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8 Best Smart Thermostats In 2024

These smart thermostats are app-enabled smart home devices that make it possible for the user to adjust the thermostat from their smartphone no matter where they are.

PicSmart ThermostatsShippingWeightCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By HoneywellHoneywell TH9320WF5003Free1.15 poundsCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By HoneywellHoneywell RCHT8610WF2006Free1.25 poundsCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By HoneywellHoneywell TH9320WF5003Free2.15 poundsCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By HoneywellHoneywell Z Wave ThermostatFree1.14 poundsCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By HoneywellHoneywell 7 Day ProgrammableFree2.15 poundsCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By HoneywellHoneywell Pro Series ThermostatFree1.55 poundsCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell Honeywell Thermostat Lyric with Wi-FiFree1.19 poundsCheck Price
Best Smart Thermostats By HoneywellHoneywell Lyric TH8732WF5018 ThermostatFree1.15 poundsCheck Price

Smart Thermostats

It doesn’t matter what your actual location is but you can easily manage and adjust your thermostat through your smartphone.

But to perform this function, your smartphone is required to be connected to a cellular network or a Wi-Fi network necessarily.

Nowadays, many of these smart thermostats also work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri as well. This is By Honeywell and this allows you another way you can use to adjust the settings of your thermostats with remote access.

Thermostats by Honeywell

Found in the year 1906, which is calculated 114 years ago from today. Honeywell International Inc is a publicly-traded company that is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

It was founded by Mark C. Honeywell. The company produces engineering services, aerospace systems, commercial products as well as consumer products and it provides its services all over the world.

Honeywell is also known to be producing some great smart and clever thermostats. Thermostat gadgets by Honeywell are very important to have in your house for ensuring comfortable environmental temperature control.

These thermostats are used to control heating and cooling wherever you place them, whether it is your home or office.

With these thermostats from Honeywell, the environment of your room will remain normal always. If the environment of your room is hot, it will manage to keep cooling and in case the environment of your room is cool, it will easily manage to keep that room hot.

8 Best Smart Thermostats In 2024

Honeywell TH9320WF5003 Wi-Fi 9000

Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell

All the products from Honeywell have been known to enhance the lifestyle and innovative changes in your life.

Image source: here

Honeywell has been doing a wonderful job of making their thermostats modified every time.

In this category of thermostats, Honeywell has refined excellence and perfection while the design and making of this Wi-Fi enable the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat.

With this Honeywell TH9320WF5003 Wi-FI 9000 Programmable Thermostat, you can view some details such as the date and time, as well as the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity illustration details. AmazeInvent


  • The C-Wire is required for this unit
  • It has a custom display, and it provides you with all the information on the screen for your comfort
  • The application Total Connect Comfort is available, which is used to remote monitor/ manage your home’s comfort and provides you with details of energy used.
  • According to some great features like the on and off standby energy efficiency capability, it is cost-effective

  • With the help of remote control, it is much easy to use

  • If there occurs any troubleshooting issue, then it gives out alerts

  • It is a little expensive

  • It is not compatible with most HVAC

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Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric T5

Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell

This thermostat from Honeywell is great, as I mentioned earlier Honeywell is also known for producing and introducing great thermostats in the market.

Image source: here

This Honeywell RCHT8610WF2006 Lyric T5 Wi-Fi Smart 7 Day Programmable Thermostat allows you to set a schedule for heating as well as for cooling.

The utilization of this thermostat is said to be so effortless because it is designed and implemented in such a way that it can provide you with the simplest to execute functions.


  • It supports and works with Alexa to provide you with voice control features (the model with Alexa is sold discretely)
  • This thermostat requires C-Wire to work. It will not operate without C-Wire
  • With this Amazon Alexa for voice control, you can control your smart home. And for the Apple HomeKit with Siri for voice control, the Apple voice assistant is used
  • This one has Flexible Scheduling for 7 Days or Location Based Temperature control (GeoFencing).
  • It uses geofencing technology to keep track of the location of your smartphone
  • It has an Auto Changeover feature
  • The Lyric T5 on this thermostat can have set to determine if the system of your home should be hot or cold, it will provide you with the best possible mode to give you maximum comfort
  • The Adaptive recovery technology on this thermostat learns about how long it will take to achieve the right temperature at the right time. It automatically runs the system to get the right temperature you desire and at what time you want it.
  • If you are very much conscious about your energy bills, then this thermostat is capable of saving the user about 10% to 30% of energy

  • It can adjust automatically

  • It is very easy to use

  • The upfront installation of this device is high in cost

  • The set up of this thermostat takes much time and it is complicated as well

  • It is not compatible with most HVAC

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Honeywell TH9320WF5003

Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell

This digital thermostat designed and introduced by Honeywell is considered to be one of the best products from the market leader.

