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10 Best Smartphones for Vlogging 2024

Needless to say, people like to upgrade their old smartphones to new ones, but if you’re thinking of blogging or filming YouTube videos, I’d choose a phone with a decent camera. I strongly recommend doing it.

You, me, and all of us need a smartphone necessarily for many different purposes, right?

Having a camera for YouTube usage such as videos is a good practice for sure, but there are some people like you guys who just wish to do their Vlogging with just a simple smartphone.

10 Best Smartphones for Vlogging 2024

Nowadays, these smartphones are pretty much advanced, very accurate, and much faster than they were ever before.

A smartphone that comes at a reasonable price has all the features of a camera that you need to get the job done for you.

And let me tell you a fact vlogging with a smartphone is comparatively very easy because it is pretty straightforward to use a smartphone instead of using a primary camera.

As you guys know almost every flagship smartphone from every company has the 4K recording option inside it.

It is not only the camera, but you also get many other amazing functions and features that will help you a lot in vlogging.

You don’t need to carry it in a special bag or something or take care of it sensitively as people do with their cameras. You can easily carry it in your pocket or hand and use it whenever you want.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Best Smartphones for Vlogging

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It is not you and me only, but everybody nowadays knows that Apple is considered as a king of mobile phones and laptops. Image source: here

I should tell you that this iPhone 11 Pro Max is the best it, that is available in the market right now at this very moment for you to buy it.

Every year, this company reveals and introduces something very exciting, impressive, and beneficial as well. Just like this year, Apple introduced the beast iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This smartphone is no doubt very much costly and it is surely not affordable to just every one of you guys who are reading this article.

So if you guys are willing to vlog, this is the very first option that I have for you in this article of mine.

As you guys know that for a phone to be great for vlogging, it is important that it must have a pretty good camera on it, and iPhone 11 Pro Max has a triple camera setup just for you guys.

This triple camera setup on this phone makes sure that you will get perfect photos and video recordings at any time and any place.

  • It has XDR display

  • It is water-resistant

  • Features fast charging

  • 4K video recording

  • Long battery life

  • No HDR Video

  • It is not shockproof

Apple iPhone XS Max

Best Smartphones for Vlogging

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Another great smartphone from the same great brand, there is no doubt that Apple is one of the most recognized names whenever it comes to some impressively great smartphones.

And finally, this is the phone where all the die-hard Apple smartphone fans all praised them for releasing an iPhone with a bigger display than ever before.

This OLED display on this massive screened iPhone provides you colors with full accuracy and impressive quality for sure.

There is a great variety of colors with the addition of the new beautiful Gold finish has added great value to this model of Apple.

iPhones have always been known for their professional cameras for photography and videography purposes.

This camera has some great features that make it able to deliver the quality of image and video taken out of it pretty close to the quality of a professional camera.

This great iPhone houses two of 12 Megapixel rear cameras that are positioned in a vertical stack and are divided by a Flash of Quad-LED True Tone in between them.

  • It is dust and water-resistant

  • It features wireless charging

  • Impressive camera performance in low-light conditions

  • OLED with sunlight contrast

  • Doesn’t support a memory card slot

  • Has no jack for the headphone

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Best Smartphones for Vlogging

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As being said that it has a much bigger display and much longer battery life than it is on the Samsung Galaxy S20 which is pretty great for all the bloggers out there.

There is no doubt that a bigger display and long battery life is always an attraction that vloggers seek to have.

One of the most important things is that this Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is not as expensive as the Samsung S20 Ultra.

I don’t know if you are looking for an affordable smartphone or not, your choice should be from any one of all smartphones that I have mentioned in this list. And this phone is said to be more suitable for vloggers.

  • It looks super stylish

  • This one has amazing zoom improvements

  • It has 5G Internet Connectivity

  • Triple camera setup

  • Features depth Vision camera

  • Considerably good battery

  • No headphone jack

Samsung Note 10 Plus

Best Smartphones for Vlogging

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Whenever anybody talks about the looks, I need to tell you that Samsung got no competitors at all. Samsung Note 10 Plus is the flagship phone from Samsung, it is a complete beast, to be honest.

