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10 Best Soundbars under $500 2021

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Best Soundbars under $500 2021. Well, going out and wasting hours searching is not what you should be doing, that is why only for your convenience.

What is a Soundbar?

Even if you want to a home theater setup and you don’t have enough money for it or don’t have the room for a home theater so these the best soundbars under $500 Australia can be a decent alternative option to choose.

10 Best Soundbars under $500 2021

But keep in mind the budget as well because there will be some points here where you will have to sacrifice as well. But overall,  I have some best Soundbars for you that you won’t regret buying under a $500 bill.

Now, I will be listing some of the best Soundbars for you which you can buy from the market right now under $500 budget only. So without any further wait, let’s jump onto the list and review of these Soundbars.

Yamaha YAS 207BL

Best Soundbars under $500

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This soundbar has been chosen and selected as “Editor’s Choice” at a lot of platforms. This Yamaha YAS 207BL is one of the world’s first soundbars that have and use DTS Virtual technology. Image source: here

The speaker on the soundbar and in the included subwoofer, both create a 3D surround impressive sound experience.

All components of this Yamaha YAs 207BL are mountable and with this, there comes a mounting kit as well as easy instructions to do the job easily.

The rectangular subwoofer that comes with this Yamaha YAS 207BL is 17 inches tall, and the soundbar is 36 inches wide, these both components are most ideal for wall mounting or resting under a Smart TV flat screens.

Both of these, the subwoofer and soundbar of this Yamaha YAS 207BL are capable of wireless and Bluetooth as well for all your devices such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets.

  • It has DTS Virtual Technolgy

  • Bluetooth and Wireless connectivity

  • It uses HDMI, optical and analog connections

  • 2 years warranty

  • The additional subwoofer needs space

Wohome S9920

Best Soundbars under $500

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This soundbar is considered the “best budget pick” in this list. If you take a detailed look at this Wohome S9920, you will see that this is a great soundbar without any doubt.

The size of this Wohome S9920 is about the size of a 40-inch flat-screen or perhaps the size of the shelf your television is placed on. This device is not designed to be laid on to the ground and it comes with step by step mounting kit and tools if you want to mount it around the room somewhere.

If you have used a soundbar before as well, then you will find this Wohome S9920 soundbar slightly longer than the old one you used.

  • 3D Surround System designed with DSP technology

  • 2×10 tweeter speakers

  • It is ideal for placing under your 40 inches TV or ceiling mounting as well

  • All devices are compatible and it has Bluetooth connection as well

  • Installation is easy

  • It is lengthy

  • Purchase additional cables

Sonos Beam BEAM1US1BLK

Best Soundbars under $500

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This soundbar is considered the “best wireless soundbar” in this list.

This Sonos Beam is just a regular size soundbar you will see if you have visited a local electronics store to buy one. This soundbar is designed to be placed under your TV or mounted up on a wall, you can even put it on a shelf as well.

This Sonos beam is designed with one tweeter speaker and four mid-woofers, and these speakers all together create an excellent sound.

  • Voice Control feature

  • WiFi connectivity through phone/laptop and your network

  • Compatible to both Android and Apple devices

  • It is not a 5.1 system

  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Vizio SB2821

Best Soundbars under $500

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This soundbar is considered as “best movie theater experience” in this list.

This Vizio SB2821 soundbar is said to be the one that upgrades your current audio system to a premium audio system with a 28 inches long bar which includes crystal clear sounding speakers and an additional square wireless subwoofer.

This Vizio SB2821 soundbar guarantees you surround sound for your room which is up to 30 feet in length with less than 1 percent of harmonic deformation.

Vizio SB2821 soundbar is mountable to the wall and comes with instructions to do so, with an easy to use the mounting kit as well.

This Vizio soundbar and included subwoofer are designed with Dolby Digital technology which is used for cinema, broadcasting, DVD, Blu-ray, and for all other streaming content.

  • Comes with an easy to use a mounting kit

  • Wireless and Bluetooth capable connectivity

  • RCA connections

  • No HDMI compatibility

  • It has no tweeter speakers

Vizio SB3821-C6

Best Soundbars under $500

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We have another 38 inches long soundbar on our list guys. This Vizio soundbar is ideal for long ceiling mounting or you can place it under your 40 inches or wider smart TV flat screen. Not only these, but you can place it on long shelves and television cabinets as well.

Vizio SB3821-C6 contains 100-decibel surround sound which is created through a long soundbar with tweeter speakers along with a wireless subwoofer which ranges about 60 feet.

This great Vizio SB3821-C6 soundbar model is designed and manufactured to guarantee and provide you with crystal clear audio quality with less than even 1 percent of harmonic distortion, which only very few of the products can do.

This soundbar is designed to provide you premium audio with Dolby Digital decoding, which takes the sound of the movie theater and brings into your home with some additional DTS TruVolume and DTS audio post-processing technologies.

  • Premium audio quality with Dolby Digital decoding

  • It is compatible with both wireless and Bluetooth capable devices

  • Includes a mounting kit

  • Compatible with RCA cable

  • No compatibility with HDMI cords

  • It is not a 5.1 system

Bose 732522-1110

best soundbar under 1000

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This is a 21.6 inches long soundbar for you and it is perhaps one of the smallest in size options available for you in the market. Being small doesn’t mean it compromises in the quality, as it comes with amazing high powered speakers.

It is easy to mount below your TV, no matter what size your TV is because this soundbar as well is not too much longer. It will also look good if you place it on the shelf.

You get a universal remote controller with this Bose soundbar which makes it easier to link all the devices through your television and you can control your bass, volume, connections, Bluetooth settings, and wireless settings as well.