This thermostat is used to control the heating and cooling systems only by the press of a switch. This switch allows adjustments of heating and cooling as well as turning off the thermostat.

Once you select a particular setting on this thermostat, the temperature can have controlled with the help of the up and down arrow button shown on the control panel.

The LCD of this thermostat by Honeywell shows the current temperature for you which is also adjustable with the help of up and down buttons beside the control panel.

This smart thermostat from Honeywell is connected to the internet with the help of an internet protocol.

This allows remote instruction to send directly to this smart thermostat from Honeywell from a smartphone or computer.

If you compare this device with the older models of the thermostat, then this device is very smaller than the old devices. But all the features are the same as the regular thermostat.


  • It has the Total Connect Comfort application available to remotely monitor this thermostat, manage the comfort of your home, and calculate how much energy is used
  • It has a 7-day easy programming setup and an Energy Savings mode as well
  • The display of this thermostat is custom
  • It displays all the information on the display screen for your comfort
  • The programming is very simple and the installation is professional
  • It has a limited warranty of five years
  • With the help of large touch screen functions, setting a schedule is easy than ever.

  • It disconnects from the housing unit which allows programming this thermostat from the couch

  • This is programmable even with a different setting

  • It has energy-saving efficiency

  • This one alerts whenever a troubleshooting error occurs

  • It is not compatible with HVAC

  • The installation of this device is professional

  • Initial set up is costly

  • Due to some complex programming, it is user complicated

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Honeywell Z Wave Thermostat


This Honeywell z wave thermostat is a great thermostat device that you can use for your household purposes. This thermostat works very well with Amazon Alexa and it has great support for H/C systems as well.

The user interface of this thermostat is great because it has a very attractive touchscreen panel. Honeywell Z wave thermostat is considered to be among the best products which are available in the market for household purposes and smart living for its user.


  • Honeywell Z wave delivers messages which allow the thermostat to be added to or to be removed from a Z wave controller. The wire saver offers for use without a common wire.
  • It has intuitive adjustments for precise and accurate comfort control, and also it has an easy-to-use touchscreen display and extra-large backlit display having the natural language.
  • It offers menu-driven programming guides for the user through the programming process and it only shows necessary information and choices on each of the screens.
  • The thermostat operating message feature conveys a message which contains the status of the HVAC equipment.
  • This thermostat works well with Amazon Alexa.

  • It is compatible with the Z hub systems.

  • It has great support for H/C systems.

  • It has limited display elements on the screen.

  • This thermostat is not compatible with the Z wave plus.

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Honeywell 7 Day Programmable Thermostat

Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell

The Honeywell 7 Day Programmable Thermostat provides intense levels of flexibility.

This is a programmable thermostat that offers the Smart Response Technology which constantly adjusts the pre-heating/cooling of your house to gain a maximum level of comfort for yourself at your personal selected times.

This programmable thermostat also determines automatically whether your house needs or does not need heating or cooling, this thermostat determines this by the surrounding temperature and functions accordingly.

Honeywell is a known brand for its reliability and you can trust its notable 7 Day programmable thermostat that works automatically and adjusts the heating or cooling of your home, so you are offered the comfort which you need.


  • It helps you save up to 33 percent on your energy bill, allows you to program each day differently, with up to four periods/day.
  • It has precise and accurate temperature control, +/- 1F accuracy, and it has easy to backlit display, and also easy programming.
  • This has early start functions which ensure the temp reached on time, It is compatible with heating/cooling/heat pump systems
  • It has an F or C temperature display, a 12 or 24-hour clock, and also includes mounting hardware and a quick install guide.
  • This one requires 2 AAA batteries which are not included in it, Thermostat: 5.5 inch L x 3.75 inch W . 1.25 inch H

There are other models of the 7 Day Programmable Thermostats which include:

  • Wi-Fi 7 Day programmable – touch screen thermostat RTH8580WF
  • The 9000 with Voice control 7 Day Programmable Thermostat -TH9320WFV6007
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat RTH9580WF
  • It is easy to use, with much easier programming.

  • Precise and accurate temperature control of + / – 1 degree Fahrenheit with autochanger from heat to cool.

  • This one has a selectable temperature range stops.

  • It offers Smart Response Technology with filter change reminder and low battery indicator.