This phone has a place that no phone can ever take or demolish.

If you guys are in love with the notch-less phones, then this smartphone will surely attract you a lot in the first-ever eye attempt you make at it, and you will surely consider it was buying for you.

It has almost a full 98 percent screen to body ratio screen with a round hole in the most upper center of the screen that is used as a front camera.

As concerned for vlogging, most of the phone that vloggers get interacted with is the display screen and the camera, either they are shooting the video or watching the content they recorded for vlogging.

And both of these options are pretty reliable on this phone, with a lot of super amazing features that you will love having.

  • It has an AMOLED display

  • This one is water-resistant

  • It features fast charging

  • Quad camera setup

  • Amazing 98% screen to body ratio display

  • It gets very rainy

Google Pixel 4XL

Best Smartphones for Vlogging

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I can say that this phone is not a big surprise among all these great Samsung and Apple smartphones that I have listed on this list, as there are some considerably great improvements implemented on the cameras, software, and hardware as well.

All of this is considered great and pretty much favorable for all the bloggers out there.

This phone has an additional telephoto lens that can provide you much sharper quality on the zoomed images, more realistic effects on the portrait mode and very improved quality and performance in low-light or night scenes as well.

These features are the ones that I think every blogger out there is looking for in a phone that he can use for his / her vlogging purpose, right?

One more thing from all the remaining greatness of this phone that I think that you vloggers will love to have is that you can even preview the image configurations before taking a photo.

  • It has a great camera

  • Considered to be the best phone for it

  • Bad battery life

One Plus 7T Pro

Best phones for Vlogging

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Talking about the One Plus 7T Pro, this is one of the best and powerful smartphones, it comes among those smartphones that are considered to be the best in almost every aspect.

I need to tell you that this is the smallest phone to phone upgrade if you compare it with other upgrades, as if you are new in the market, you won’t be able to distinguish between the One Plus 7T and this.

Both of these models are pretty much the same to me, but they had to launch something new so they released this and with some slight differences only, such as the hazel blue color on the 7T Pro, and the laser cut out near the camera of it.

But I assure you, that every phone this company launches is a definition of the words power and great performance.

As for the vlogging purpose, this phone comes with a triple camera setup and all three of them provide you distinctive amazing performances.

It is highly recommended by a lot of people for many other purposes, and yet here it is for the vlogging purpose as well.

  • Video recording up to 240 FPS

  • Smooth and amazing slow-motion quality

  • Triple camera setup

  • Not a considerably good upgrade to the One Plus 7T

Google Pixel 3A XL

Best phones for Vlogging

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This smartphone is a perfect build, well designed and it is considered to be the best smartphone for YouTube. It has an impressive display which is said to be one out of the bests.

The performance of this smartphone opposes the chipset and it feels like it has every single bit perfect as any flagship smartphone which is available in the market.

It has built-in, fast, and user-friendly software and it will offer you updates freely for approximately 3 years. As for the battery is concerned, it has a superb battery with impressive battery life.

One of the best features of this phone is its camera. It is undoubtedly to say that it has an unexpected extraordinary camera, which offers exactly the results as a very expensive and professional camera phone does.

This smartphone is available in 3 colors, The one with the Purple-ish hues is a favorite color of most people due to its unique and new design.

The fingerprint sensor is located in the Rear which is quite handy to hit and it adds more security in using the phone (for unlocking the phone and banking type apps that require fingerprint scanning.

It has a tall and thick body build as compared to the other previously launched models.

More to that, it has a Plastic Body with a Glass Front, Pixel 3A XL has small bezels, and a big OLED Screen with an enabled Touch. It offers quick and Smooth Touch which makes it enjoyable to use.

  • It has a large display

  • Brilliant performance

  • Considered awesome.

  • Long-lasting battery life

  • Features fast charging

  • No micro SD card slot

  • Plastic body

  • It isn’t dusted or water-resistant

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Best phones for Vlogging

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This phone has a bit bigger display screen than other Note phones with a powerful battery and with enormous storage space.

