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10 Best Fitness Armbands 2024 ( List )

We’ve worked with over a dozen of the best fitness armbands to find the perfect model for you.

Those who are seasoned marathoners or walk every day before sunrise, all need a place to stash their phone, and a fitness armband is a perfect place to fit in a phone.

10 Best Fitness Armbands 2024 ( List )

It is important to make a good choice when buying an armband, because most armbands don’t hold firmly in place, compared to others. If you are buying a fitness armband, then you need something that doesn’t make you anxious.

Casego Arm Phone Holder

Best Fitness Armbands

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This is a cheap armband, and will only cost you $8.99 if you get the black color and $9.15 if you buy the sky blue color image source: here.

It is a universal armband, where you can put your cell phone and don’t have to worry about it falling off. The phones which will fit in this armband include:

  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Apple 11 Pro

This armband even supports iPhone’s fingerprint Touch ID feature, which most armbands don’t support. The smartphone that will fit into this armband, should be 5-6 inches. However, the armband doesn’t support the Samsung fingerprint touch identification system.

It comes with reflective borders, which keeps the armband visible and safe in the dark. The armband is made of breathable and skin-friendly material. It is resistant to sweat, and won’t slip off no matter how much a person works out.

It is lightweight and odor-free; designed both for women and men. You can easily flex, twist, and bend it around your arm, while you are taking part in different activities. AmazeInvent is not what you think.

It is even perfect for those, who are going hiking, camping, fishing, or canoeing.

  • The armband provides a reflective border so that even at the night time it is visible

  • There are a card and key slot in the armband

  • It is iPhone touch ID compatible

  • The hook and loop fastener might be uncomfortable for some users

LifeProof LifeActiv Armband

Best Fitness Armbands

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This armband has a quick mount, and it is perfect for playing music, fitness apps, and GPS. Everything would be at arm’s length for the user, and they won’t have to worry about ever losing their phone.

The user can easily mount the phone in either portrait or landscape position. This case is compatible with most brand cases. The armband with a quick mount, in black color, only costs $28.35.

  • It is compatible with a lot of devices like Samsung Galaxy 8, A8, Note 5, and Google Pixel, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 XL.

  • It is also compatible with some LG phones, Huawei phones, and Motorola smartphones

  • The quality of the strap and locking mechanism is good

  • Works well on bumpy and rough roads

  • The magnetic adhesive doesn’t stay longer than 1000 miles

  • There is a usage issue with the adapter

Sprigs Armband

Best Fitness Armbands

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If you want an armband that comes in multiple colors, then Sprigs is the right brand for you. It is a very comfortable running armband for people, and it even stretches to fit different phone cases.

It comes in Black/Hiviz, black diamond, black mélange, black reflective, blue/black, and many other color combinations. Customers can buy this fitness armband on Amazon for $22.95 only.

These are the most comfortable best budget fitness smartwatch that people will find online. They are not bulky and are not made with uncomfortable plastic.

It will leave the user’s hands-free and feeling very comfortable. The band fasteners will keep the smartphone safe and sound.

It can be used while the user is running, hiking, working out, or even traveling abroad. The armband looks elegant, which won’t make the user feel uncomfortable.

If the armband becomes dirty, then it can be easily washed in a washing machine. The user just has to seal the Velcro strap, so that the phone holds firmly in place.

  • Comes in multiple color combinations

  • It has a very comfortable performance fabric

  • The fabric is machine washable, which means people don’t have to use dirty armbands

  • It is lightweight

  • It can be a little difficult to access the phone in it

  • Best not to buy for iPhone X, because users feel the armband slides down

Watch Sports Arm Bag

Best Fitness Armbands

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Sometimes, when people go out to the gym, they need to run some errands and for that, they need more than just their smartphone.

The Watch Sports Armbag is a very unique armband, which lets the user carry more stuff around. It is large enough for smartphones, which have a screen up to 6.5 inches, along with protective cases.

This arm bag is ideal for the following phones:

  • iPhone Xs Max/Xs/XR
  • iPhone 8, 7, 7 Plus, 6S Plus
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Google Pixel XL/2XL
  • Oneplus 5/5T/3T

The armband comes with double pockets, which makes it convenient for users to carry their smartphones, earphone, cable charger, and ID cards.

