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10 Best LED Continuous Daylight 2024

Each and everything in this world is being upgraded to the very extent to provide the best services and the best convenience to the user, the user means you.

Just like all the other things in the world, products that provide you lighting have also changed a lot. In this modern world, LED lights have become a favorite for many people for house lighting, photography, cinematography, etc.

Before we get started with the review for some of the best continuous LED lights, I should tell you something fundamental about LED lights.

LED Lights

I know that a lot of people reading my article do not know so much about LED, like what does LED stands it? Well, do not worry about all my friends, because I will cover everything for you guys in this article of mine.

LED stands for “light-emitting diode”. A diode is a current switch. It is a process of an electric current that passes through a diode to trigger a reaction that generates a near-heatless light that is called electroluminescence.

Then, a luminescent layer of phosphor covers the entire LED and provides you with impressively bright light.

  • These LED lights consume a meager amount of energy if compared to standard lights
  • This one gives output only a little heat
  • These LED lights can be multi-color as well

I don’t think that it is very much important for you to know the inner workings of these LED lights, so I won’t waste your time talking about it.

If you guys are into cinematography a lot, then I will tell you how these LED lights for video lighting.

Video Lighting

To all the people who think video lighting is the same as the photography lighting, I should clear your concept about this, because video lighting is very different than the photography lighting.

One of those two color models is known as the four-color process, or CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black). This color model had traditionally used for anything in print.

The RGB color model is known as an additive color system. The colors in this model had added, combined, and mixed in various combinations to produce a broad spectrum. In this RGB color model, light blends by superimposing the color beams of red, green, and blue.

At the zero intensity of these three colors, each of these colors appears as black color, while with the full power, they seem to be white.

Most of the LED camera lights and any other sources which emit light, all of them rely on this RGB model.

Whenever you light something, you will have to remember this because the temperature of the color of your lights may not be the same always, and you will have to light based on the sun or the light available at that moment often.

There are a lot of LEDs available in the markets which are bi-color. Having Bi-color LEDs means that you can adjust the color of those best led continuous daylight bulbs with the help of a knob on the back of the fixture. For example, you can change the color of that LED light from red to green.

If you don’t have appropriate lighting, your photography or cinematography may not have captured just the way you want, and it may come blurred with all kinds of noise that ruin your picture. The autofocus feature doesn’t work accurately in low lighting as well.

10 Best LED Continuous Daylight 2024

Now, that is a lot of general talk about the LED lights overall. Now, without any further wait, I should start with the review of some of the best LED lights continuous daylights for you guys.

The following are some of the best led continuous lightings for photography that I have searched and managed to make a list for you.


Best LED Continuous Daylight

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This Nanguang Flexible LED Light Panel CNST288C/2, you will have no further need to buy an external softbox, just because this LED panel photo light itself will provide your photos that soft illumination quality without any harsh glare. Image source: here

You can rotate the rear color knob to customize the light of this NanGuang Flexible LED Light Panel from 3200K to 5600K respectively.

When you use this NanGuang Flexible LED light panel to capture some portraits, you can install it near each other in a 60 x 60 cm set, and all these had supported by a tubular frame and Velcro attachment straps.

On the other hand, there also is a 120 x 30 cm frame in case you want to take some full-length pictures.

This NanGuang Flexible LED light panel weighs only a few hundred grams only, but when these LED panels had installed in the frame, their weight will increase up to almost two kilograms.

Overall, this NanGuang Flexible LED Light Panel is still respectable, and taking into account the big surface area it can cover easily.

  • It has filter-less construction which makes altering of color temperature fast and easy

  • It is space-saving

  • You get one year guaranty with this product

  • The design of this LED light panel is perfect for storing in small places

  • There are no cons to this product.

14 inch LED Ring Light

Best LED Continuous Daylight

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If you guys want to capture some great portrait photos that are very close to true life color, then you should consider and choose this Neewer 14 inch LED Ring Light. These LED lights are highly recommended for all the YouTube bloggers reading my article here.

This Neewer 14 inch LED Ring Light had designed in a way that it perfectly fits small cameras and iPhones. Near 14 inch LED Ring Light is powered up by a battery, and it had regulated by a button for on / off.

The plugin wire of this Neewer 14 inch LED Ring Light is quite short in size. You can switch this Ring light on and adjust its brightness as well.

This impressive, incredible and great Neewar 14 inch LED Ring Light Kit includes some diffusion filters, a camera adapter, an iPhone adapter, a lightweight but tall in size stand, the remote controller of this ring light, and a carry bag.

You would think that this kit would be as big as it contains a lot of equipment in it, but it is small in size, and you will find everything you need there.

All of this complete set doesn’t take up much of your space, and it breaks down very quickly for you.

  • It has a shoe adapter that fits most of the DSLRs

  • This one has a soft tube for free light rotation

  • It has high quality, plastic Color Filters

  • Colour temperature is stable

  • It is eco-friendly

  • This one lacks an instruction manual

Rotolight AEOS

Best LED Continuous Daylight

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This Rotolight AEOS is a light kit that had specially made for studio shooting purposes. Though this kit also has a pair of strong metal handles for if in case you have an assistant who is there to help you out and hold this kit for you.

For more convenient and great shooting, you also get a diameter of 1.4 kg in weight and 30cm in size with this kit.

The maximal power capacity of this Rotolight AEOS is eye-watering, it is 5750 lux at 3ft, and the color temperature of the light sources depends on the warm 3150K color temperature to daylight-balanced 6300K color temperature.

The main advantage of this Rotolight AEOS LED photography lighting kit is the top quality of this product. Also, with this advantage, you get a high color rendering index which is more than 96.

On the rear display, you can easily read such distinctiveness such as current light intensity and color temperature as well. Control dials adjust both of these.

