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Low on Fund? Here Are The 8 Best HD Video Switchers 2020

Last Updated on June 22, 2020 by admin

Best hd video switchers 2020. Have you ever run a professional television show or one of those people who are live streaming to their favorite media website with the help of simple multi-video camera setup, and then you are just at the right place, my friend.

In this article of mine, I will be reviewing some of the best production switchers in our list, which will make your work much easier and faster than ever.

All the work, such as live editing, mixing, and effects, can be quickly done with these production switchers that I have searched and managed together for you.

All the people who are new to these video switchers might be thinking that what these video switchers are actually, right?

Well, you don’t have to worry at all now, my friends, because before we get onto the review of some of the best video switchers that I searched for you, I will tell what this video switcher exactly is.

Video Switcher

The video switcher is a device that helps. It allows you to bring in multiple feeds such as video camera, audio, presentation slides, etc. and then choose between the feeds that which feed is to be sent live at any given or particular moment of your choice.

If you are in the time to level up your live stream from one camera to another or more than one camera (if you have a multicamera setup), then all of your production setups will add a piece of equipment, that is nothing else but a video switcher.

There are two types of video switchers, and this is the most significant difference between them that whether a video switcher is in the shape of the hardware of software. I will tell you about both of these types in a manner that you get to know them.

The hardware video switchers are in the shape of a physical box that you can touch and carry as well.

These hardware video switchers take in video feeds with the help of direct HDMI or SDI inputs, as well as offer a control panel with some buttons on them, which help you in switching between feeds and to add some production elements.

On the other hand, we have software video switchers. These software video switchers take video camera feeds into a computer with the help of a video capture card. Then it allows you to switch and add production elements on your personal computer.

Both of these hardware video switchers and the software video switchers work flawlessly and significantly, but it depends more on your workflow and your requirements and needs regarding the work you need.

Most of the people and a lot of researchers prefer hardware video switchers over software video switchers. The reason behind this preference is that a production setup does not require a computer that is prone to fall as a victim to some complications and mishaps in the production setup.

Now, without any further wait, I will be providing you with a detailed review of some of the best video switchers that I have searched and managed for you to save your precious time which you might just waste in looking for the best video switcher in the market for hours and days.

8 Best HD Video Switchers In 2020

I have searched some great models for you, which will serve you as relatively basic relays and those as well, which are completely incorporated and contained by complex control panels.

Roland V – 1HD

Best HD Video Switchers

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Do not judge this device from its size, because for how small in size this device is, it is surprisingly and incredibly powerful. Image source: here

This video switcher Ronald V – 1HD makes it very easy for all the users to connect and switch video cameras, smartphones, personal computers, tablets, Blu-ray players as well as other HDMI video services with only a single and simple push of a button or by sliding of the T-Fader on this device.

Roland V-1HD supports video cameras, action cameras, smartphones, tablet computers, and other HDMI devices as well. You get useful and helpful features like picture in picture and split functions.

One of the most impressive facts of this Roland V-1HD is that it is so compact and portable at a great level. You can carry and brink this Roland V-1HD to use it anywhere you want.

You get 4 HDMI input connectors on this impressive and incredible video switcher, and all these HDMI input connectors are compatible with a great variety of types of equipment.

This Roland V-1HD supports great video resolutions of up to 1080p/ 1080i / 720p, and all the devices that can output the same resolution can be input regardless of what type of device that is.

When it comes to a user interface, this Ronald V-1HD is very easy to use, guys. It has large backlit buttons that are designed for intuitive video switching. Even if you are working in a place where there is low light, the backlit buttons will allow you to work easily.

The red-lit buttons are to indicate the current source being output, the green-lit buttons are for the video that will be output on the next transition, and if any button not lit, then it means that there is no video being input to that channel.

The whole user interface is very convenient to the users, and this device overall is just an incredible video switcher, and there is no doubt about it.

Ronald V-1HD stands at the eighth place in this list of the best video switchers.

Sony MCX – 500 4 – Input Global

Best HD Video Switchers

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If you want a device that supports integration with just any Mac, PC, or tablet of your choice, so you don’t need to make any big adjustments to the current workflow of yours other than only adding this resourceful and multitalented piece of hardware to the mix, then you should probably go for the one and only Sony MCX – 500 4 – Input Global video switcher.

This is an affordable, impressively and uniquely user-friendly and a very flexible production switcher/video switcher that makes it very simple for a single operator or a small team to design and produce a great and exceptional broadcast quality live event.

