can make some issues sometimes

Logitech G403

best budget gaming mouse

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This mouse, the Logitech G403 has much more to offer a user and it is loaded with an abundance of options and features.

Whether it is the number of thumb buttons on the side of the number of LED colors, this gaming mouse is much more versatile than any other. After owning this product, you won’t need another one.

This mouse offers a comfortable grip, comfort, functional enough to deal with the higher gaming needs for PC gamers. This is an extremely right-handed mouse because the design seems more identical to the DeathAdder.

You may find some issues when using it the first time, once you will get used to it you will have a great experience of playing loads of FPS games using it.

Using the gaming software of Logitech, the user can alter the DPI from 200 to 12000, program buttons, link individual profiles,s and even change the illumination color. This mouse is a full RGB mouse and can be sync even with the Logitech products.

The performance of this is beyond approach, you need to roll the hands over this gaming mouse and explore the different types of games such as Overwatch, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Marvel heroes to check the features and functionality at its core.

  • It has a comfortable design with an immersive quality

  • Great software experience

  • It has a derivative design

  • The thumb button just makes it not fall right on the criteria of good gaming mice

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

best budget gaming mouse

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Every second or third best mouse you would observe that they are from Logitech. This brand has quite multiple options with a great performance in the back.

This mouse also has something special to offer and target a varied range of pro gamers.

Logitech G402 500 IPS max, if you don’t have any idea about this gaming mice specification, this is the most desired and wished gaming mice aspect. AmazeInvent

Although, the users have some complaints regarding its lightweight. As for their reviews, they say that the lightweight of this mouse halts the speed.

This mouse has a great ergonomics, with a curvy shape, it feels as if this has made after taking the measurements of your hand. It fits great in hand with every size without any issue.

This also comes with a sniper button, the speed and acceleration are the features which are a must-have in any of the Logitech products; this also has been decorated with this amazing feature.

If you are a person who loves installable software for your gaming desires, this will make you even happier. This comes with user-friendly software, which can make you get numerous suitable customization.

In a nutshell, this mouse from Logitech has value to the user’s money. The sniper button inclusion can make you excited, just alluding to only this feature and buying would be a good idea, this does not perform what it sounds.

  • It has superb overall performance

  • It has a clever binding of different buttons

  • Great value for the money

  • The sniper button does not function that well

  • Too light to deal with the speed of the game

Is g502 good for FPS?

If you want heavier and extra scroll wheel features, go for the G502. Both are great for FPS and any type of sport.

It’s great for everyone else, but FPS doesn’t support it.

Which mouse does Mr. Fresh Asian use?

Mr. Farsh Asian currently uses the FinalMouse Air 58 Ninja CBR Edition mouse.

Which monitor does Mr. Fresh Asian use? Mr. Fresh Asian currently uses an Asus ROG Swift PG258Q monitor. Which keyboard does Mr. Fresh Asian use?

What PC does Bagha use?

Which monitor does Bagha use for gaming? Bogha is using Alienware AW2518H with a refresh rate of 240 Hz and 1920×1080 resolution.

Which mouse is Bagha using? Bagha FinalMouse Air 58 uses a CBR with a DPI of 400 and a game sensitivity of 0.13.

Which mouse do FPS professionals use?

A: Many mice are prominent in the FPSES port business.

The most popular are the Zovi FK series, the Logitech G502, the Steel Series Sensei, and the Roger Detector. All of them are used by many pro gamers.

Is the g502 too heavy?

Yes, it is very heavy. I used FN for a year before switching to a G Pro Wireless and you will be amazed at the difference.

Not having an infinite scroll wheel is a downside, but it’s sure to turn into a lightweight mouse for Sever.

Which DPI do most pro gamers use?

Most pro players use a DPI setting in the range of 400 to 800. Let’s explain. When you move, your mouse is registered DPI per second.

Based on this understanding, it is reasonable to assume that higher DPI means you are getting more accurate tracking.


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