10 Best Nanny Cams In 2024

With the help of the best nanny cams, you can keep a close eye on your children and their guardians.

It offers a video surveillance system marketed to parents who want to use in-home surveillance devices to monitor their babysitter’s interactions with their children.

It also helps a lot to make sure the baby is safe and sound when the baby is napping and is not present on the parent’s side.

The best and most efficient nanny cam also helps you to learn about your little one’s habits such as his routine of waking up and sleeping or how much time he requires to fall asleep and how he react when he wakes up.

PicNanny CamsShippingWeightCheck Price
Best Nanny CamsPhilips Avent uGrowFree1.15 poundsCheck Price
Best Nanny CamsBT VIDEO BABY MONITORFree1.25 poundsCheck Price
best buy nanny camMOTOROLA MBP85Free2.15 poundsCheck Price
hidden nanny camera wifiVTech DM223 AUDIOFree1.14 poundsCheck Price
hidden nanny camera wifiTOMMEE TIPPEE DIGITALFree2.15 poundsCheck Price
nanny cam teddy bearsNEST CAM IQFree1.55 poundsCheck Price
nanny cam child can wearHIVE CAMERAFree1.19 poundsCheck Price
nanny cam picture frameD-LINK OMNAFree1.15 poundsCheck Price
Best Nanny CamsSOMFY ONEFree4.15 poundsCheck Price
Best Nanny CamsLOGITECH CIRCLE 2Free1.15 poundsCheck Price

It proves to be a huge favor when you want to have a little free time and some alone time with yourself by being there to monitor your baby and keeping you in touch with him even when you are not around.

The monitors have come a long way ahead and have been modified to a huge extent.

The new and advanced to offer you high-definitely screens and ultra-sensitive monitors.

Here you go!

10 Best Nanny Cams In 2024

Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby monitor

Best Philips Avent uGrow Nanny Cams

Philips is an amazing brand that has got a long history of providing quality baby monitors. uGrow smart monitor has got a top-notch reputation in this race and a best buy nanny cam.

uGrow provides a crisp and detailed picture in the daytime as well as in dark. Unlike the monitors of other companies, the picture comes through a dedicated app on your smartphone.

We had to face the occasional issue of monitor dropout which was quite frustrating but wasn’t limited to this device and the best buy nanny cam.

The positive part here is that the reconnection didn’t require much time and effort and it also wasn’t that often, just a few times that’s all, and the best buy nanny cam.

It mostly happened when the monitor didn’t find our Wi-Fi connection strong enough.

If the screen of your device goes off then you would have to log back into the app and this thing is worth noting. It didn’t take long but it was quite inconvenient.

The uGrow nanny cam is quite pricey though but the thing is that you are getting a lot for your money. Avent uGrow offers you things like temperature and humidity notifications, talkback functionality, and medical advice.


  • It contains SafeContol technology for efficient privacy.
  • Extra monitoring for humidity and temperature.
  • It has a 720p HD camera for day and night vision.
  • The audio abilities have two-way sound and soothing lullabies.
  • It is very convenient and easy to setup

  • Provides clear visuals

  • Humdrum medical advice

  • Infrequent dropouts

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Best BT VIDEO BABY Nanny Cams

The BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 has got a really quick and convenient setup as we witnessed while testing and hidden nanny camera wifi.

It is a running matter of minutes- just out of the box and it would simply ‘plug and play’ and hidden nanny camera wifi.

The BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 is a nanny cam with a dedicated monitor whose screen is five inches large and does a decent job in the picture and sound stakes.

The footage was found a little grainy as compared to others on the test but that’s not noticeable when you get close up and hidden nanny camera wifi.

The battery life lasts for like nearly 10 hours after a full charge and that’s quite impressive.

The welcoming fact about the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 is that its camera can tilt and zoom from the monitor.