Multiple video inputs in this Sony MCX – 500 include professional 3G-SDI, HDMI, Composite Video plus dedicated DSK; this means that you can mix and match kit as per your needs and requirements for each of your production.

If you want to run the show of your own, then most importantly, you need the controls that suit the way you work, controls that should be intuitive, and yet somehow also fully featured as well. And this Sony MCX has smart controls with configurable LCD touchscreen.

While working on a project on this Sony MCX – 500, you don’t need to worry about swapping out the inputs during production, because this great video switcher features not one, not two but eight video inputs for you to easily accommodate any production from small to medium size.

Inputs of this device include four professional 3G-SDI, 2 of standard HDMI, and 2 of even composite video. It all helps and allows you to connect to a great variety of cameras and other equipment as well.

Sony MCX-500 4 – input global stands at the sixth position in this list of some of the best video switchers.

Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast

Best HD Video Switchers

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This Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast is a great and exceptional video switcher that has 20 12G SDI inputs that makes it one of the very few professional quality products which are capable of handling productions of large scale in a double rack space.

It can easily store up to 32 graphics for rapid live deployment and many other features and capabilities which are worth the price tag this device holds.

The incredible panel of this impressive Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast has the power for the most complex live broadcasting events, and it features an amazing design that you will see that all the controls are positioned just at the place where you need them to be.

Getting all the controls in a perfect position leads to ultimate creativity on complex multi layer live production. You can easily find the controls that you need quickly at your fingertips only.

ATEM switchers are designed to provide you with the most advanced live switching workflow. The control panel for this BlackMagic Design ATEM 2 M/E consists of a separate program and preview buses, and you can use these both together to switch sources quickly and accurately on air.

You get to select your favorite transition because this ATEM hardware control panel provides you with total control over your transitions.

All the creative transitions on this video switcher are instantly available on the dedicated hardware panels, and they include the same cut, mix and wipe transactions that you get to control from the ATEM software control panel as well.

This Blackmagic Design ATEM 2 M/E stands at the fifth position in this list of some of the best video switchers.

SlingStudio Hub HD

Best HD Video Switchers

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This SlingStudio Hub HD is a complete and wireless solution, which is ideal for all the productions where camera operations need as much freedom and flexibility to the extent as possible as needed.

To complete the setup, you will have to invest some money and buy several of the company’s CameraLinks.

This device is the first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform in this industry. SlingStudio Hub HD is greatly portable, affordable, and very easy to use.

There is no doubt that it is considered as one solution for every video need because it allows you to connect a combination of up to 10 smartphones, professional cameras such as DSLR, and camcorders as well.

The robust and great wireless technology from SlingStudio functions with minimal interference at distances long up to 300 feet without using cables. It reduces your setup time greatly.

Some of the great features of this SlingStudio Hub HD is that it weighs under 3 pounds and it is a battery-operated device, it requires no cable to function or perform, it supports full HD quality up to 1080p 60, and it can be used almost anywhere flawlessly.

With just a single touch of a button, you can broadcast all your own personal live switched, multicamera SlingStudio production on social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube in HD quality.

This SlingStudio Hub HD stands at the fourth position in this list of some of the best video switchers.

Convergent Design Apollo Multi-Stream

best video switcher for live streaming

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The Convergent Design has just started its shipping of its Apollo portable HD multicamera recorder/switcher.

The unit can all-together record up to four HD video signals, along with a fifth channel of either a live switch between the four or a quad-split reference view.

Apollo is also capable of functioning as a four-channel live switcher while simultaneously recording the four isolated HD video signals. Apollo is currently the only device of its type or kind which can do both, record multiple HD cameras feeds and also as well as live-switch between them.

All of the recorded cameras feed stays in perfect sync with matching timecode, which allows for the quick turn around of material. A single solid-state drive (SSD) contains all of the multicamera media.

There are two SSD slots available on Apollo, allowing either twice the recording time or mirror recording for the safety backup.

Apollo uses industry-standard 2.5 inch SSD media, which is made by Convergent Design or by the qualified third party manufacturers.

Apollo is available as a standalone unit, but if you are an owner of an Odyssey 7Q or 7Q+, then you can get the same features as a paid upgrade. If you want to, you can also rent a license to use Apollo functionality if you have a specific project which needs it.

Once the Apollo option is loaded to your Odyssey 7Q or 7Q+, then you will need to choose it and reboot the unit before you do anything else.

