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8 Smartphone Common Battery Myths 2020 You Need To Know

Smartphones have become something we love so much these days. It has become something we can’t live without. Common Battery Myths 2020.

Smartphones have been around for more than a decade.

That’s why I would like to disclose battery myths you blindly believe.

It has evolved during times with Blackberry, iPhones, and many others which offered more than just stereotyped texting and calls.

But even before the phones getting smarter the battery used to last for than a week but these days however we see smartphone users craving for their batteries to last longer.

Every smartphone today is having those power-hungry apps. From email to socializing to photography and making videos, you have it all in your most precious thing – your phone.

But many people out there,  always adhere to common battery-related myths, and pass it down to the next generation smartphone users, scaring them to the limit.

8 Smartphone Common Battery Myths 2020

Here are some untrue myths or fallacies about a battery that smartphone users have glued to their minds that you should know.

Never leave your smartphone charging overnight

Smartphone Common Battery Myths

Never leave your phone to charge overnight. It is bad for your phone’s battery. Common Battery Myths is for people who believe in overcharging. Leaving the phone plugged in all night is not dangerous but it might make your phone’s battery age faster.

The smartphones these days can charge completely within an hour or two, they will never overcharge themselves.

A new smartphone is built with sensors that can detect heat and charge. They will automatically cut off when the charge is complete and if the temperature of the battery exceeds the rated measurements.

People aware of Common Battery Myths are also terror-stricken that leaving the phone to charge overnight will scale down the battery’s capacity.

But they are not enlightened by the fact that Lithium-Ion batteries that are used inside all smartphones today and have been constructed with protection circuits for overheating and overcharging.

When your smartphone is charged, the internal circuit of the smartphone will cut off the power and dribble charge the battery to keep it at full capacity.

It is safe to let the phone connected to the charger and leave it overnight.

Always discharge the battery completely before charging

Common Battery Myths

Common Battery Myths was accurate and appropriate for old phones which used  Nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydrides batteries, but smartphones these days use lithium-ion batteries. Common Battery Myths has some reasonable origins.

Nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries would fail to remember their full capacity as if you didn’t fully drain them before charging again.

But lithium-ion is a different activity, it doesn’t forget and can retain a working charge across the entire battery.

Lithium-ion batteries indeed diminish in capacity with every charge cycle, but the Common Battery Myths effect isn’t very large.

Most smartphone batteries retain about 70 to 80 percent of their original charge capacity even after a couple of years.

You should know that Li-Ion batteries don’t have Common Battery Myths concern and you can harmlessly charge the battery whenever you feel like.

Never use that smartphone while charging

Smartphone Common Battery Myths

Some people say that using your phone while it’s charging can make your device explode, catch fire, or electrocute you.

Smartphone batteries ‘never’ blow up when charging, well, at least if they are from a sub-standard company or objectively flawed.

Common Battery Myths type of myth is usually passed down from older (partially) techies who have lived with older batteries during their time.

As usually believed that using the device when charging can explode or electrocute you, you should know that it is completely safe.

There is some truth to the talk about “mini-cycles”, which occur when the battery drains at the same time as it charges.

Over a very long period, Common Battery Myths can head to parts of the battery that have been through more cycles than other parts, meaning that it hasn’t aged evenly but batteries age anyway.

Using that smartphone when charging will never cause any damage so go ahead, it’s completely out of harm’s way.

Always use the original cable and charger for your smartphone

Common Battery Myths

This myth is partly correct. Common Battery Myths one has its roots in what is essentially marketing. It is just a marketing stunt that companies usually pull off.

Whenever you get your shiny new phone from a given manufacturer, odds are pretty good that the manual will tell you to always buy chargers from the company that made your device.

Yes, they want you to use the original charger so that they can sell you more of their accessories.

You can safely charge smartphones with a charger from another device, without any problems.

Unless the power output of the charger is ‘more than 5V’ or if the charger is manufactured from one of your friendly easy on the pocket companies.

But still the original charger is highly compatible. All chargers today are rated at 5V and between 1A and 2A and will charge at speeds of the power output it supports.

