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Top 10+ Best Fighting Games 2024 for PS4

A sport that leaves you impressed when, in full, ‘zapping,’ and see two guys, or two rude women, covered in blood while they squirm on the ground, with the veins marked on their foreheads, with faces of ‘I’m going to kill you.’

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Top 10+ Best Fighting Games 2024 for PS4



UFC 3 is an ideal game for UFC lovers and fight lovers in general. The career mode is entertaining.

The game contains a mixed martial arts championship. The same to this the well-known Conor McGregor belongs, that guy who was beaten to death by Floyd Mayweather.

The UFC is a competition that, in the eyes of the unsuspecting, is wild. It involves kicks, fists, and scrambling.

It is that sport that leaves you impressed when, in full, ‘zapping,’ and see two guys, or two rude women, covered in blood while they squirm on the ground, with the veins marked on their foreheads, with faces of ‘I’m going to kill you.’

UFC 3 is not like Dragon Ball Fighter Z. His spirit is not that of an arcade. It is a simulator. The idea is that you feel every blow to your bones, feel the blood on the forehead of the containers and, you have to think about each movement before executing it.

Behind the apparent toast of the UFC, elaborate techniques and strategies are hidden. The first time you play it, if you’re a virgin in the UFC leadership, you will understand very little.


  • Real player motion technology.
  • New cutting-edge animation with more realistic and responsive visuals.
  • Multiplayer mode.

The graphic recreation of the contests is, as far as possible, spectacular. The modeling of the different fighters available stands out for its impressive realism.

They are the protagonists, and it was expected that attention to detail would be guaranteed.

The soundtrack is in tune with the high level of quality shown by the title in its technical section. The music is consistent with the sport, and the sound effects are correct to print realism.

Your movements look natural. The experience is photorealistic and if you like this, UF will make your mouth water.

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Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a curious action and survival video game in which, embodying some nice and colorful characters, you will try to assassinate and attack your rivals.

The game places special emphasis on multiplayer and the most varied scenarios, such as cornices and scaffolding at heights, battles on trucks, and subway stations.

In Gang Beasts you can face up to four players, controlling small fighters with a select squad of movements ranging from punches and kicks to grips and submissions.

The scene of the fighting is in the fictional city of Beef City, whose maps are simple but unpredictable.

The game gives you the option to customize your character thanks to the combinations of costumes, and start a fight full of punches, kicks, and throws of unsuspecting enemies.

Gang Beasts offers different scenarios where to execute your opponents independently, from burning wells to gigantic industrial fans.


  • Multiplayer game mode with real physics law.
  • Quick and fun gameplay.
  • Imprecise controls with the stunning fighting environment.

Use your technique, hit, or combo that you can think of, and all the elements of your environment are there to harm or to be done to you. Take advantage of your skills in Gang Beasts all taking into account what physics and its laws say about the movement.

And these are important: it doesn’t matter so much how good you are controlling your player because there is always something that will destabilize you, such as a simple slip.

What counts is how creative you are when it comes to crushing your opponent. It becomes a perfect game even for those who are not very used to playing where everyone will have a good time.

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The King of Fighters XIV

The King of Fighters XIV

The King of Fighters XIV is a complete video game, with 50 fighters, a solid game system, and a wide variety of online and offline game modes that make it a highly recommended option for fans of this, but also those curious about the genre.

This is a deep video game that, however, is friendly to novice players, whom you treat with love giving them the illusion that, with little expertise, they have achieved spectacular moves worthy of a professional player. The key is in the implementation of a combo that is executed by pressing the box.

It moves like a slap on the back of SNK to novice players, a way of saying; look what you can do with a single button, now imagine what you could do when you learn to run a super after a climax cancel.

King of Fighters XIV does not skimp on lessons for the neophytes to achieve the task: the game has 33 basic mini-lessons, as well as a training mode that can even be played online, ideal for practicing with a friend or receiving lessons from a professional.


  • 3D evolution with whole new dimensions.
  • Max mode mechanics to create a fighting environment.
  • The game includes an original Japanese voice.

The goodness of King of Fighters XIV with the rookies, several professional players expressed their pleasure in the game.

Among the modified aspects in this, the coincide is the speed of the title, which they refer to as slower compared to past iterations such as The King of Fighters XIII.

The changes implemented in the game, however, are acknowledged as good things. King of Fighters XIV has a high level of graphic detail, and the gameplay runs at a constant 60 frames per second.

However, one of the aspects of The King of Fighters series is the use of sprites, This is in King of Fighters XIV reached a really surprising level of detail.

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Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown is a three-dimensional game in which you can control Haohmaru, Nakoruru, and other characters in Samurai Shodown. Your goal will be to defeat the evil Shiro Tokisada Amakusa.

The Samurai Shodown control is comfortable and intuitive, with the virtual stick of movement on the left of the screen and the action buttons on the right. Also, in the upper left, you will have a button with which you can change the character in the middle of the action.

