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15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

Last Updated on September 10, 2021 by William John

Since its inception in 2012, one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency exchanges is Coinbase. Here I listed the 15 best Coinbase alternatives in 2021.

The exchange has a huge following with about 56 million registered users and an annual trading volume of $335 billion.

Things to know before choosing Coinbase alternatives

When searching for the right exchange, these are some things that one should keep in mind:

  • Security: Your trades, purchases, withdrawals, etc need to be safe and secure.
  • Fee structure: Every exchange keeps an amount from the trade their users make. It is only a matter of how reasonable those amounts are.
  • User interface: The exchange needs to be user-friendly so their customers and clients can find and use things easily.
  • The number of cryptocurrencies available: The more the better.
  • Payment methods: An exchange should offer its users methods of payments that are flexible.

With that being said, just like all cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase has its flaws as well. Some of them include:

High fees

The amount charged by Coinbase is higher compared to other exchanges. It also charges around 0.5% of the crypto trades although the rates may vary.

Small altcoin selection

Coinbase does not offer many altcoins. However, it does offer enough to get newbies started on their crypto journies.

Traders that are deeply invested in cryptocurrency trading are frequently dissatisfied with the possibilities provided.

Lack of control

One of the most prominent issues with the exchange is that it does not allow its users to control their wallet keys which control the wallets the cryptocurrency is stored in.

In simple words, Coinbase fails to provide its users the control over their assets.

15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021

Given below are 15 alternatives to Coinbase.


binance - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

Binance happens to be one of the most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges throughout the globe and an easy alternative to Coinbase.

The service offers more than 500 coins which is a good thing for newbies who want to try their luck in the crypto world.

Binance allows its users to buy and trade crypto through debit and credit cards, P2P trading, and wire transfers.

Staking, savings, crypto loans, and smart pools are just a few of the features that set the exchange apart from many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Furthermore, what appeals to many traders is that Binance charges a fee of only 0.1%. The fees may vary for each currency.

  • Very low fee percentages
  • Friendly user interfaces.

  • Multiple payment methods.

  • Poor customer service.
  • Security threats.

Link: Here


kraken - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

Kraken is probably the most secure and resilient cryptocurrency exchange that one could hope for. Its secut=rity features are numerous which include two-factor authentication, master keys, and email supports.

Other than that, the exchange offers its users leverage of 2-5 ties with their margin tradings, which gives them a chance to increase their earning potentials.

Kraken Terminal and Cryptowatch also attract a large number of traders.

The former gives its users access to order books, price charts, and live trade feeds. The latter allows features such as automated trading, technical analysis, etc.

The fee percentage of Kraken is 0.9%for any stable coin, and 1.5% for cryptocurrencies.

  • Safest crypto exchange.
  • 5X leverage for margin trading.

  • High liquidity.

  • Slow verification processes.
  • Phone applications are not available.

Link: Here


Kucoin - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

This exchange offers more than 200 cryptos and 40 fiats. Not only that, but Kucoin offers an extremely low fee percentage for the maker as well as the taker fees.

  • The extremely low fee percentage.
  • Secure and reliable.

  • Accepts multiple FIAT currencies.

  • Customer service is not satisfactory.

Link: Here

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Gemini - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

Gemini is an excellent choice for new traders because it provides a user-friendly and safe interface.

Multiple buying and selling options are available, as well as a digital hot wallet for sending and receiving tokens.

It has various distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from other stock exchanges.

Customers can receive interest on their net balance on specific cryptocurrencies, such as DAI and Filecoin, through the Gemini Earn program.

Many retail investors and fund managers are interested in third-party integration since it provides public API keys to connect to various software solutions.

  • Secure.
  • User-friendly interface.

  • Limited crypto to buy.
  • Requires personal information for certain processes.

Link: Here


CEX.IO  - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

For its traders, CEX.IO offers spot trading with the option of margin trading for more experienced traders.

The trading platform provides up to 100x leverage, which is enticing to many traders hoping to make large profits.

Furthermore, the exchange offers a staking option for earning income on your cryptocurrency holdings.