Save battery power by killing apps

Smartphone Common Battery Myths

You should be alert of Common Battery Myths one. While it is true that killing unwanted apps can save power, it is the other way around.

Killing apps do not reduce power consumption, it increases it. It consumes more power.

Even if you’re just carelessly murdering apps that seem to be running in the background by force stopping them or swiping them out of the Recent Apps menu, you’re often draining more battery than you’re saving.

For one thing, a lot of apps spring right back to life after you kill them, meaning you just spent more resources than if you just leave it alone.

Killing them will use more battery power. If you are sure you don’t use them at all, disable the app completely, or simply uninstall them to save power.

Switching off Bluetooth and GPS saves battery life

Common Battery Myths

Common Battery Myths used to true for older smartphones with older operating systems. Earlier technology was power-hungry and older operating systems were not regulating the fresh reserves properly.

Common Battery Myths was the rational explanation that the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS would consistently keep demanding to scan for services and data when they were kept switched-on, injuring the battery further.

However, new smartphones with the up to minute operating systems are enhanced in a way that they are used only when required.

Keeping the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS enabled will not stress the battery as they will be used only when the app calls for it.

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Leave the services that you use on the usual running all you want. Your device is designed to deal with it.

Turning off your phone can damage your battery

Smartphone Common Battery Myths

There isn’t even the minor truth to this. Of course, if you leave your phone off for a prolonged period, the battery will drain (that’s the nature of batteries). But it is perfectly fine to shut that device off every once in a while.

You can even shut the device off and (if applicable) remove the battery if you like.

No damage will come to the battery. In fact, for some devices, a simple reboot can help to revive battery phenomenality.

So even though that Android device runs perfectly fine day in and day out, give it a break now and then.

Always charge your phone to full before using it

Common Battery Myths

Your phone already has some juice, and skipping that first charge won’t affect its life long-term. The only reason some manufacturers suggest charging it first is to make a good first impression.

By the time that new phone reaches your hand, testing and manufacturing have already drained up to half the battery.

Remember, smartphone batteries work best between 40% to 80%, and since most phones ship at half capacity, you should be good to go out of the box.

Remember, smartphone batteries work best between 40% to 80%, and since most phones ship at half capacity, you should be good to go out of the box.


Do you charge your phone to 100?

For many years, it has been said that charging your phone up to 100 goes down faster than battery unplugging when it reaches 80 in or more.

According to Cadix (the world’s largest manufacturer of battery testing equipment), it should be noted that 50 to 80 lithium batteries are ideal for lithium batteries.

Is the 40 80 battery rule real?

Therefore, the limits recommended by the manufacturer are 40-80 charge principle.

Overcharging, charging, extraordinary temperatures, are for the most part factors that can shorten your lithium-particle battery life (utilized in iPhones and Android). Instead, keep your battery life somewhere between 40 and 80 percent.

Is Fast Charging Bad?

Lithium-ion technology in batteries running modern Android smartphones allows for faster recharging.

Consumers who are interested in a fast-charging solution are sometimes worried that a fast power outage could damage the phone’s battery. But really, you don’t have to worry.

Is it OK to utilize your phone while charging?

When you use your phone while charging, the phone charges the battery at a slower rate than usual to allow enough power for the processor/screen.

If anything, it greatly increases battery life because it is slowly charging and generating less heat inside the battery (which is annoying).

Should I only charge 80?

A good rule of thumb seems to be that you never charge your phone to more than 80% capacity.

Some research shows that after 80%, your battery should be kept at a constant high voltage to reach 100% of your charger, and this constant voltage is the most damaging.

Does the phone automatically stop charging at 100?

The idea is that if you leave your phone on the charger for a while after it is 100 percent off, it will continue to pump in current and this will reduce the capacity of the battery or even cause a fire.

There are some legitimate origins to this superstition, so it’s no surprise that it’s stuck around.

Battery Saver

11 Best Ways To Extend Android Battery Life 2020

That “battery low” notification on your phone is so frustrating, especially when it feels like your phone was just fully charged with following to Extend Android Battery Life.

Regardless of how much you use it, even the best batteries don’t seem like they last nearly long enough, and you might find yourself charging it more than once during the day.