The paste of the armband is strong, and it firmly sticks without causing any problem for the user. This way, you can relax and won’t have to worry about sticking the armband around, over and over.

It is made of diving material, which is a flexible neoprene. This kind of fabric keeps the armband moisture-free and is anti-skip. However, it shouldn’t be washed in the washing machine, because that would damage it.

  • The storage option for this pouch will satisfy the customer

  • The pouch comes in stylish colors and patterns, which is a great appeal to customers

  • This is a perfect product for the gym, running, and jogging

  • People can put accessories like a wireless headset microphone in the pouch if they don’t want to use it for a smartphone

  • The phone can’t be accessed, while it is in the armband’

  • The strap of the armband is smaller than expected, and it can be uncomfortable for customers

Tribe Water Resistant Armband

Best Fitness Armbands

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The first feature that users will notice of this armband is that it is available in multiple colors. You can get it in black, dark blue, dark pink, gray, light blue, light pink, and purple.

There is no slip design, as users must have noticed in a lower quality best budget fitness watch with GPS. These premium armbands are designed with quality materials, and that includes extra plush.

The elastic band is adjustable and provides comfort to the user. The phone will stay in place, even if the user is in the middle of an intense workout session.

Moreover, if someone is running in low light, then they can get the best reflection from the armband. It works so well in low light conditions, especially in late evenings.

There is no doubt that this armband is secure and versatile, and will fit the arm of the user with ease.

  • The quality of the armband is very good

  • It is very durable

  • The phone is fully accessible

  • The strap is elastic and doesn’t pinch the arm of the user

  • Users can buy it on Amazon, at an affordable price

  • It isn’t as water-resistant, as stated

  • The touchscreen, if it is iPhone 5, might not be accessible

  • Some users have found difficulty in accessing the touchscreen

Quad-Lock Run Kit

Best Fitness Armbands

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This armband has a very unique and elegant look. It is perfect for those, who have iPhones 8 and 7. However, there are other mobile phones, which can fit in this armband, like Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 6s Plus, and 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone X.

The phone comes with a protective and impact-resistant case. It has a polycarbonate core and protects the phone from the user’s daily activities.

You can use it when you are riding, driving, or when you are enjoying your day out.

  • Gives quick and easy access to the phone

  • It is easy to switch episodes on the podcast

  • The mounting system of the armband can work on all platforms

  • A very well designed product for iPhone 7

  • Best for runners

  • The Velcro might lose its stickiness after some months

  • A few customers felt that the phone starts bouncing when they work out

YORJA Sweat Resistance Armband

Best Fitness Armbands

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This is a very affordable armband, as it costs only $8.97. It is available in two colors; gray and black. You can easily wear this band around your arm, and enjoy your sports.

This will fit perfectly around your arm, and the phone won’t fall even if you are running, cycling, or engaging in any other form of outdoor activity. You can not only enjoy your music but sports as well, without being concerned about the well-being of your mobile.

When you put your phone inside the armband, it won’t get wet or damaged due to sweat, it is both waterproof and sweatproof. When armbands are not sweatproof, then that can erode the cellphone.

This makes them feel more comfortable and free from any sort of burden. It brings you the experience, which no other armband can give you. Due to the fabric of the armband, the armband is very durable.

It won’t tear apart, no matter how much a person exercises. The armband is designed in a way, that completely protects your cell phone.

You can use this armband for Apple iPhone 8/7/6s/6, Samsung Galaxy S7/S6 edge/ S6/ S5, and Google Pixel 2/1.

  • The pouch is very spacious, and you can put your key and card in it as well

  • The strap is firm and doesn’t move around when you move around

  • No matter how much you sweat, the armband stays dry

  • The quality of the armband is really good

  • The touchscreen access is good

  • The bottom left hole doesn’t match with the earplug socket hole

  • Some customers didn’t like the quality of the armband

  • After a few uses, it might start slipping from the arm

Trianium Armband

running armband for small arms

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This armband is specifically designed for smaller phones. It accommodates those phone screens, which are 5 inches. Phones like iPhone 7, 6s, 6, and Galaxy S8, s7, and s6 can fit in the armband very easily.

