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10 Best Smart Speakers Under 50 Of 2020 Can Suck The Life Out Of You

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2020)

Before we move to the hot topic of one of the Best Smart Speakers Under 50 Of 2020 and their assistants, we first need to know what a smart speaker is. A smart speaker is a device that does not only hold the capability of playing music to light up your mood but, it can also answer your verbally introduced queries.

PicSmart SpeakersShippingWeightCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersAmazon Echo Dot with ClockFree1.00 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersSonos OneFree1.20 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersRiva ConcertFree1.6 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersSonos BeamFree2.00 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersAmazon Echo Show (2nd Gen)Free1.90 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersJBL Link ViewFree1.00 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersGoogle Home MiniFree2.00 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersGoogle Home MaxFree1.00 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersAmazon Echo 2Free1.40 lbsCheck Price
Best Smart SpeakersApple HomePodFree1.00 lbsCheck Price

It also holds the ability to control the parts of your home with the help of the built-in virtual assistant feature. A smart speaker immensely expands form what we normally think of as a usual music playback system.

The technology has been upgrading each and every day and new trends are being introduced to the market. Echo used to kick off the smart speaker trend a few years back.

Since then, by the passing time, new smart speakers with new enhancements and upgrades have been launched by various different companies. Amazon’s Alexa speaker is no longer alone in the race.

Dozens of smart speakers are present nowadays with some common and some new features which make them stand out from the others. The addition in the choices makes it hard to decide what to choose.

The first thing you need to decide in this case is which voice assistant you prefer which you think is worth using. It includes Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana. You need to make this choice with the consideration of the features which are important to you.

You need to think about whether the best music quality is your preference? Or the speaker should be able to connect to your smartphone gadget? Or do you prefer a touchscreen with your voice control?

Well, your trouble ends here! Below, we’re going to prove to be some help by answering all these questions and highlighting one of the best smart speakers.

10 Best Smart Speakers Under 50 Of 2020

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock:

Best Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is the smartest and so far the best addition to Amazon’s family. The Echo Dot of Amazon is one of the best-selling smart speakers of all time.

Since its release in 2015, the Alexa-powered smart speakers have traveled through three generations and each better than the last one.

The latest generation of the smart speaker is the Echo Dot with Clock which takes the third-generation Echo Dot and furnishes it with a built-in timepiece.

If you are not planning to rely on your smart speaker as just for playing music but also which would control your smart home too, then your choice is perfect.

Its built-in timer sets and plays music. It contains a clear and attractive display. It has a tap-to-snooze timer and an alarm clock.

Keeping up their usual image and legacy, the Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is one of the more affordable smart speakers in the present market.

It is petit in size but has a decent sound for the price. The addition of a clock in the smart speaker had automatically added to its value and worth.

The Echo Dot has got a fabric grille and segmented LED display which makes it ideal for placing in bedrooms because it can have doubled up as an alarm clock and in the kitchen because of its ability to set timer which is quite useful in that place.

Key Features:

  • Adjusts with the brightness of the room
  • It is worth of 59.99$
  • Displays the clock and sets the timer
  • Tells the weather report and displays the temperature
  • Takes well care of your smart home

Check Price

Sonos One: Smart speaker comparison

smart speaker comparison

Sonos One played a revolutionary role in the race of smart speakers. Among all, it is is the first smart speaker that does not make a user choose between the smarts and the sound quality. It features both!

In the near future, Sonos One will be the first smart speaker which would not make its users choose between Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. It is going to feature all three!

Sonos One is going to miss out on all the gaps left in Alexa’s ecosystem with its multi-room ecosystem. Sonos’ wealth of experience and brilliant inter-connectivity holds the top post for now and the best smart speaker for iPhone!

There have been a number of improvements made in the design of Sonos One. It has got a touch-sensitive surface on its top which is sleeker in this upgrade and is used for the trio of volume and plays/pause button.

The tap in the middle of the surface, plays and pauses your music and the swiping right or left skips forward and backward through your current playlist.

The wide range of choices given by the Sonos One smarts speakers is essential for you to choose whether to control it via app or touch, in case of urgently changing music or by directing it verbally as it has a voice assistant too.

Key Features:

  • It is equipped with six internal microphones
  • Has got power indicating LED along-side the small light
  • The treble and bass levels can have adjusted
  • Has got a fantastic sound quality
  • It is a multi-room speaker

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Riva Concert:

Best Smart Speakers

The Rive Concert bravely stands out from the smart speaker’s crowd despite the overwhelming likeness to Sinos’ most affordable smart speakers.

The saying of imitation as the sincerest form of flattery should be practiced by Sonos by truly honoring the arrival of Riva Concert.

The smallest of Riva Audios’ two Alexa-enabled Wifi speakers has got a wraparound aluminum mesh top, tailed by a black strip and top-panel control buttons. It has got a cylindrical built sleek body and smart speaker comparison.

It has got permanent buttons with the iconic blue light ring that illuminates to show the source selection. The Riva logo is proudly brandished on the front which lights up when Alexa commands.

