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9 Best Game Console for Kids 2024

All the famous brands of video consoles are available in this article for all aged from three years old kids to adult one, even for the entire family with full of countless fun, including Sony’s DualShock, PlayStation with top virtual quality, the Nintendo Switch that is best for portability or Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Let’s have a full list.

9 Best Game Console for Kids 2024

Here in this article, we listed the top best game console for all ages, either three years old kids or adult one. But, there is also an endless decent collection of the best game console for the family that is available in the market, which would be full of fun for the entire family.

Additionally, their common features, accessories, best-offered games, and cons are also discussed here to make the decision easy for the parents when they go to buy the best game console for a 3-year-old kid, as well as for the entire family.

Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

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Nintendo is among the top games for kid, which is more suitable for less than ten years old kids. Nintendo is well-known for its amazing games with the latest console. Image source: here

The most amazing feature of the Nintendo console is that either you can play it on the big screens, like television, or you can play it on the go by removing it from the switch.

Additionally, you can also remove the controllers or Joycon from the unit, resulting in two players can play once these games. It is a perfect game for those kids who has an elder or younger sister or brother. This game is ideal to play while journeying when your kids getting bored, but don’t forget to take a protection case while traveling.

  • Portable: You can take this console for the trip, as it is easy to carry.

  • A wide range of games: Nintendo has unlimited interesting and fun games that are being released on the e-shop for digital downloading because it has an opened console, which is available for indie developers.

  • There is a feature of parental controls, available in the Nintendo App to watch system usage.

  • Nintendo can’t run always the latest version or high paid game releases. Thus, your child might be disheartening, when his friends are enjoying some big releases by using other platforms that he can’t.

Accessories and features

  1. It comes with two controllers, two wrist straps, HDMI cable, dock, AC Adapter, grip.
  2. Parental control with numeric pins.
  3. Online restrictions of age that are below 13 years old kids.

Some best games of the console: Pokemon, Super Mario Odyssey, Let’s Go Pikachu, Mario Party.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

Best Game Console for Kids

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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console is currently available in two different models, the first one is the slim PlayStation 4, whereas the second one is the PS4 Pro model. PS4 Pro is a more expensive PlayStation 4 model with an HDR TV and 4K support extra features.

Its pro model is a little bit more expansive than a marketed console, but its features are amazing. One of the great features of this console is parental playtime management for their kids, such as customized time spending limits, age levels rating, and the capability of connecting to the web browser.

  • High Processing quality: This console comes with high-quality graphics.

  • Reasonable Price: Most of the games on this console are around $60, so you can enjoy a big collection of games.

  • Blu-Ray format: You can also watch your favorite films and games in the Blu-Ray format.

  • Unable to do Backwards: The PS4 version doesn’t have backward compatibility to play games from the previous levels.

  • Online pay: you need to pay a subscription fee first, whenever you want to play online games with your friends for this console.

Accessories and features

  1. a) A power cable, a USB cable, a controller, and an HDMI cable.
  2. b) Parental control with the passcode system.
  3. c) Online age limit restrictions that are below than 7 years old kids.

Xbox One S 1TB Console – Starter Bund

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Xbox One Console also has two different models. The pro version of Xbox One is more advanced. But, the Xbox One S version also has all the basic gaming features a kid might wish.

This console comes with a large variety of games with the parental controls. The broad content of games can be toggle between a “young child” and a “teenaged child”, according to their accessibility.

This is also featured to limit the platform to use only the free games. The remote configuration allows you to set the playtime limits through your smartphone, laptop, tablet and computer.

Accessories and features

  1. A power cable, a power brick, HDMI cable, a controller, and a headset.
  2. Parental control with a PIN.
  3. The online age limitation of below than 8 years old kids.

Best games of this console: Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Kingdom Hearts 3, Spyro Trilogy, Super Lucky’s Tale.

  • Voice Commands on Features: this console has voice commands over many features.

  • Batteries Life of Controller: The battery life of controllers is beyond your expectation that is too long.

  • No capability of backward generation: in this console, you can play games only from the last generation, and not from the previous generations.

  • Expensive service: usually the prices online services, as well as the games of this console are much expensive than you expect.

Price: currently not available.

Nintendo Switch Lite – Yellow

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Yellow Nintendo switch lite console is an easy to carry and portable console. The small size, yellow color, and lightweight make it more diligent than other gaming consoles. You can bring this console anywhere by carrying it even in your pocket.