Push the only if you want to get this Rotolight AEOS’s additional features such as High-Speed Sync flash mode and other specific effects that will probably help you to imitate the flickering fire and emergency vehicle lighting as well.

  • The LED lights are very soft

  • It had considered as an ideal for beauty selfies

  • This one is very convenient to transport from one place to another

  • It has several additional filters

  • The extra battery of this device is expensive

Rotolight NEO 2

Best LED Continuous Daylight

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It is the second generation Rotolight NEO model, which is a genuine gamechanger.

The Rotolight NEO 2 had rated for an enormous 2,000 lux maximum brightness at three feet (91.5 cm). I could not match this, measuring a peak of 1,840 lux at 4,000K, but that is still clearly and noticeably brighter than most of the competitors.

The brightness does drop around 1,100 lumens at each end of the 3,150 – 6,300K temperature range, but this is the only problem that I have found.

The dual control dial helps adjusting a plethora of easy-to-set options. Six AA batteries maintain 90 minutes a full power of continuous illuminations, or there is a mains input. You are even able to use the NEO 2 as a flash, with up to 500% more brightness than in continuous mode.

The Rotolight NEO 2 has dimensions of 150 x 45mm, and its weight is 1.293g (boxed)

  • It is simple but powerful controls

  • It offers customizable effects

  • The brightness drops

  • It is expensive

NanGuang CNLUX1600C

Best LED Continuous Daylight

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The NanGuang is offering a power rated at a strong and powerful maximum 1,600 lux, and it is also colour adjustable, with a 3,200 – 5,400K range.

There are two dials which are set light power and color temperature, with one dial, it controls the power of the 3,200K LEDs, and the other helps operate the 5,400K diodes.

If you want to get a color temperature in between, then you will need to balance both the dials, which can be a bit tricky.

Crank both to the max and the LEDs give a 4,100K combined output, which I have measure at a blinding 1,720 lux, even though this does drop to 950 lux with only the 5400K LEDs which are active, and 826 lux at 3,200K.

The light spread is average, which matches the Metz’s 420 lux reading at 30 degrees, but still falling off beyond that.

The dimensions of this are 141 x 95 x 40mm, and its weight is 175g.

  • It offers varied power options

  • It has a high maximum output

  • It has tricky controls

  • There is no low battery shut off

Metz Mecalight L1000 BC

Best LED Continuous Daylight

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The Metz engineers have tuned the Mecalight L1000 BC to result in a consistently high 1,000 lux brightness at one metre from 2,800 through to 5,700K.

And it works, I measured a constant 1,180 lux across the temperature range, and a notable and impressive 420 lux at around 30 degrees off-center.

With given this attention to detail, and the presence of a small OLED display on the back panel.

It is a pity that the color temperature readout is very basic and it had not quoted in Kelvins. Just like the Croma2 (which had mentioned below), power can come from an L-type Li-ion cell or 6 AA batteries, but the latter had inserted in a bulky and it waterproof – holder that sticks out from the back of the panel.

The Metz Mecalight L1000 BC dimensions are 154 x 100 x 460mm, and its weight is 245 g.

  • It offers consistently high output

  • It offers built-in Bluetooth

  • There is a basic temperature readout

  • It has a bulky AA battery holder

Manfrotto Croma2

Manfrotto Croma2

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The Manfrotto Croma2 features adjustable colour temperature, which can gracefully transition from 3,300 to 5,600K.

Both of the temperature and power are adjusted with simple dials and with no scale markings, so repeating the same settings from the shoot after shoot is quite tricky without a light meter.

I have recorded light power figures of 750 lux at 3,300K and 900 Linux at 5,600K. With both the sets of blue and yellow LEDs active at 4,550K, brightness peaks at 1060 lux.

Despite a quoted 50-degree beam angle which is seeming slightly narrow, real-world use demonstrates a decent light spread. The power can come from the mains, or through the two battery options.

The dimensions of Manfrotto Croma2 are 440 x 108 x 170mm, and its weight is 300 g.

  • It has an adjustable colour temperature

  • It offers a good light spread

  • The dials lack scale markings

  • It is a bit expensive

Kaiser SmartCluster Midi

Kaiser SmartCluster Midi

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Rather than using the bulky AA batteries, the Kaiser SmartCluster Midi is powered and equipped by a compact, non-proprietary 1,800mAh li-ion battery which is good for90 minutes of full power illumination.

The battery had also included, as it is a basic hotshoe swivel mount, along with warming and diffusion filters. With a lightning power of just 190 lux at 1 meter, the illumination is noticeable and visibly dimmer the opposition.

The power may be lacking, but the light quality is excellent and attractive, with a measured 5,700K temperature being very close to spec and looking pleasingly neutral.

If you want to light close subjects, or if you are willing to shoot at higher sensitivities to compensate for its low power, the SmartCluster works well.

The dimensions of Kaiser SmartCluster Midi are 115 x 71 x 21mm, and its weight is 135 g (with battery)

  • It is small and light

  • It offers attractive light quality

  • Lacks in power

  • It is restricted to close use

Interfit LM8 600BI

Best LED Continuous Daylight

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It is a studio panel light which had also named as the Studio Essentials 600 Bi-Color in some markets, this 32 x 32cm panel can output 4020 lux at 3 feet, and it offers an adjustable 3200 – 5600K colour temperature.

The dimensions of this Interfit LM8 600BI are 32 x 32 x 8cm and its weight is 2.45 kg.

  • It has a great build quality

  • Offers the variable color temperature

  • Has negotiating price

  • The Rotolight AEOS offers more features

  • Max power could be brighter

Final Words

This LED photo light had created for all those people who like to have complete control over the whole shooting process.

That person should know how to arrange all the lights correctly according to the environment and how to use all the specialized equipment to get the results as you desired.

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