The in-app-set-up is innate in the Riva Concert smart speakers. The Riva voice app can easily be accessed and downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The process takes a while as long as it takes to make a brew!

The app gives you choices of available music sources. Over Wifi, the streaming services span Spotify, TuneIn Radio and Amazon Music Unlimited is available.

No access to Wifi or internet down? No problem! You have got 3.5mm and USB inputs in addition to Bluetooth. So, while you’re out of access to streaming services, the Riva can at least play their catalogs via Bluetooth.

Key Features:

  • It is more functional than fancy
  • Reliable and built-in Riva voice app
  • It has got vast connectivity
  • Tremendous sound quality
  • It has an optional built-in battery

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Sonos Beam: best smart speaker for iPhone

best smart speaker for iphone

Sonos Beam is a smart soundbar that, despite its small size, packs a phenomenal audio punch. Sonos Beams’ small size allows itself to get attached to the majority of the televisions and comes coupled with enough innovation and sound performance to impress.

It is easily the smartest on the market, supporting from Alexa to Apple’s Airplay 2. It is a fantastic product and one that is well worth buying for any AV budding enthusiast.

The Sonos Beam is the latest and greatest of these products in that of Sonos’ product family. It is widely considered as the entry-level soundbar of the product line-up.

The Sonos Beam is a soundbar that will happily sit in front of a 32-inch setup or a 40 inch plus TV. It is much smaller than its super-sized sibling Sonos PlayBar.

It has the additional HDMI connectivity which the Sonos PlayBar sorely lacked. The left and right buttons are for turning the volume up and down and have a play/pause button in the middle.

Key Features:

  • It is a slick-looking device
  • It is worth 22.33$
  • And best smart speaker for iPhone
  • Has got free software updates over time
  • Alex voice control is built-in

Check Price

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen):

Best Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo Show (2nd generation) is the best Alexa smart play display. The newly updated show has got a better design, screen, sound screen, and feature set.

It is a smart speaker that is built in a smart screen- adding in video and touch functionality alongside Echo’s usual audio capabilities with the best smart speaker for music.

The new update in Amazon Echo Show extends its ability to make calls to mobile and landline phones to the UK after the amazing roll-out of the feature in the US.

It also has a built-in voice assistant which offers you to direct it verbally to perform almost any task. The screen lets you see what music you’re playing, pause the audio, skip to the next song and view lyrics on some Amazon music tracks.

The Echo Show can also play Amazon prime videos and has a video version of Alexa’s daily flash-news briefing. To make the video call you would have to call another Echo Show device with a screen.

The second-generation Echo Show can have placed over a desk, coffee table or countertop in a modern home and Best Smart Speakers Under 50.

Key Features:

  • It has got amazing audio with bass
  • Audio and video calls can have placed
  • It is worth 230$ on Amazon
  • It connects to Alexa
  • They are called “show and tell” due to its screen upgrade

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JBL Link View:

Best Smart Speakers Under 50

JBL Link View isn’t the audio product of JBL. The company amalgamated with Google to create the Link 10 which is a smart Bluetooth speaker that pairs portability with Google Assistant early in 2018.

The new JBL Link View has got an 8-inch screen, stereo speakers, a 5-megapixel camera for video calling, and splash- proofing for some seriously smart cooking.

The price and availability of the JBL Link View is on a level of Lenovo’s Smart Display. It is still a bit behind in this case from Google’s smaller Home Hub.

The JBL Link View has got a clean and elliptical look which is a bit early 2000’s, to be honest. It has got a flat front and confident display of fabric on either side of the screen which is itself loaded up with burly bezels.

This speaker was basically designed keeping the sound in mind. In the center of the curved back, a rear-facing diaphragm proudly displays the logo of JBL. It has got a figure.8 power connector and a micro USB port below the logo.

The control buttons include volume controls on the top side of the display. A slider is placed to enable and disable the camera. A 5-megapixel camera, light sensor, and the mics are all placed just above the screen.

The size and clarity are competitive because of JBL Link View’s 8-inch HD LCD display. Its pairing of brilliant sound and immersive visuals is a winning combo!

Key Features:

  • It has got great sound results
  • Has gots smart display
  • It is worth 249.95$
  • It has got a classic elliptical look
  • Google Assistant is built-in

Check Price

Google Home Mini:

Best Smart Speakers Under 50

So the new cute Google Home Mini is small on sound but big on value! For those who are looking to buy into Google’s smart home ecosystem with cheapest price range should definitely go for Google Home Mini.

This cute and compact Google Home Mini can do much more than the best smart Bluetooth speakers. It comes equipped with the Google Assistant which always helps you to find the answers, turn on the tunes, dim the lights, start a TV show and much more by only using your voice to command it.

It is much more powerful than the expensive and much more larger Google Home Max. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t do justice to the sound quality and makes the pitches flat, it is still impossible not to recommend this cute little device.

Its smart Assistant, a large list of features and low price makes it easy to take the tumble on the Google Home Mini. This cute little device has got the fabric texture on its top with the matte plastic on the bottom half.