The crypto loans feature also allows users to lend or borrow cryptocurrency from other users.

All of these capabilities, when combined with the CEX.IO mobile app, make CEX.IO one of the best Coinbase alternatives.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Several trading pairs are offered.

  • Friendly customer care.

  • Limited crypto to buy.
  • Comparatively higher fees.

Link: Here


Etoro scaled - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    • Timely withdrawals.
    • Timely verification process.

    • High initial deposit.

    Link: Here


    Bittrex - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    • Extremely secure.
    • Straightforward trading.

    • Comparatively higher fees.
    • Poor customer service.

    Link: Here


    Robinhood - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    Robinhood has no costs for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, which makes it very appealing to beginning traders.

    • User-friendly mobile app.
    • No trading fees.

    • Tradings in Cryptos, ETFs, and Stocks are supported.

    • No digital wallet.
    • Only seven cryptocurrencies are available.

    Link: Here


    Bitfinex - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    Bitfinex offers 3.3x leverage margin trading as well as Over Counter (OTC) crypto trading.

    On Bitfinex, futures are also available.

    • Reasonable fee structure.
    • Features several cryptocurrencies.

    • High liquidity.

    • Not a good choice for newbies.
    • Security concerns.

    • Limited for US citizens only.

    • Credit/debit card deposits are not accepted.

    Link: Here


    Bitmex - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    • Extremely low trading fees.
    • Highly secure.

    • No fees for deposits or withdrawals.

    • Futures and derivates are available.

    • Not a good platform for beginners.
    • Not available in several countries including the US.

    • Does not support FIAT deposits/withdrawals.

    Link: Here


    webull - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    Webull is known for its commission-free cryptocurrency trading, which is open to traders 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Another appealing feature is that consumers can trade with a $1 minimum investment.

    Using a margin trader account, users can get up to 4x day-trade and 2x overnight buying power.

    Webull’s ecosystem allows you to trade stocks, ETFs, options, and crypto all in one location, which is a significant plus for cryptocurrency traders.

    Webull currently only supports a small number of coins.

    • Trading is commission-free.
    • Secure and reliable.

    • Beginner-friendly.

    • No minimum deposit is required.

    • Limited cryptocurrencies are available.

    Link: Here


    crypto - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    Crypto.com not only makes it easy to purchase and trade cryptocurrencies, but it also allows you to earn money by depositing cryptocurrency and earning 8% interest.

    • Offers several promotions/discounts.
    • High-speed trading.

    • Provides returns on crypto deposits.

    • The two-token system might be confusing.
    • Not transparent.

    Link: Here

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    Bitstamp - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    Bitstamp lets customers trade quickly with USD and Euros by offering over 21 cryptocurrencies to purchase and sell.

    It has a user interface that displays important information including buy/sell orders, indications, and volume.

    • Secure and reliable.
    • Accepts several Fiat currencies.

    • Excellent customer service.

    • Limited cryptocurrencies.
    • Not a good platform for newbies.

    Link: Here


    Voyager - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    The Smart Order Routing technology from Voyager makes comparing prices and placing orders a breeze.

    The app has a good selection of over 50 cryptocurrencies and tokens, including those that are only available on the app or are difficult to obtain on other exchanges.

    When you add in commission-free trades, you’ve got yourself a very good platform for your crypto trading needs.

    Even though it is not as high as in other services, it is a useful feature to have in any case.

    • User-friendly interface.
    • Trades are commission-free.

    • Multiple cryptocurrencies are available.

    • Available in the US only except New York.
    • No desktop service is available.

    • Long verification processes.

    • Coin to coin trades is not available.

    Link: Here


    IDEX - 15 Best Coinbase Alternatives 2021 [ Lists ]

    In the crypto realm, IDEX is one of the most up-to-date DEX (Decentralized exchange systems).

    It was launched in 2016 and allows for real-time trading and the management of many trades at the same time.

    • Secure and reliable.
    • User-friendly interface.

    • Users enjoy complete control.

    • Mobile app not available.
    • Limited assets.

    • No discount on volumes.

    Link: Here

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