9 Best Ways To Extend Android Battery Life 2020?

It’s not just those games you secretly play at work,  it’s a lot more complicated than you might think.

Location Services Or GPS

Extend Android Battery Life

You can probably watch your battery die as you’re navigating. There’s some pretty cool science behind why a GPS is such a battery hog, and it has to do with how much it has to work.

Since GPS relies on a series of very fast updates to your coordinates,  that means your phone has to keep its communication channels open all the time.

More than that, it’s not just communicating with a single cell tower. Instead, it’s communicating with three or four satellites, using all that information to triangulate exactly where you are.

The worst of the GPS function’s battery drain comes in large part because the continuous operation of the app keeps the phone from going into Sleep Mode.

Most smartphones rely on that to conserve most of their battery power.

Apps with background activity

Extend Android Battery Life

While you’re checking your settings, take a look at what apps are eating up the most of your phone’s battery.

If some of the highest-draining apps are listing “background activity,” you can turn off background app refresh, and only allow the apps to refresh when you’re using them, which will spare you some energy.

If you don’t need your email constantly updated either, you can change your mail settings to fetch data manually, instead of constantly refreshing for new mail.

Pop up ads

Extend Android Battery Life

Pop up ads that shown up on your phone screen while you’re playing free games are a big battery drain.

Running a web browser with no ad blocker can double the amount of battery you can expect to use.

It takes battery power, and that’s going to hurt your phone’s lifespan in the end, along with your patience.


Extend Android Battery Life

Leaving your Bluetooth on all day can be fun because you can connect your phone with the speakers and listen to the bombastic songs all day.

But Android Battery Life can drain your phone’s battery way easier than you think.  Cellular data can also drain out the phone’s battery way faster.

Screen brightness

Android Battery Life

The most obvious setting that could be killing your phone is the brightness.

Turn your display’s brightness down whenever your phone is running low, and use the auto-brightness feature to allow your phone to adapt to the lighting around you.

Using low power mode will also automatically dim your display. Another way your display could be draining your battery is if it’s constantly being lit up with notifications.


Extend Android Battery Life

Leaving your phone on vibrate most of the time is a huge drain on the battery. Vibrate is a massive power drain because, for all your phone’s amazing technology, Android Battery Life is one surprisingly old-school function.

The vibrate function comes from a tiny little motor inside your phone.

Instead of ringing, the little motor spins. It’s off-center on your phone. it doesn’t happen without a substantial power surge to kick-start the motor for the split-second your phone vibrates.

It takes a lot more power than just making a noise. And that can make a serious dent in your charge.


Extend Android Battery Life

The bright, colorful, and animated wallpapers can be a big drain for your phone’s battery. Especially the live wallpapers eat up a lot of your cell phone’s battery.

Simply using complete black color wallpaper can save your battery a couple of times.

Get more information from the official Google forum.

Charging it the wrong way

Extend Android Battery Life

Constantly allowing the battery to go from full to empty can damage it and decrease its capacity over time.

On the flip side, leaving your phone plugged in when it’s full can also degrade the battery.


Extend Android Battery Life

Your cell phone’s screen lights up every time you receive a new notification.

Getting update notification of what’s going on in the apps can be handy for things like social media and emails but it drains a large amount of your battery.

Practical ways to save your battery

Android Battery Life

It’s harder to replace your phone’s lithium-ion battery than it is to treat it right in the first place.

Many smartphones don’t provide easy user access to their batteries. Official battery replacements can be expensive or inconvenient.

There are also environmental concerns. Here are some tips to save your phone’s battery from draining quickly and increase its life span.

Avoid draining all your battery to 0%

Extend your battery life

Newer phone batteries work differently. It stresses the battery to drain it completely or charge it completely.

Phone batteries are happiest if you keep them above 20% capacity and below 90%. To be extremely precise, they’re happiest around 50% capacity.

Avoid fast charging

Extend your battery life

Charging your phone quickly stresses the battery. Unless you need it, avoid using fast charging. The slower you charge your battery the better, so if you don’t mind slow charging overnight, go for it.