  • This thermostat does not work with electric baseboard heat systems of 120 – 240 V.

  • It is selectively compatible with heating and cooling plus heat pump systems.

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Honeywell Pro Series Thermostat

Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell

This thermostat has a Digital display screen that is backlit to make it easily readable with a precise and accurate comfort control of plus or minus 1 degree to keep a consistent temperature.

The basic and main operation consists of easy-to-use slide switches which offer you to select the heat or cool mode and then operate the fan.

Honeywell brand also offers a 5-year warranty on the highly recommended units at Amazon.

For example, the model Honeywell TH6210U2001 T6 Pro Series Programmable / Non-Programmable Thermostat is a series of this model.

It also features 7-day programmability for your convenience, the 5-1-1 day and 5-2 day, and as well as non-program.


  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Manufacturer: Honeywell
  • Package Dimensions : Height : 280 ; Length : 610; Weight : 95; Width : 560
  • Product Group: Home Improvement
  • The Honeywell Pro series thermostats are some of the best and easiest to install and use thermostats on the market.

  • These thermostats can have programmed in less than five minutes and that can help you save up to 33 percent annually on the cost of heating and cooling.

  • The Honeywell Pro series does not have any Wi-Fi option or capability.

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Honeywell Thermostat Lyric with Wi-Fi

Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell

Honeywell’s lyric thermostat is one of the most inventive and lifestyle heating and cooling gadget produced by Honeywell.

It makes use of Android and iOS devices for the location-based Geofencing feature. It uses your smartphone location to turn the thermostat off or on which depends on your environment occupants’ location.

Thus thermostat turns into the energy-saving mode and then either it cools or heats your environment as soon as it senses your location using the Lyrics Geofence Feature.


  • It works with Alexa for voice control ( Alexa device is sold separately )
  • It has Smart Cues – The Smart Cues feature sends you maintenance notifications and extreme conditions warn to help extend the life of your HVAC system.
  • Geofencing – It uses your smartphone location, Lyric adjusts the temperature as you come and go for comfort at home and savings when you are away from home.
  • It saves energy with the geofencing feature as it can sense if you are in its environment or not.

  • The Lyric T5 is much easier to use with easy installation.

  • It has easy integration with smart home ecosystems.

  • Geofencing is only usable with a smartphone application

  • Thermostat management does not support web portal management.

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Honeywell Lyric TH8732WF5018 Thermostat

Best Smart Thermostats By Honeywell

This thermostat I am reviewing right now namely, the Honeywell Lyric thermostat is said to be one of the most innovative and great lifestyle thermostat gadgets designed and introduced by Honeywell.

There are several versions of Honeywell Lyric Thermostats, including the Honeywell Lyric T5 Wi-Fi thermostat which has a minor distinction from the Honeywell Lyric Round.

The Lyric T5 thermostat from Honeywell has tools that are designed to manage energy such as Geofencing and usage reports. It also has some key smart home platforms which are also used to work out this thermostat.

If you want to add a smart thermostat to your home, then this Lyric T5 thermostat from Honeywell is one of the most affordable and best options to take as it supports two-stage heating and cooling equipment.

This Lyric T5 thermostat from Honeywell has a lot of unique and great features, and one of them is that it uses a new universal mounting backplate from Honeywell.

With this universal mounting backplate, now you can upgrade your old thermostat with a brand new future Honeywell model without going through the whole installation process again which used to take a lot of time and money as well.


  • This thermostat supports and works with Alexa for voice control commands. (Devices with Alexa voice have sold separately)
  • It has a smart cues feature. This feature sends you maintenance notifications and alerts of extreme conditions to help in extending the life of your HVAC system
  • It has a Geofencing feature. This feature allows the thermostat gadget to use your smartphone location
  • The lyric feature had used to adjust the temperature as you come and go home for comfort and it puts it to savings when you are away
  • It has a Fine Tune feature. This feature had used to consider both, the indoor and outdoor temperature, as well as humidity to reach the set point. This feature makes sure that if the temperature is set to 72 degrees then it should feel exactly like 72 degree
  • It works with Amazon Alexa for voice control. Hub is required for this.
  • This thermostat saves energy using the feature of geofencing since it can sense if you are present in that environment or not

  • This Lyric T5 thermostat has a very easy installation

  • The application of this thermostat allows to set up this thermostat for multiple users

  • The integration is easy with smart home ecosystems

  • Geofencing is only compatible with the application of smartphone

  • The management of thermostat has no web portal management

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