  • It contains data encryption technology for extra security.
  • Its range is p to 300m with an out-of-range warning.
  • The camera has infrared night vision with a 5-inch monitor screen.
  • It weighs 395 grams.
  • Has got fast setup convenience

  • Contains large monitor screen

  • The design could be more good

  • The lullabies are too robotic

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best MOTOROLA MBP85 nanny cam

The Motorola MBP85 is for those who don’t want to heave around with a separate monitor wherever they go.

It also has a 5-inch monitor which comes with a camera that gives the clearest picture result in all the other cams we have tested.

The key to getting the best and perfect image result is its access to Motorola’s Hubble app. Here you can also keep an eye on what your baby is doing on a smartphone or tablet.

It works great and streams 720p footage. The stream is really clear and it also gives you a lot more control than the monitor itself does.

The feed did drop a few times, but it was most probably because of our WiFi connection which was troubleshooting some times, otherwise, it is quite ideal for the 24/7 access to footage of your child and better surveillance.

The installation of the camera and the apps was uncomplicated and its good-looking kit, specifically that gold trim was quite sighted pleasing.


  • This item weighs nearly 600grams.
  • 1lithium ion batteries are included.
  • Contains a large 5-inch color display with included infrared night vision.
  • Has got two-way communication with a range of soothing lullabies.
  • It is too convenient and easy to setup

  • Provided smartphone and tablet streaming

  • Its range feels a touch short

  • Infrequent dropouts

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VTech DM223 AUDIO Nany Cam

The video baby monitors are really convenient and the actual thing for surveillance at home.

But what if you are in the yard? Or you are taking a nap? You won’t be able to monitor the visual screen right? What then?

Like other standard monitors, it arrives with two units in the box; a baby unit and a parent unit, and nanny cam teddy bears.

To show the signal strength, whether the vibration is turned off or not, and info about the battery life, the parent unit has a two-inch LED display that.

The parent unit has a nice feature of having a colored light bar along the top, which lets you monitor the level of sound coming through, even if the parent unit is muted.

The range of up to 1,000 feet outside or unblocked is excellent, while the indoor range is 150-foot which would work great for you.

VTech DM223 also does a great job of filtering out background noise.

The VTech DM223 is a nanny monitor that shows simplicity at its finest at an affordable price. It’s a hard job to find a better baby monitor for your monitor.


  • It is an audio-only monitor.
  • It contains one baby unit and one parent unit.
  • Its range is up to 1,000 feet.
  • Great value

  • Easy and simple setup

  • The night-light is nearly useless

  • The battery life needs to be improved

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TOMMEE TIPPEE nanny camera wifi

Tommee Tippee Digital Sound and Movement Monitor is a fantastic device that monitors movement and sounds an alarm when no motion is detected.

Since it is a motion detector, it is a bit little tricky to install. There shouldn’t be any hanging wires as they have to be tightly stretched for the sensor to work properly.

You will be provided with plastic wire tracks which you would have to use to guide and tighten the wires. These will go under any mattress you may have, alongside the rectangle pressure pad.

Once everything is installed, the device does offer the ultimate peace of mind but there is a false alarm issue which we found sounding even when everything was fine.

The Tommee Tippee Digital Sound and Movement Monitor also offer a temperature gauge and audio. It is two-way so you can communicate with your baby if you need to.


  • It has movement sensor pad monitors.
  • Also offers a room temperature display.
  • The audio is a two-way talkback.
  • The baby night light is controllable from the parent unit.
  • Hypersensitive monitor

  • Ideal monitoring for your child

  • The setup is a little tricky and challenging

  • The false warnings are a trouble maker

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nanny cam NEST CAM IQ

The Nest Cam IQ is an innovator and a well-made security camera that has built-in facial recognition technology and a nanny cam child can wear.

It is not a well-dedicated baby cam but as it is one of the most advanced IP cameras we have ever seen, it can certainly be used as soon.

Regardless of it being a Nest product, you won’t need any of the other Nest accessories for it to work.

Using it as a nanny cam also means that you don’t have to pay the high subscription fees. The subscription fees will only be needed if you want a fancy recording of your baby sleeping.

The footage quality you get from the Nest Cam IQ is superb. Its 1080p and the best quality we found in some tests were quite impressive and a nanny cam child can wear.