Charging your phone from your computer as well as certain smart plugs can limit the voltage going into your phone, slowing its charge rate.

Some external battery packs might slow the speed of charging.

Keep the temperature moderate

Extend your battery life

Below 0℃, the amount of power available within the battery system is reduced because of a restriction in the movement of lithium metal and lithium ions within the electrodes and through the electrolyte.

Above 45℃, the amount of power available is enhanced compared with lower temperatures.

However, at these temperatures are the degradation of the battery is also greatly accelerated, so over an extended period, its ability to store charge will be reduced.

As a result, phones should be kept out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods, especially in summer when surface temperatures can increase to above 70℃.

Use smart battery modes

Extend your battery life

All modern mobile devices have a smart battery saving mode (for instance, Android has Power Saving Mode and iOS has Low Power Mode).

These software features modify central processing unit (CPU) usage for different apps, screen brightness, notifications and various hardware options to reduce energy consumption.

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Airplane mode

Extend Android Battery Life

Android Battery Life mode typically disables GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS functions on your devices.

When turning off all such auxiliary functions, the device will use only up to 5% of its usual energy consumption with the screen off. For comparison, simply having your device in idle can still use more than 15%.

Enhancing your phone’s battery usability requires a combination of limiting the use of power-hungry hardware and software, as well as handling mobile devices to maximize the charge capacity and minimize battery degradation.

By adopting these simple strategies, users can extend their battery life by more than 40% on any given day while maintaining a more consistent battery capacity throughout the lifetime of the device.

Reduce screen brightness

Extend your battery life

Enhancing your phone’s battery usability requires a combination of limiting the use of power-hungry hardware and software, as well as handling mobile devices to maximize the charge capacity and minimize battery degradation.

By adopting these simple strategies, users can extend their battery life by more than 40% on any given day while maintaining a more consistent battery capacity throughout the lifetime of the device.

Turn off cellular data

Extend Android Battery Life

The connection to the cellular network uses the global system for mobile communication (GSM) module.

The GSM is the most dominant energy-consuming component in a mobile phone, so it is beneficial to turn it off altogether or at least limit call time.

Reduce the screen timeout

Extend Android Battery Life

It’s a well-known fact that the display is one of the biggest sources of battery drain on an Android phone, so managing it is crucial to its longevity.

The “screen-timeout” or “sleep” setting determines how long your display will stay awake for after it has been engaged with; if your screen remains on while you aren’t looking at it, it’s wasting precious battery life.

Best to set it to the lowest value you are comfortable with in regular use, and only change it when you need to.

Dark theme

Extend Android Battery Life

Displaying black on the screen uses no energy, and darker colors use less energy than bright colors like white.

Choosing a dark theme for your phone, if it has an OLED or AMOLED screen, can save energy.

If your screen does not have an OLED screen  and Android Battery Life includes all iPhones before the iPhone X — a dark theme won’t make a difference.

Home screen widgets and live wallpapers are bad

Extend Android Battery Life

A lot of people are using home screen stuff on their smartphones, they think it will make their job easier. But it hurts battery life.

Because the widgets feature more RAM and the background process will also speed up your battery draining. Avoid adding widgets to the home screen if you want to save your battery life.

Yes, live wallpapers bring life to your smartphone’s home screen. But don’t forget that it consumes a lot of battery life as live wallpapers always activate the screen and drain the battery.

So as wallpaper or as we have already said use black wallpaper and save battery life.

Control apps refresh frequency

Extend Android Battery Life

The next method is controlling the update frequency of some apps. Notifications Frequently check emails and other data for updates. Repeatedly retrieving data will quickly drain your battery.

  • So to disable it just go to “Settings > Accounts” and uncheck the automatic sync data to prevent your Android device from automatically syncing with your Google Accounts (and other accounts) in the background Do Uncheck auto-sync data to prevent your Android device from automatically syncing with your Google Accounts (and other accounts) in the background.
  • And force apps to work in the background.