This Bose soundbar is said to be a “one-box solution” for all of you guys as it provides excellence for your home movie or TV shows experience.

  • Audio for any device which is connected to your TV

  • Bluetooth / Wireless capability

  • Universal remote controller

  • Multiple settings for advanced sound

  • Smaller surround sound radius

  • Subwoofer not included

  • It is expensive

Vizio SB36512-F6

best soundbar under 1000

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This is considered the best soundbar under 500 dollars to date namely the Vizio SB36512-F6.

It is a 5.1.2 Atmos compatible setup which consists of a soundbar, a wireless subwoofer, and two ear satellites with an upwards-firing speaker to help out in creating the fully immersive listening experience.

It provides a great price to performance ratio, offering you a ton of features for considerably less than most of the other options.

The connectivity choices are great and it also has a 3.5mm aux input for plugging in phones, something that many of the other the best soundbars under 500 UK don’t have.

The sound reproduction of this soundbar is pretty good and it is also quite well balanced and neutral sounding.

Unluckily, the soundstage which is coming from the bar itself is just decent, as it comes straight from the front and does not do any tricks to widen the soundstage by using side-firing speakers.

  • It offers great stereo performance

  • Decent soundstage

  • There is an Atmos support

  • It has amazing connectivity options

  • There is no Dialog Enhancement feature

  • Surround speakers have to be wired to the wireless sub

  • It has a slow, buggy, and laggy app.

Samsung HW-R650

best soundbar under 500

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The Samsung HW-R650 is considered as the best soundbar for dialogue under 500 dollars.

It is a 3.1 setup which includes a dedicated subwoofer and a center channel.

This soundbar has a premium build quality and the subwoofer which connects to the soundbar wirelessly, which makes the positioning of this soundbar much easier.

There is a good selection of inputs, but the sad news is, it does not support 4K 60Hz passthrough. It does have Bluetooth support, nonetheless, so you can stream content from the mobile devices.

In conclusion, this is a versatile soundbar that can handle most of the content decently well and it is a great choice for those who are mainly persons who watch a lot of dialogue-heavy content.

  • It has a decent stereo sound profile

  • The built design is elegant and well-built

  • It has a good overall performance at high volume

  • No any 4k passthrough

  • Lacks sub-bass

  • It has no height channels and Atmos support

Yamaha YAS 408BL

best soundbar under 500

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This is considered the best 2.1 soundbar which is under 500 dollars that I have tested.

It is also known as the MusicCast Bar 400. This one is a good performing soundbar that comes with a decent wireless subwoofer that delivers a good amount of bass.

It is better built than the cheaper Yamaha YAS-207, but the performance is not that much good.

This soundbar also does not have the sound enhancement features such as an EQ, even though it might not need one if you are looking for neutral sound reproduction. Though, it does not have a night mode, which would have been useful.

On the upside, it has tons and tons of connection options, whether you play the content which is wired or wirelessly.

If you are a person who does not care for a metal grill and just want a straightforward soundbar which offers great performance, you can have a look at the cheaper Yamaha YAS-207.

  • It has a neutral and accurate audio reproduction

  • The design is solid and well built

  • It is great for voice-oriented content

  • Lacks sub-bass

  • The virtual 3D surround sound mode is horrible

Samsung HW-Q60R

best soundbar under 600

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If you are a guy who wants a 5.1 setup but does not have a room for the dedicated rear satellites and want to be able to customize the sound profile of your speakers, then just go and get the Samsung HW-Q60R.

A more helpful guide: AmazeInvent

Unluckily, this does not work as well as dedicated satellites, and it will not perform as much good at fully immersing you in sound.

You will want to get the Vizio if you have a room for the rear satellites ad want a full immersive 5.1.2 Atmos experience, but if you are concerned about the living room clutter and like to be able to customize your sound profile, just go for Samsung choice.

  • It offers a decent stereo sound profile

  • The design is very well built

  • Has a decent overall performance at high volume

  • There is no height channels and Atmos support

  • Lacks in sub-bass

What is the best soundbar for money?

The Vizio SB3621n-E8 puts down the best soundbar for money. This visual soundbar offers the best sound quality in a compact package.

Its wireless external subwoofer ensures that the sound is balanced, whether you are watching movies or listening to music.

Are soundbars worth the price?

Soundbars are worth it. They will give you the best sound possible from their TV.

In some cases, they offer the best redemption for movies and music. There are many options for each budget.

How much should I spend on a soundbar?

There are also pedestal-style soundbars called sound bases that can serve as a base for a TV. Soundbar speakers are available in all price ranges.

You can spend a minimum of 100 100 or more than $ 1,000. Many sell for between $ 200 and $ 600.

Is Bose the best soundbar?

Best Sound Bar for Surrounding Sound: Bose Sound Bar 700

Bose recently introduced its brand new, impressive line of smart wireless products – and the soundbar offers the best of the 700 Bose, now with the Amazon Alexa built-in.

Is this Dolby Atos soundbar worth buying?

For casual movie fans, a soundbar of -4 300-400 can play tricks often and maybe a better choice for music streaming.

Nevertheless, the growing variety of comprehensive and powerful Atmos soundbars can help reduce costs, and if you want a complete immersion of Atoms, they will be a sight to behold in the months to come.

Which is better, DTS or Dolby Atos?

DTS: X can theoretically encode audio which is more mathematically accurate than Dolby Atmos. However, the listener may be unable to distinguish.

Dolby Atmos created smaller files with its more efficient compressible codec, meaning more data fits on disk.


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