10 Best Smallest Full ATX Case 2024

Now it’s time to grab the case that will bring your system home. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

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As you guys know we are now living in a world where technology is a must thing to be present wherever you are for the ease of your lifestyle and living.

Technology has now been a game-changer in this generation we are living in, as it makes our lives more comfortable and easy to live. And if you see technology in the aspect of desktop computers, you will see a massive positive change which you will surely admire.

10 Best Smallest Full ATX Case 2024

That is why people are now considering small and fancy casings for their PC and ATX is one of the types of motherboards that are used in gaming builds more often.

If all of this sounds interesting to you and you think you should build a good PC of your own as well, then read away from the whole article to the very end to know everything you need to know.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500P

Best Smallest Full ATX Case

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When it comes to computer parts and components especially casing stuff, Cooler Master is a well-known company all over the globe and it is worth the trust and consideration.

Cooler Master has been providing all its customers from all over the world with a great docket of products that are available to them at a very affordable price tag.

It offers you tempered glass on the side which lets you have a clear look into all the components installed inside your ATX case.

  • The overall design is a stunning and cleaner look

  • Supports additional cooling fans as well

  • Two RGB LED-equipped fans pre-installed

  • Tempered glass on the side cover

  • Cable management is overall excellent

  • The price tag is a little higher.

Corsair Crystal 460x

Best Smallest Full ATX Case

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Here we a product from another company which is known very well across the globe. Yes, I am talking about none the other but Corsair. This is a company that has never failed to amaze its customers with any of its products. Image source: here

The Crystal 460X from Corsairs has an incredible look as it is almost completely transparent. This ATX case has a beautiful two-panel tempered glass which allows the user to see all the components installed inside this ATX case conveniently from either side.

  • It has a marvelous look and overall appearance is very attractive

  • Liquid cooling supported with space provided to place the radiators

  • AF140L and AF120F fans are already provided

  • With smooth cable management, you can easily handle all the wires

  • Two tempered glass panels on both sides

  • It is compact for a reason as it is not good for a ton of cables.

Rosewill Rose Glow

Best Smallest Full ATX Case

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Rosewill is small and average with no famous products and no special recognition around the globe. This company designs and builds computer components and peripherals majorly.

The user gets three blue LED light 140mm fans knitted on the front and an ordinary 120mm radiator fan on the rear side of this Rosewill Rise Glow. The blue LED light fans are just to make your setup much more attractive than any other.

For a more cooling experience, this ATX case supports liquid cooking and it has a transparent side panel that allows the user to view the components he installs inside this ATX case.

  • The pre-installed fans extend the value of this ATX case

  • You get enough extra space for installing more radiator fans

  • Liquid cooling supported

  • It provides you with some important and exceptional features at a very affordable price

  • The transparent side panel is not made of tempered glass

Corsair Carbide Air 540

Best Smallest Full ATX Case

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The Corsair Carbide Air 540 is a beast, to be honest. The ATX case has an eccentric design as compared to the other the best compact full atx case. I’m not saying that it is perfectly designed but it is still highly functional and easy to operate.

The AF140L fans are already installed with this ATX case and they are quiet in operation and also they perform well. This case also filters the dust in a very comfortable manner.

One side of the panel is transparent as per the new trends. You can watch what is going on inside the whole setup and it also looks so elegant and cool.

The issue with this ATX case may be that some of the people want their cabinets to be smaller but, this case is one of the biggest and the heaviest ATX cases which is available in the market.

  • The mysterious design looks a bit off when you first see it but its strangeness makes it unique and different from others.

  • This ATX case is so big that it has more than enough space to fit radiator fans and all of the liquid cooling materials easily.

  • The fans who are pre-installed work without any noise and they perform well.

  • Has a glass side panel

  • It has the cable routing system which is granted by Corsair on this ATX case which makes everything less jam-packed.

  • It is huge. The size is so big that most people would not want to buy it.

Thermaltake Core G3

Best Smallest Full ATX Case

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Thermaltake is yet another PC parts manufacturer that delivers decent products at a good price. They are the manufacturers of PC cases, cooling devices, peripherals, etc.

The Thermaltake Core G3 case is a very slim ATX case that is easy to handle and you can transport it from one place to another.

This ATX case has two 120mm fans that are pre-installed on the front. The whole case is very economical and it would be satisfactory for the customers.