Turn off animations

  • Another great option is to change the animation settings to improve battery consumption on Android devices. But to change the animation settings, you’ll need to access “Developer Options” – an option is hidden within your Android settings.
  • To enter developer mode, go to “Settings >> About Phone” and tap on “Blood Number” a few times and then go back to the Central Settings page to find the active “Developer Options“.
  • Now go to Active Developer Options, and scroll down to find three options like “Window Animation Scale“, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator Droid Scale” and turn them off.

Battery Saver

10 Actually Working Battery Savers 2020 Android Apps

A smartphone battery draining problem could be one of the worst things about it. Battery Savers 2020 Android Apps.

Especially if you are one of those who needs to use the phone 24 hours per day as a part of their daily life routine or for a business, like managing social media pages and accounts or to communicate with your team, etc.

instead of looking for a plugin, you should choose the smarter way and rely on a good battery saver app.

Battery Savers Android Apps boosts your phone and helps you monitor and extend your battery by many means including speeding up your charging time with no overheating problems, optimizing your battery by closing the hungry and high battery consuming applications, statistics about your battery including battery percentage, remaining battery time, and more.

8 Battery Savers Android Apps 2020 that really work

Now, if we search for battery saver apps on the Google Play Store, we will find millions of apps. However, those apps don’t work, and it just adds extra load on our smartphone.

But, there are few battery saver apps available for Android that really work, and Battery Savers Android Apps can help you to improve battery life.

Here are the 8 best battery saver apps for Android to save some money instead of purchasing a power bank or an extra battery.

DU battery saver app

Battery Savers Android Apps

It is the world’s leading battery saver app that has helped its global users to save battery around 59280Kwh. Just a single tap and you can save your phone’s battery up to 70 percent.

You can simply download it from the Google play store where it is available for free. Once it is installed it will take charge of your phone to improve its performance.

The app has an authentic ability to identify the elements in a smartphone that are eating up the phone’s battery or are demanding high battery consumption. The app further cleans these elements, hence optimizing battery performance.

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  • Battery consumption details.
  • Monitor option.
  • Saver option.
  • Charge option.
  • CPU cooler.

Download: here

Accu battery

Battery Savers Android Apps

Accu battery enhances the total capacity of an Android gadget by making it up to 200% more efficient. The change alarm feature helps you to find out exactly how much of your phone’s battery is left.

It provides accurate information about the battery life and what apps are doing to your battery, allowing setting, they don’t have to, Battery Savers Android Apps is about empowering the user, not doing it all for them and over-promising things.

Other than to monitor your battery, you can also use Accu Battery to see how fast your charger or USB cable is charging your device not by predictions but by actually measuring the charging current.


  • Change alarm feature.
  • Boost app option.
  • Specialized CPU overlay.
  • Monitors draining apps.
  • The real capacity of the battery.
  • Standby mode.
  • Detailed discharged speed.
  • Remaining charging and usage time.

Download: here

Power battery

Battery Savers Android Apps

Power Battery is an Android app that aims to give users 60% more battery life out of their smartphones.

It does Battery Savers 2020 Android Apps by giving users information on which apps are consuming the most battery and giving them options to cut these down permanently or to generate a temporary boost in battery life.

Battery Saver feature inside of Power Battery, which will tell users which apps are draining their batteries. Power Battery has a scheduler that can be set up with the time or how much battery is left in the tank.

Battery Savers Android Apps Custom profiles give users the ability to control what happens to their devices when trying to get more battery life out of the battery.


  • Effective.
  • Accurately informs about battery life.
  • Automation.
  • Battery saver feature.
  • Health charger feature.

Download: here

Kaspersky battery life

Battery Savers Android Apps

Kaspersky Battery Life is a small app for Android that consumes no more than 1% of the battery charge and at the same time monitors which running applications are draining the battery the most and stops them if necessary.

Battery Life shows the applications that are draining the battery fastest, as well as the total amount of time you can be saved by closing them.

A single tap commands Battery Life to kill the apps in RAM, thus extending battery life.

Battery Life can predict how much time is left before your device needs to be charged which would be useful to know.


  • Boosts battery life.
  • Accurate in telling battery capacity.
  • Monitors power-hungry apps.
  • Battery saver feature.

Download: here

Avast battery saver

Battery Savers

Battery Savers Android Apps can save you almost 20% of the phone’s battery while you can stay unplugged. In just one tap you can have to monitor the apps that are using your battery power.