The story mode of Samurai Shodown will take you through lots of different scenarios in this you can see the faces of hundreds of enemies of all kinds.

As you defeat some bosses, you can also add them to your cast of characters. The game contains an outstanding graphics section, offering a fun and satisfying gaming experience.

Making ‘combos’ with some of the characters in the game is a real joy. It is mainly due to a precise control system and well-adapted visuals.


  • High an intense single battle game.
  • Cinematic art style with fighting mechanics.
  • Revolutionary AI systems.

In the story mode for you, you can also play multiplayer dueling games with a friend via Bluetooth.

Samurai Shodown has multiple difficulty levels, 15 selectable characters, support for the global leaderboard, two added buttons, and an SP button to elaborate complex attacks more easily

A thrilling fighting game where the characters left the most typical melee of games to face directly with white weapons. And the cast of characters boasts many of these weapons, all of the Japanese traditions the best fighting games for androids.

Characters like Haohmaru, Gen-An, or Nakoruruthey delight the fans of the explosive combination of buttons, having added more characters to this as well as including the option of incorporating more combat techniques and also increasing the number of movements available, makes Samurai Shodown even more interesting for those who have always enjoyed the fighting series.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV is the fourth installment of the saga with its 3D graphics. There is no doubt that the classic Street Fighter IV was key to revitalizing the passion for fighting games.

The game contains arcade mode fighting games that are unlocked from the beginning. We can play against both artificial intelligence and other players. The game will also keep track of all your matches and your scores.

The game contains a new fighter with a reinterpretation of Cammy, both in look and in the list of attacks, although those of the new girl characters have a more strategic touch than aggressive, especially her list of Scramble strokes disappears for a moment and reappears varying its attack depending on the button pressed.

These fighters have their story mode, with an initial and final anime scene. Regarding the rest of the wrestlers the touch-ups in their performance, based on how many millions of suggestions from fans, make the fight against them have a different point compared to previous deliveries.

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  • Five new characters with new skills and abilities.
  • The new battle environment with more quality visuals.
  • Balance street fighting game.

When Ultra Street Fighter IV came out, five new characters were added and redesigned from scratch in addition to extras such as the bonus phases. There was a new stretched gum mode. The menus, the voices of the narrator, and the background music.

The original intention for the individual player for enjoying the game interface is the Survival mode, with no time trial, or anything similar. Only Arcade, Versus, Training, and the challenges that were imposed against players who have been practicing is a work of perseverance and patience.

Ultra Street Fighter IV takes as a great game, crammed with great characters to discover and with a technical and playable quality beyond any doubt.

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Tekken 7 is a video game developed and produced by Bandai Namco, for PS4 consoles.

The new title of the renowned fighting saga will arrive with only possible graphics thanks to the Unreal Engine 4 engine and will include new characters such as Claudio and Katarina.

Also, you will be able to enjoy new game modes such as the Power Clash mode which will make you receive blows without effects but with consequences on health, and the Rage Arts mode, which will make you enter into a state of offensive rage when your health goes down in addition to unlocking movements Special for each player.

The game will show all the mechanics already seen in the series, in addition to incorporating new ones such as rage arts and recovering some views in other games such as the destruction of scenarios.

Otherwise, the game continues to show a lot of movements and combos that you can perform using a remote control or an arcade stick.

History will take you to know the mysterious events that have been happening in the Mishima clan and will serve as a conclusion to the fighting games plot.


  • Tekken 7 contains a new benchmark for graphical fidelity.
  • Cinematic action battles.
  • 3D transition in a street fight.

In the most basic, the approach has not changed: you have before one-on-one fighting in which, although most of the time you move in 2 dimensions, you can also move in-depth to dodge attacks and prepare a surprise blow.

Unlike other titles in the genre, projectiles or magic do not abound here, but everything depends much more on melee, combos, and dams.

Tekken 7 has always been a game specially designed for skilled players, who thoroughly investigate the complete catalog of strokes of each fighter, and these attacks are “easy,” especially if you take into account that they are activated by simply pressing a trigger.

There is no doubt that Rage Art provides the most impressive hits in the game.

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Brawlhalla is a 2D fighting video game with touches of platforms you can have played both online and local with support for up to eight players. The video game, which makes elements of the brawler genre its own, presents different game modes, characters, and humor elements.

Brawlhalla contains new legends, Finn the human, Jake the Dog, and Princess Bubblegum available to fight in Brawlhalla.In addition to the new legends, Brawlhalla is updated with the new Amigo game mode, which looks like a closed stage with no falls.

We can choose from 40 fighters, each with their specific weapons such as guns, spears, axes, etc. But the thing does not remain there since constantly, gadgets fall from the sky with which to make your rival’s live impossible to take them off the stage and win the game.

Brawlhalla has several game modes ranging from the classic 1 vs. 1 to an all against all with a limit of 8 players.