Moreover, if you have Google Pixel, then it will fit in the armband as well. The armband is made of premium materials, like stretchable resistant neoprene. It is an armband with a multi-slot adjustable Velcro, and it will fit any arm size up to 14 inches.

It has a comfortable grip, which won’t let either the key or the phone fall, even if you are running around. However, the user should know that the armband can’t read the fingerprint.

The company offers a lifetime warranty because they have full faith in their product. The armband is available in classic black, hot pink, mint, and purple colors.

  • The armband is affordable

  • The band isn’t itchy or too tight; it is very comfortable

  • The phone doesn’t jiggle when you work out

  • It is durable

  • Materials used in the armband are of good quality

  • It doesn’t fit the iPhone Plus perfectly

  • A few customers are not happy with the screen, because they are not able to use the touchscreen

Armpocket Ultra i-35

running armband for small arms

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The armband comes in a variety of colors and prints. You will find different sizes of armbands, like small, medium, and large; this way you can buy a size that you think you will be comfortable in.

When you are using a product, while working out, then it has to be durable and rugged. It has to perform at the same level, as you are working out.

This armband is engineered in a way, that outperforms all the other bands. As one size doesn’t fit all, there are multiple sizes for mobile phones, properly mentioned so that the customer knows what to buy.

The strap is nonslip, and you don’t have to worry about the possessions you are carrying with you. It gives you full-screen access and control of your smartphone.

The window material makes it possible for the user to touch the screen, without removing their phone from the case. Following are the models, which the armband supports:

  • iPhone 8, 7, 6 and 6s
  • Galaxy S7, active, S6, active, S6 edge, A5, A3
  • Pixel 3 and 2
  • HTC One M9
  • LG G6, G5
  • Lumia 650

Lastly, the armband manufacturer cares about the environment and has made these armbands for recycled plastic.

The price of this armband is $22.13 and can go up to $39.95, depending on the size that the customer orders. The colors of the armband are arctic blue, black, and purple.

  • Galaxy S5 will fir into this fitness armband

  • There is room for a few accessories, like a credit card, or a car key

  • Worth the price, in terms of quality and performance

  • Perfect for runners and those who are doing yard work

  • The touchscreen is not easy to use for a few customers

Portholic Armband

running armband for small arms

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This armband is specifically designed for large phones like iPhone Xs Max XR or iPhone 8 Plus. It is a comfortable fit, is durable, and can accommodate a large phone with a case.

The Velcro is highly adjustable, and the strap can be extended to fit the arm size of nine inches to 20.5 inches.

  • The touch screen of the user remains fully functional

  • There are several phones that this armband supports

  • It is compatible with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is a huge thing for the users

  • Is waterproof and sweat resistant

  • Fits perfectly with Note 8

  • This might not fit iPhone 8 plus

  • The armband is not elastic (when you put it around your arm, then make sure it is extra tight)

  • The Velcro might lose its touch or wear out

Benefits of Fitness Armbands

Those who think that getting a fitness armband, doesn’t serve any real purpose for them, are wrong. Armbands are not just accessories that people wear when they go out for exercising; it is much more than that.

Imagine, you have to work out in the gym. You are holding your water bottle, your earphones, your cell phones, and a face towel. This is going to be a lot of things, and while you carry them around the gym, everyone is staring at the number of things you have.

When you are wearing an armband, you don’t have to hold the cell phone in your hand. You can simply put it on the armband, and then exercise to your heart’s content.

An armband will not only serve your fitness needs but also you don’t have to look after your valuables.

Most people wear armbands because they don’t want to carry small things around. When you are going to train for a marathon or hiking, you can easily carry an armband around with you.

Before buying an armband, first, come up with a budget and then consider the choices that you have. Most people don’t want to buy expensive armbands, because they don’t have to use them that much.

However, other people won’t hesitate to buy an expensive one, because they work out in the gym, regularly.

Those who have an intense workout session every day would need an armband, which can hold their phone properly.

Even though smartphones are nowadays designed in a way that they can survive a fall, it is still good to look after them.

Most people sweat too much when they work out, and they wouldn’t want to ruin their smartphone or the armband. Moreover, if they are sweating, and wearing an armband, then their arm might start to itch and cause a rash.

Best fitness bands in the UK are a necessity for those, who love to work out and bring their phone along with them.


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