It has integrated plus control design like a pad. Yellow Nintendo switch lite console supports the handheld mode because it is compatible with the physical, as well as digital Nintendo Switch games.

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Accessories and features

  1. a) No parental control.
  2. b) No online age limitation. It recommends for all ages of peoples, and every member of the family. But, it is best for the kids who are below 9 years.

Best games of this console: The yellow Nintendo Switch lite’s best games included Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Mario Odyssey.

  • It is a small and pocket-size console,

  • It can bring to anywhere, and can carry even in the pocket.

  • Unibody design with sleek features.

  • There is no parental control.

  • This console doesn’t come with various gaming accessories.

  • There is no parental control for the kids.

Microsoft Xbox One X white limited edition 1TB

Microsoft Xbox One X white limited edition 1TB

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Microsoft Xbox One X white limited edition 1TB is a powerful console. This console has enhanced the quality of games with a wireless controller.

Not only this, but its high-quality gaming capability also makes the stream full of HDR. The games of this console are more than 40% of power than other consoles. You can enjoy a true 4K game while using these gaming consoles.

Additionally, it is also compatible with Spotify, thus, it is capable of playing the live streaming of 4K video. You can enjoy 4K video live streaming and movies with your friends and family on Netflix.

Moreover, this gaming console also offers to play Blu-ray movies with your kids, especially animated films to spend more time with your family. The Xbox live also offers to play online with your friends at a time if they are far apart from you.

Accessories and features

  1. a) You can restrict the platform of this console to access any free applications.
  2. b) Microsoft Xbox One X has parental control through a PIN.
  3. c) This game console recommends for the kids who have 7 years old.
  4. d) Xbox One S 1TB Console comes with a wireless Controller, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold,3 months of Xbox Game Pass, an HDMI cable with 4K Capability, and an AC power Cable.

Best games of this console: Xbox One offers over 1,300 amazing games which included 200 console exclusives, today’s blockbusters, and 400 Xbox classics.

  • The capability of the 4K video live to stream and watch Netflix shows through this gaming console.

  • This game console is best for a long term time spending with family and friends, as much as you have expected from a gaming console.

  • There is a voice command which accesses most of the features on this gaming console.

  • The fastest game console that offers to play through the gaming network with teammates. It is competing with the global gaming community

  • One of the best features is that it has an Xbox Live Gold creditability that offers the users to play three to four games in every month, as it has the premium offers which allow you to play without paying any extra cost.

  • This gaming console doesn’t offer the backward compatibility, thus, you can’t play from the previous version, just start play from the last generation.

  • The price of the games for this gaming console is very high.

Price: currently not available.

Xbox Wireless Controller – Blue

best game console of all time

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Microsoft has released an endless upgrade of the Xbox One controller. Xbox Wireless Controller – Blue is one of its variations. These gaming consoles models come with different generations just like others. Apart from this, the Xbox Wireless Controller console also has many other unbelievable features that a kid would like to have in his gaming console platform.

This model of Xbox has more powerful features than other models due to which it is also much expensive than others. This gaming console has Xbox wireless controlled game platform which has complete parental control.

It offers a wide range of libraries of different amazing games. This gaming console has Bluetooth technology that supports this platform to play your favorite games on the smartphone, laptop, and all the computers which have Windows 10 operating system. This gaming console also enables you to play the game with more than two people at once on a full HD split monitor.

Accessories and features

  1. a) Xbox One S 1TB Console comes with a wireless Controller, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, 3 months of Xbox Game Pass, an HDMI cable Capable of 4K, and an AC power Cable.
  2. b) This gaming console has Bluetooth technology that supports playing games on smartphones, Windows 10 computers, and laptops.
  3. c) This gaming console recommends for 7 years, old kids.

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Best games of this console: The best games of this gaming platform included LEGO game collection, call of duty, Disney Infinity Three, Minecraft, Gears of War 4, Wars Battlefront superstars, and Plants vs. Zombies.

  • Compatible with Xbox One S, Windows 10, Xbox One X, Xbox One.

  • Compatible with Netflix.

  • You can watch the 4K Blu-ray format of movies.

  • Suitable for the long-term games and live streaming, as much as your expectation.

  • Sleek design.

  • This console comes without backward compatibility, so you cannot play from the previous generations, and just able to play from the last generation.

  • The games for this platform cost a very expensive rate.

  • Uncontrollable drifting.

Price: currently not available.