There obviously will be no dedicated monitor as all the footage will be reviewed through a smartphone/tablet app.


  • The camera is a 4K sensor, 1080p output.
  • The camera has the ability to do 12x digital zoom.
  • This one has audio offers HD Talk and listen.
  • The picture quality is High Dynamic Range (HDR).
  • It records high definition footage

  • Has built-in-two-audio

  • It is quite expensive

  • Gets very hot

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HIVE CAMERA nanny cam

The Hive Camera is not that of a dedicated baby monitoring system, but it does a decent job moonlighting as one.

The major two essentials for these are decent video-streaming capabilities and the two-way audio system.

The built Hive Camera is solid and has a fairly small footprint making it convenient for you to place it anywhere in a nursery.

If you want to save any footage/clip for posterity, you can have up to 16GB of expandable memory for which the credit goes to a micro SD card slot.

This smart cam is also a great security device for the times when your kid gets older. It also offers things as a barking dog and police car alarm that you can set off if you see that someone has entered your house.


  • Its camera provides live streamed HD footage.
  • The storage is a 1×16 GB micro SD memory card.
  • Contains a two-way audio facility.
  • Enables night vision.
  • It is a brilliant nanny cam alternative

  • Quite dedicated app

  • Available in a premium price

  • Its installation is hit and miss

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D-LINK OMNA 180 nanny cam

The D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD Camera is straightaway being sold in the Apple Store which gives you an idea of what kind of product this is. This is a premium-looking device that is packed with smart smarts.

It works with Apple HomeKIt which automatically means that it will seamlessly interact with your Apple products and the bonus here is that it also works with Siri.

It is fantastic that no matter if you place the camera five feet away from your baby, it will still pick up their image without any worries.

The camera D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD Camera also has a 180-degree field view which is one of the most expensive we tested.

It is a great-looking device with a bar of silver finishing with a brilliant 5x zoom which means that you don’t need to place it too near to cot to work.


  • Provides the full view with the 180-degree wide expansion lese.
  • Provides full HD 1920x1080p footage.
  • Contains a built-in mic.
  • Contains motion detection.
  • Has a micro SD card slot.
  • Superb expanding viewing angle

  • Offers Siri integration

  • The design may not suit a nursery

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Best SOMFY ONE Nanny Cams

Somfy One is one of the best security cameras which can be used as a more than perfect nanny cam providing you with high-level surveillance.

It holds smart sensing capabilities, an intrusion detector, video surveillance, and a rather louder alarm. A lot of the features Somfy One offers can be used to help monitor your baby, though, maybe just not use the alarm.

Somfy One gives you complete control over everything where you can turn the camera completely off when not using it and can zoom in and out when necessary.


  • Provides full HD video sensor.
  • Contains a wide angle of 130 degrees.
  • Has a digital zoom of x8.
  • Offers night vision.
  • Also contains a motion detector.
  • It is a bit chunky

  • The alarm would have to be disabled

  • A fully-featured camera

  • Perfect night and motion detection

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Logitech Circle 2 holds a pack full of features. One of the best features this camera offers is that it wireless and it can be battery powered allowing you to pop it in a child’s room overnight or when you are out and the babysitter is in.

The Logitech Circle 2 provides great video quality with a 1080p camera resolution and a massive 180-degrees wide-angle lens.

This nanny cam provides a bonus of night vision mode.

The smart alerts come as a standard with this camera so you won’t be annoyed too often, only when there are noise and movement worth your attention.

It allows you to set areas to ignore and highlight the activity zone which will cost you more as you need to subscribe to extra cloud storage for that.


  • The camera resolution is 1080p.
  • The Camera lens has a 180-degree expansion ability.
  • Provides night vision.
  • Free cloud recording option is present.
  • Two-way-audio capability.
  • Easy installation

  • Free cloud storage

  • Connects to wifi

  • Motion zones is expensive

  • Struggles under direct bright light

  • The app can only be used in landscape mode

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