Another feature of the game is that every week they rotate both characters and game modes and gadgets. You assume that fighting games will also be maintained in the Xbox One version which is pretty simple like the best fighting games for android.


  • Brawlhalla is 8 player fighting game.
  • You can enjoy 2v2 fights in Brawlhalla.
  • Three-game tournament series.

Brawlhalla is very similar to what can have found in the Super Smash game. Each of the protagonists, and fighters, of the game, has a particular style, which encourages you to play very differently depending on who you are playing with.

Adventure Time in Brawlhalla is available, so you can play as Finn, Jake, and their friends against the other characters in the game.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz

Dragon Ball Fighterz

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a 2D arcade fighting video game. The game offers combats with classic flavor but is very spectacular since it includes 3D elements such as the final attacks, special movements, and different animations to mimic as much as possible the animation style of the anime.

Among its novelties, it will include a combat system of 3 vs. 3 characters on the screen very similar to that seen in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

One of the greatest novelties of fighting games and detail that makes it very special is that Akira Toriyama, the original creator of Dragon Ball, has designed a completely new character.

Fighting games are an android enmity with Dr. Gero, who denies the Red Ribbon Army, and who has an intellect that rivals Gero’s. You do not know if you will be a friend or enemy of Goku and his friends.

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  • Simple controls for joy.
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z allows you to train and master fighting style.
  • High-end anime graphics.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z includes a huge amount of configuration options so that you can train in the conditions that you want, being able to decide the behavior of the AI, if there is automatic regeneration of Ki bars or not if the mechanics of the Dragon Balls.

You can see many useful facts about your combos and blows, such as the damage they do or the time they stun the opponent before you regain control of the character and can defend or counterattack.

Dragon Ball FighterZ had 24 characters in the initial template. With the arrival of the second season, more characters were confirmed that could be achieved through the season pass. Some of them are the GT version of Goku, Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue, and Broly.

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Injustice 2

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 for PS4 is the return of the fighting game that confronts all DC heroes with each other. This time they return fighters like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman, but there is news like Batgirl.

New super movements and crashes are added, but the great novelty is the system of rising levels and configuration of the fighters, fighting games challenges you to continue advancing.

The story of Injustice 2 takes place after the events of the first game, in the same parallel universe of DC Comics.

After finishing with Superman and the High Councilor of the first game, Batman’s insurgent army tries to restore order in the world, while what remains of the powerful Kryptonian regime tries to return to power.

Characters from the first game such as Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Robin, Harley Quinn, Bane, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern will return and new ones will arrive, such as Atrocitus, Blue Beetle, Deadshot, Gorilla Grodd, Supergirl, Darkseid, Poison Ivy and as the main villain, Brainiac.

In the same way, other characters have been confirmed that will be playable through skins of some already existing, such as John Stewart, Flash Reverso, and Power Girl.

The combat system of Injustice 2 contains a combos system the scenarios are still interactive, with transitions between different states, and there are times when superheroes collide, and we will have to press the Suitable buttons to get an advantage.


  • You can evolve and customize your characters in Injustice 2.
  • Enjoy the iconic battle location of Gotham City and Atlantis in-game.
  • Choose the characters from the DC universe.

The maximum level of a character is 20, and on the way to that maximum level of experience, you will increase skills and get new items of greater or lesser rarity, with fighting games to choose which abilities to enhance.

There will be more than 1,000 combinations per character, to the ability to customize your visual appearance.

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Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is a fighting game that keeps up the good pace of previous deliveries. Fighting games is that they are Kombates with capital K.

Mortal Kombat 11 keeps everything good with a very balanced 2D fight but is oriented so that almost anyone can dare to play some games without being a “crack” of the genre and expands it with more characters and options, in addition to a first-level technical section.

The Kombates are again based on more or less conventional fighting divided into two rounds and, in the latter, as is tradition, you can humiliate your rival with the corresponding Fatalities, to fighting games you can now add the Brutalities and Mercy.

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Also, the interactive elements of the scenarios are maintained so that sometimes you can throw objects at the enemy, use them to catapult themselves to another place in the fight or scrub the opponent against a cactus to make the extra pupil-like the best fighting games for Android.


  • You can customize the fighter in Mortal Kombat 11.
  • New graphics engine to feel the fight.
  • Mortal Kombat 11 contains a cinematic story mode.

The story of Mortal Kombat 11 continues after the events with Liu Kang or Kitana have moved to the “dark side,” and Raiden has bent Shinnok. The extreme actions of Raiden provoked Kronika, a deity enlarged of time control, to decide to take action on the matter and manipulate the temporal flow to create a new era at will.

In addition to who acts as the final boss in both the Komo story in Torres mode, there are 3 other new characters: Geras, Cetrion, and Kollector, a kind of thief with 4 arms. By the way, Shao Kahn is in the game, but only for users who would have booked it.

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