The camera of this phone already makes it the best cell phone for YouTube Vlogging.

The stereo speakers in Note phone are their area of expertise, with an added feature of the S Pen which is connected can help it to activate customizable and cool shortcuts remotely.

The body of this phone is made with From and Back of Gorilla Glass 5 with an Aluminum Frame.

It has a Certified IP68 resistance from dust as well as water (for 30 minutes, up to 1.5m).

It offers a big display screen of AMOLED with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9 (2.06:1). The weight of this smartphone is 201g with having amazing color schemes availability and my most favorite of those colors is Lavender Purple.

It offers a 12 MP Dual Primary and Secondary Camera with 1/2. 55″ sensor, now that is something already very best quality and adding more to that is its aperture of f/1.5-2.4 makes this.

It can capture slow-motion videos with amazing high-quality results that cannot be neglected.

Just as its rear camera, it has an impressive 8 MP front camera as well, which is even beating the camera result of iPhone XS Max.

  • It has NFC and GPS built-in

  • 4 inches infinity display

  • Reliably long battery life

  • Great performance in low lights

  • Great storage capacity

  • No HDR video recording

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Best phones for Vlogging

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With having a big display and a good quality camera, Samsung has undoubtedly reached the heights of perfection with its new Galaxy phone which is The Galaxy S10+.

This phone has everything which a user may need while adopting the latest technology.

Samsung S10+ has an amazing new aluminum frame design which is thinner than the previous model launched that is S9+. The rear of this phone is even impressed with the camera of a triple-lens.

A wide 6.4-inch screen offers you the biggest display with an amazing edge style. Its screen-to-body ratio of 93.1% can fit more pixels.

The new look for Samsung is its Infinity-O display which has a fantastic, colorful, and bright reproduction that forms the finest and best icons, images, videos, apps, and games. It offers an In-Screen Sensor for the Fingerprint Unlock.

The camera of this phone uses a wide-angle to shoot the world with a wider view and capture 123° view field cinematic photos.

Its dual aperture triple-lens in the rear camera allows it to capture vibrant photos even in low lights.

This one has a Live Focus feature which is a fun feature and another Portrait Mode which is now offering some of the new options in this Galaxy S10+.

  • It has a cinematic display

  • It is dustproof and water-resistant

  • Wireless Power-Share

  • It has great settings

  • Amazing battery life

  • It is not shockproof

  • Design is slippery

  • It has no HDR for video recording

Huawei P30 Lite

Best phones for Vlogging

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The Huawei P30 Lite has some attractive designs and color schemes with the promising capabilities of gaming in regards to speed and battery.

The most well-known feature is its triple back/ rear camera. This phone an LTE/ HSPA/ GSM technology.

After the launch of P as well as Mate models of Huawei’s Lite are now replaced by the latest ones, but still, these are used by a lot of people who already have a hand on it.

This phone has a Dual-glass body with a plastic frame available in 3 various and amazing color schemes.

The Peacock Blue color is my personal favorite, a little purplish shade at the bottom and light blue at the above area makes it the most beautiful peacock type scheming.

Its display is Dust and Splash resistant and as well as Water-drop Notch. It is light in weight as compared to other latest models and it accepts dual SIM at a time. Moreover, it has a Rear-Mounted Fingerprint Scanner.

It has an amazing camera with a triple rear or main camera which can capture ultra-wide as well as regular images. The accessibility of Night mode is also impressive. It lacks Optical Zoom which means it has a fixed focus.

Its 2MP Depth Sensors works greatly with LED Flash, HDR, and Panorama. Selfie or Front camera has a Portrait mode with a lot of live effects.

More visit: AmazeInvent

  • It has a large display

  • The design is eye-catching

  • It has the best selfie camera

  • Excellent color accuracy

  • It has gaming capability

  • Reliable battery life

  • No 4K video recording

  • No OLED screen


Here you go my friends, this was the list and review of the 10 best smartphones that I think can be the best budget smartphone for vlogging.


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