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition

best game console of all time

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LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition build-in a super sensitive touch screen. Thus, it is very easy to use especially for young kids. It is customized access to the internet connection that your kids like, so you can do a couple of modifications to this console. Yet, still, this gaming console is very plug-and-play.

There is a wide collection of pre-installed applications in this device that is suitable for your kids. Through the setup Wi-Fi, your kids can easily access the internet connection. However, you can connect only to pre-authorized websites.

You can also shop through the Amazon App Store, but your kids can’t enjoy the YouTube Kids app, as well as Google Play. You can access a vast variety of children’s content, as well as subscription services, such as Netflix.

The LeapFrog apps also have parental control, so you can set a time limit, and also extend it. However, you cannot re-categorize your kid’s applications within the parental settings.

Accessories and features

  1. a) It comes with a permanent protection case and a 3-month free trial of LeapFrog Academy.
  2. b) It has parental control with preset Androids game and time limits.
  3. c) One of the best gaming console for 6-year-old.
  • It is more affordable to buy and more durable to use.

  • It helps to learn your kids more funs on the go.

  • This console comes with a permanent protection case.

  • All the applications are knowledgeable and kid-friendly.

  • Many users can play at once.

  • The graphics quality of this gaming console is not as good as should be.

DualShock 4

best game console of all time

DualShock 4 is the single upgraded gaming console of the Sony Company. This console is perfect for every age group of people with a large controller that is a PS4 controller. This gaming console is the best. It is up to you, either want to play action games, puzzle games or go on third-person adventures.

It’s accessible in a variety of colors. There are a few weaknesses in this console that as its low battery lifespan. Despite that, it runs the platform from 8 to 10 hours. Additionally, its Controls and Transfer keys are too-stiff.

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Features and accessories

  1. a) Two-point touchpad, light bar, vibration, extension port, built-in mono speaker, stereo headset jack, USB (micro b).
  2. b) A complex sensing system of six-axis motion in which the three-axis is gyroscope and three-axis are accelerometers.
  3. c) Built-in a high power lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
  • The battery life of this gaming console is approximately 8 to 9 hours.

  • It can also work with fiver TV stick

  • It is more affordable than another brand, more comfortable to use, and robust.

  • The touchscreen is shtick

  • The position of the “option” and “share” buttons is not perfect.

JAMSWALL Classic Handheld

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The JAMSWALL Classic Handheld gaming console comes with a wide collection of 400 amazing games that will be satisfactory for the entire family. The whole can play a variety of games as they desire. It comes with a vibrant LCD touch screen that offers you a full HD-quality gaming and video playing that also supports AV performance.

The design is very slim that you can carry it all anywhere even in the pocket. Portable to any place. This gaming console is a compact handheld with a small body. The JAMSWALL feature is perfect to relax your mind in stress.

You can play anytime, anywhere, and entertain your child. The console has a large LCD of 2.8-inch which can pair to the Television with the help of an AV output. At once, you can play along with your kid through this gamepad.

Accessories and features

  1. a) The large size of the screen is 2.8″.
  2. b) Built in over 400 games for all ages.
  3. c) Battery timing is good which is up to 5-hours
  4. d) A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery of 800mAh is available.

Best games of this console: the best games included Sports, Arcade Retro Games, Puzzle, Logic & Mathematics, Chess, Action, Driving, Shooting, Cannabis, Strategy, Card Games, and Adventure.

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  • It has a collection of classic NES games at an affordable price.

  • Pocket size console that is also portable.

  • It can connect with television through an AV output.

  • Battery life is good.

  • Accessible and Classical.

  • The speaker could be better.


There is a wide range of the best video game console, which is available in the market. The best game console for 3-year-old kids must have parental control in age limitation with the password system.

So, the best game console for the family should have full of fun with full HD, such as Netflix and Windows supported console to watch shows online, and amazon supported to shop online for the kids, friends, and family.

Which one is the best video game console for your kids?

Now a day, when everything in the World has modernized, the playing style of kids is also modernized. They usually like to play with computers and smartphones, like playing video games, watching animated movies, etc.

For this purpose, there is a vast variety of best game console of all time available in the market, but how do you know which gaming console the best choice is for your kids? Probability, best video game console must tend to pull your kid to play for more knowledge.

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The best game console for kids is that, through playing with them, your kids can learn more. It should be helpful in their studies.

Your kids will play more than you by playing with these gaming consoles. So the best video gaming console should also have endless fun, suited for the expectations that you like to set for your kids.


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