  • The fans who are pre-installed are proved to be highly functional and it adds to the value of the purchase.

  • It has a special emphasis on gaming which is made by Thermaltake and it is appreciative.

  • It supports 4K virtual reality gaming which is something unique at this price.

  • There are not that many slots for installing additional radiator fans.

Corsair Carbide 400C

riotoro small gaming case

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The Corsair Carbide 400C ATX case looks clean and sophisticated at the same time. The whole front, side, and top panels are made of solid steel. All of this makes the whole setup look much more premium and supreme.

This ATX case goes with the fashion as it has a side panel window just as all the other the best small full-size atx case.

This makes it great and gives pleasure to the viewer who looks at the inner components. The great thing is that this glass panel is hinged and latched so it can easily be opened at any time we want.

It supports liquid coolers as it has enough space for a 360mm radiator in front, a 240mm radiator on top, and a 120mm radiator at the rear.

  • It has an all-steel build which gives it the best classy look.

  • The hinged and latched transparent glass panel on the side is easy to tweak any component inside whenever we want.

  • The dust filter system is great and the airflow is also great.

  • It is compact but it still has enough space to place all the components as such the liquid cooling system and cooling fans.

  • The attachments on the face of the case are made of plastic and are not very sturdy.

Thermaltake Core X9 Black Edition

riotoro small gaming case

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The Thermaltake Core X9 Black Edition ATX case is cube-designed and it is highly expandable. An enormous amount of liquid cooling systems can have been made out of this ATX case.

The great thing about this ATX case is that multiple ATX cases can have stacked on top of one another to give space to endless liquid cooling capabilities.

  • This ATX case has a stackable feature which makes it different from other ATX cases that are on this list.

  • This ATX case can have modified according to the needs of the user.

  • It has pre-installed fans which are a great addition.

  • The chamber concept makes this case a bit more organized and tidy.

  • The price point of this ATX case is high and it is not ideal for an average user.

Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

riotoro small gaming case

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This product HAF XB EVO by Cooler Master is the weirdest-looking ATX case on this list. Any person would not be able to recognize this as a CPU of your personal computer.

This ATX case is big enough for you to fit all the best components you want to add to your system to make a high-end personal computer for gaming purposes or any other purpose.

It looks like a design of a cube and it is unattractive to the eyes, but this makes it very different from other ATX cases available in the market.

Build quality on this case is very strong and it has two 120mm XtraFlo fans pre-installed in this HAF XB EVO case. Other additional fans can also be added for extra cooling.

  • Build quality is very rough and strong

  • Durable handles on the sides to carry this ATX case easily

  • Unique design makes it different than others

  • It has panels on all the sides of it

  • A ventilation system is splendid

  • Pre-installed 120mm XtraFlo fans are great

  • Plastic tabs on the front panel

  • Design is not considered good for many people

Corsair Carbide 200R

riotoro small gaming case

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This Carbide 200R ATX case from Corsair is one of the mid-range ATX cases. This ATX case offers you a good, strong structure and compact ATX case. No matter if it is called compact, because it can house all the components which are important easily.

If you buy this ATX case, you will be getting not one, not two but seven PCI-E slots. At a time in this ATX case, you can install four hard drives and four solid-state drives all at once.

This Corsair Carbide 200R contains eight fan mounting points and if you utilize each point, I think it will then provide you with the best ventilation ever.

  • Multiple PCI-E slots support four HDDs and four SDDs at a time

  • The number of additional cooling fans you can install is very vast

  • Build quality is strong

  • It is very budget-friendly as it comes at a very reasonable price

  • No transparent glass panel at either side of this case

  • No pre-installed fans on this ATX case

Riotoro CR1080 Full ATX Compact Case

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If you are searching and looking for the smallest ATX case, this Riotoro CR1080 Full ATX Compact case.

There is no doubt that this ATX case is small in size, but it can easily support full-size ATX motherboards. If you take a look at the design of this case, you will see that it looks more like a small speaker system.

This Riotoro CR1080 Full ATX  Compact Case has a two-chambered design so that all the components which are necessary and important can fit directly into this ATX case.

  • It has a compact design

  • The pre-installed 120mm blue LED light cooling fan are very impressive

  • It provides you with a cable mounting which helps clear all the mess of these cables

  • Dual compartment design

  • All the RGB light buttons are a nice addition to make this ATX case a little more attractive

  • No slot for any optical drive

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