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How To Copy a DVD to Another DVD in Windows 10?

As we know, online streaming services has widely used by millions of people. Despite this, many people still prefer to use DVDs for watching movies, translocation of data, etc.

In case of sensitive types of equipment or to avoid their devices from the virus. However, you might be face problems of damages of DVDs or it becomes unplayable.

How To Copy a DVD to Another DVD in Windows 10

To save your data from these problems, you need to make a copy of these DVDs.

Here are some easy methods that can help you to make a copy of the DVD.

  • First of all, you need to make a copy of your disc, based on Windows 10. For doing so, you need to download, and then launch the Wondershare DVD Creator program. At the initial interface, click on the More DVD Tools button.
  • Now then, select the option of DVD to DVD, so that a new window will be open to copy the disc.
  • Afterword, insert the desired DVD that you want to copy its content and then select this DVD as Source. Now, insert another DVD or Target DVD, where you want to copy your source DVD.
  • In case of only one DVD drive available on your computer, then you need to just put into the Source DVD. After that, move forward with this DVD.
  • Once the DVD burns, it will automatically eject from the PC. Now then, you can insert the Target DVD to complete the remaining steps.
  • Now select the option of the Output type, Copy mode, Disc Label for the new DVD. According to your need, select the settings for the DVD. Before making a copy of your DVD, please check the compatibility with your DVD or TV player.
  • Select the copy mode as the Custom Mode for your DVD which will allow you to make it suitable for your DVD.
  • Next, then click on the More Information option, locates at the right-bottom of that window. As a result of which a pop-up window for the selection will appear. Here you need to select Audio, DVD Chapters, Subtitle, and preview in real-time.
  • Once you complete the selection of all your desire settings and options. You have to recheck it once more. Finally, click on the Start button, which results to copy that DVD. It takes usually few minutes to copy on the new one.

Other option to copy a DVD

Copy a DVD to Another DVD in Windows 10

By using Nero 9

The Nero suits offer an advanced copying program to copy your DVDs, CDs, and other removable hard discs. It has some basic features with some variation in the final format.

Coping of the disc is free of cost for the Windows 10 operating system. Instead of this, it comes with good feedback, and an understandable user interface on its copy progress.

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Using Any DVD Copy system

The Any DVD Copy program allows your clone DVD, based on Windows 10 with in-built decryption features. It is an easy program and allows a copy of various commercial DVDs.

The copied DVD to DVD feature is much pretty easy in the Windows 10 operating system. Additionally, it also can convert the DVD format into the varieties of five other formats, such as M4V, MP4, and MKV.

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Using 123 Copy DVD software

The 123 Copy DVD is a software that used to make copies of a DVD to the Windows 10 computer. You can also burn this copy again to another DVD if you want to copy it. It has a simple user interface.

You can successfully make a copy of your DVD, based on Windows 10 in your first attempt. However, in the free version, Blu-ray functionality is not available.


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