When it is in Quad Record mode, then you need to set it up, and you have to make sure that all of your cameras are set up to output the same frame rate, and this is important. For example, if you want to record in 25p, then all of your cameras need to be set at 25p.

There has to be either an SDI A or HDMI input, which is going into your Odyssey or Apollo for quad recording to work. Then you have to choose your master’s camera.

Your master camera can be set to come from the SDI A or B or the HDMI input. The master camera will be the camera that supplies the timecode, and if you have your unit set up in camera trigger mode, it will also be the camera that starts and stops all of the recordings.

The Apollo is available as a standalone unit for 3995 US dollars or as an upgrade option to the Odyssey 7Q/7Q+ for 1795 US dollars.

The convergent design multi-system stands at the third position in this list.

Roland VR-4HD All-in-one HD AV Mixer

best video switcher for live streaming

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One of the most leading and dominant trends in the video switcher market is the movement toward smaller, entry level-priced products.

Roland has been ahead of the market in this category, with a range of products that are small and affordably priced also. The latest addition to the family is the VR-4HD High Definition AV Mixer.

This switcher is a superb fit for small churches, and churches want to do a dedicated “broadcast/webcast feed.”

The intuitive control surface and user-friendly menu system make this VR-4HD very easy to use and great for the volunteers.

It is because there are some features in this product that are not typical in the small switcher category.

By just looking at this console, you will see one factor which separates this VR-4HD from many of the other small switchers is that there is a full audio console integrated on the control surface.

Mostly, the audio control is hidden in menu settings or a drop-down, and when you get to it, what you can control is very limited.

It is very rare when video switchers handle more than just program audio, but the VR-4HD has an 18-channel digital audio mixer with XLR, TRS, and RCA jacks with embedded audio from HDMI inputs and also the USB port for Skype audio.

As for the video side, the VR-4HD has three HDMI ports for 1080p, 1080i, and 720p video resolutions. The fourth HDMI input features a scaler which supports both video and computer resolutions, and also analog RGB and components input.

This is surely great for legacy equipment because it does not need an external converter.

Overall, VR-4HD is a great value. It is powerful for a small, entry-level switcher. It comes at a retail price of 2,795 dollars.

Ronald VR-4HD stands at the second position in this list.

Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E Studio 4K

best video switcher for live streaming

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It will be of individual ultra HD inputs, which are built into a 1RU casing.

It supports NTSC/PAL/HD and also ultra HD video formats. The switcher connects to a wide range of cameras and sources, which are delivering a single program stream in SD, HD, or Ultra HD video.

All of this is done live and in real-time with no rendering needed. Not of the input also features its unique frame synchronization, which allows you to use a camera that does not feature Genlock and also input video from computer sources.

It provides eight video outputs that are always active, and it features two SDI and one HDMI Program output, both of them deliver SD/HD/Ultra HD, with one aux SD/HD/Ultra HD output, which can deliver a clean program feed without any downstream effects.

This switcher offers a multi-view monitoring output that features four selectable screen layouts, which make you fast.yers, and also Preview and Program outputs, on one screen at the same time.

It has built-in rack mount ears, which are for mounting in a production road case or a post-production facility.

This Blackmagic Design ATEM 1 M/E stands at the second position in this list.

Roland V-60 HD

best video switcher for live streaming

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Life event production and streaming continue to grow at a very high level, so do the products which are used for this kind of work.

This Roland V-60 HD simplifies, makes your setups very easy, and I cannot forget to mention not, that includes SDI inputs used for sources of the camera and scaled HDMI inputs used for data, computer, tablet, and other video sources as well.

The great, exceptional and incredible combination of powerful audio features such as XLR, RCA analog inputs, multi-channel embedded audio, de-embedded audio from the sources of SDI or HDMI along with it which makes this Roland V-60 an impressive device and ideal for a lot of life event production and applications for streaming as well.

This great V-60 HD device is incredibly portable and small enough that it can be used in multiple locations, such as an office or any outside scheduled meeting location.

You get four SDI inputs and two HDMI inputs on this Roland V-60 HD that are just perfect to switch cameras and the computers as well at the same time for some dynamic presentations.

Not all the cameras can support up to 1080p full HD resolution, so that is why the deinterlacer on the SDI inputs helps and allows you to mix and match 1080i and 1080p HD quality video sources multiple cameras without using any single external converters.

This Roland V-60 stands on the first position in this list of some of the best video switchers.

These were some of the very best video switchers. I hope you will be able to find the best video switchers according to your needs. Thank you for reading to the end.

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