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10 Best Ways to Send Money to India

India and other countries have many virtual consultants who can help you succeed in business while paying reasonable fees. Let’s see the list of the 10 best ways to send money to India.

It’s time to learn how to send money to India to enjoy the wealth of advertising.

One of the biggest challenges is choosing the best payment option. Maybe you are outsourcing to India because you are looking for a good hourly rate.

So you may not want to tackle savings by increasing the number of your payments.

10 Best Ways to Send Money to India

In this article, we will see how to pay your team efficiently, securely, and affordably, whether in India or anywhere in the world.

10ACH transfer

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An ACH transfer or domestic transfer is a good option for doing business in the United States. Many of the peer-to-peer payment services on this list work by initiating ACH transfers for you.

If the cost of the rebate is important to you, we recommend using the ACH rebate. The ACH rebate comes in two forms: debit and credit. Debit transfers tend to be free, but credit transfers can cost up to $3 per transaction.

  • It’s free with some banks or money transfer services, while others charge a small fee.
  • It can take more than 3 days, so it’s not the best option if you’re in a rush.


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