The fabric mesh of this palm-sized Home Mini isn’t just for looks but it is actually conducive to your touch in a few areas. Tapping the top resumes and pauses the play. If you place your fingers on the left and right of the speaker, it raises and lowers the volume.

Key Features:

  • It has an affordable price range
  • It has got a Built-in Assistant
  • And best smart speaker for music
  • It is little in size and is quite handy to carry
  • It is worth 49$
  • With the Best Smart Speakers Under 50
  • It is IoT friendly

Check Price

Google Home Max: Best Smart Speaker for elders

Best Smart Speakers Under 50

If you are looking for a smart speaker which can make it up to any room size then your search ends here! Google Home Max is your pick. It is the biggest and most expensive smart speaker to date.

It has got the same features as the Google Home Mini but its main pitch is sound quality. It gets massively loud and brings the bass. The credit for it goes to its 4.5-inch woofers.

This huge Home Max weighing 12 pounds, dwarfs almost all the other smart speakers. The two 4.5-inch long-throw woofers and two 0.7-inch tweeters contribute to a great deal to its size and weight.

A magnetic pad on the bottom of this smart speaker prevents it from sliding around and the touchpad volume controls work well too.

The Google Home Max has this ability to automatically shaping its sound to match the acoustic properties of the room in which it is placed.

If you have planned to rock out and kick up the volume, Google Home Max is unmatched among voice-controlled options with Best Smart Speakers Under 50.

It can have  grouped to other Cast-enabled speakers for multi-room and whole-home audio with the help of the Google Home app. With the help of this app, you can also adjust the bass and treble according to your preferences.

Key Features:

  • It is available in chalk and charcoal color
  • It can have connected with Google Home app too
  • It can easily be set-up
  • It is worth 399$ which is the most expensive this far
  • It is huge in size with the best sound quality and bass boost

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Amazon Echo 2: Best Smart Speaker for music

Best Smart Speakers for music

Amazon Echo 2 performs everything which you would reasonably expect of a smart speaker at this level. It is smart, affordable and a very sympathetic listener when needed.

Amazon Echo has got Alexa as its virtual assistant. It can have connected to the Wifi and is also Bluetooth enabled.

Amazon Echo 2 is much cheaper than its previous upgrades and in comparison to the other smart speakers which lie in this race. Echo 2 has got a complete new latest design.

The stubbed design of Echo 2 easily blends into a room. Its fabric finish gives it more of a premium elegant look. You have got a choice of six colors which include charcoal, sandstone or heather grey fabrics, oak, walnut or silver finishes.

The top of the new Echo 2 has got the design of the third-generation Echo Dot with volume buttons unlike the dial found in Echo Dot first-generation and best smart speaker for music.

The Amazon Echo Dot 2 has got a new 65mm woofer and 15mm tweeter. Unlike its previous models, Amazon proposed a much better and improved sound quality this time in this smart speaker.

As it includes Alexa routines, it allows you to program and control multiple Alexa devices with a single command. Your single command of “Good morning, Alexa” can signal your smart lights to turn on, blinds to open and even your kettle to boil.

Your new Echo Dot would also give you the weather report on your command. Alexa calling and messaging feature will now place calls for you if the other person also has an Alexa device.

It would conveniently help you drop in and out of another person’s device which is kin of impressive yet creepy at the same time.

Its setup is simple and innate which can easily be done via the Alexa app and its usefulness is linked to the other Alexa devices present in your home.

Key Feature:

  • Can also play music on Amazon Prime Music or Spotify
  • Satisfactory sound quality and Best Smart Speakers Under 50.
  • It has got Alexa as its voice assistant
  • Echo Dot 2 has improved sound commands
  • Its price range is quite affordable as compared to other smart speakers in its race.
  • This smart speaker is worth 90$

Check Price

Apple HomePod:

Best Smart Speakers Under 50

Apple was quite late to enter the smart speaker race but HomePod was worth the wait. Apple HomePod is the most music-centric and best-sounding smart speaker we have a herd to date.

Apple HomePod has aimed mainly at Apple users. If the Apple Music is your go-to music streaming service, then this mart speaker is quite a clever, capable and desirable device.

Apple HomePod has got a beautiful, elegant and classy look. This smart speaker is a bit smaller and much heavy than you might imagine.

It has got a cylindrical shape with matte mesh fabric with elegant grey and charcoal colors. It is a subtly styled device that would blend into the room rather than dominating its surroundings.

This smart elegant speaker has got really neat touches. The glossy panel at its top stays uniformly black while its resting and that is where the Siri appears as a shifting ball of colors. It floats within the blackness of the panel making it look cool.

While the music is playing, the symbols ‘+’ and ‘-‘ appears, indicating the touch-points to lower or raise the music. You can easily play/pause and skip or playback the music by tapping in the center of the surface

Key Features:

  • Has got the flawless Apple Music support
  • You can play any music from iOS, Mac, and iTunes
  • It can send and read your messages
  • It can play and receive a call on the command
  • You can ask Siri nearly about anything and it would answer you
  • It also controls all of your HomeKit devices

Check Price



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