8 Common Battery Myths You Blindly Believe

Common Battery Myths
Smartphones have become something we love so much these days. It has become something we can't live without. Smartphones have been around for than a decade. That's why I would like to disclose on battery myths you blindly believe.It has evolved during times with Blackberry, iPhones and many others which offered more than just stereotyped texting and calls.But even before the phones getting smarter the battery used to last for than a week but these days however we see smartphone users craving Read more [...]

How to Extend Android Battery Life?

Extend Android battery Life
WHAT KILLS THE Android Battery Life?That “battery low” notification on your phone is so frustrating, especially when it feels like your phone was just fully charged with following to Extend Android battery Life.Regardless of how much you use it, even the best batteries don't seem like they last nearly long enough, and you might find yourself charging it more than once during the day.It's not just those games you secretly play at work,  it's a lot more complicated than you might Read more [...]

8 Actually Working Battery Savers Android Apps & Tips

Battery Savers
Tips to make your battery last longer Here are some tips to make sure you save battery and make it last longer. That's why you should have to follow Battery Savers with whole details. 1.       Figure out what’s using up the battery Go to the phone setting and click on the Battery option. You will now see what sucking up on your phone’s battery.Close all the apps that are using a lot of your phone’s power when you’re not even using them. Don’t use these apps when your battery Read more [...]