Battery Savers Android Apps efficiently speeds up your device and extends your battery life as well. Battery Savers Android Apps can get you accurate estimates of how much your battery will last.

You can also watch out for the apps running the background when you’re not even using them. It notifies you about the power-hungry apps and stops them directly from the lock screen.


  • Emergency profiles save battery.
  • Customized setting.
  • Precise information about the battery.
  • Controls battery-draining apps.

Download: here


Battery Savers

Greenify is a free app for Android that helps you to identify power-consuming apps and place them into hibernation when you are not using them.

Not only does Battery Savers Android Apps stop them from eating at your battery. It also prevents them from slowing down your device.

Users can benefit from even more battery savings by activating a feature called Aggressive Doze Mode with takes the built-in Doze Mode features and, well, amplifies it up in order to make it even more effective.

You don’t have to constantly close apps manually the Android manager is smart enough to manage the memory and battery.  Greenify can work flawlessly on both unrooted and rooted devices.


  • Shallow hibernation feature.
  • Aggressive doze mode.
  • Unwelcome promotions and ads.
  • Monitors unnecessary power and memory consumption.
  • Doze on the go.
  • Automatic hibernation.
  • Wake-up tracking.

Download: here

Super battery

Battery Savers

Super Battery – Battery Doctor is a handy and professional battery saving application.

Battery Savers Android Apps features the junk cleaner option that cleans up your phone’s junk files and trash to keep your phone optimized condition and free up some space to put less load on the phone’s battery.

It also boosts your phone’s performance by killing the apps in the background which are consuming most of your phone’s battery without you even knowing.

It also features a private browser that provides you a safe browsing experience.

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  • Extends battery life.
  • CPU cooler.
  • Optimizes phone.
  • Kills background running apps.
  • Junk Cleaner.

Download: here


Battery Savers Android Apps

Amplify is a root app with some decent features. Its main functionality is identifying and stopping wake locks.

A wake lock is when an app prevents your phone from going into sleep mode.

Battery Savers Android Apps helps put a stop to all of that. You can control apps, alarms, and other services that could be draining your battery.

It is easy to use and can save a lot of your battery life. The best thing is, Amplify has detailed descriptions for all the apps so that you can decide whether to stop the app or not.


  • Wakelock
  • Conserves the battery by killing.
  • Lets the phone go in sleep mode.
  • Accurately tells about the battery capacity.
  • Cools down CPU.
  • Battery saver mode.

Download: here

Juice Defender

Battery Savers Android Apps

Oversee power as indicated by your inclinations or utilize preset profiles and extend your Android battery life with Juice Defender.

As if it has its own mind, this Android Battery Saver app automatically and transparently manages your phone’s highly powered features, such as mobile data, Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G, and pours juice into your device. Is. Touch and screen brightness

Fully customizable, Juice Defender has an intuitive layout and can run once it’s customized. Choose when to plan regular sync occasions, enable or disable specific application connectivity, or flip your Wi-Fi naturally dependent on the location.


  • 5 preset profiles (full customization from default format)
  • Easy and intuitive user interface (no annoying ads!)
  • Home screen battery widgets
  • Mobile data toggle automation
  • 2G / 3G toggle automation **
  • Wi-Fi toggle automation + auto-disable option

Green Power Premium

best apps

Forget your power cord at home? No worries! The Green Power Premium Battery Saver app for Android gives your phone extra power.

This free app is fully automated and runs in the background. Just create and keep your mind at ease, leave the green power to what works best.

The app easily handles Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even Bluetooth. A leaf icon in the status panel tells you at a glance how Green Power is working.


  • Notification of battery life in the notification area
  • Very light and fast app
  • Easy and clean interface
  • Configurable Fully configurable settings
  • Backup / restore settings
  • Language 20 languages ​​(changes during runtime)

Do Battery Saver Apps Really Work?

However, most of the work of the Battery Saver app shuts down the background process, which has much more to do with the extension of standby time. But apparently turning off Bluetooth, dialing back on the brightness, and other tweaks actually help to increase the screen over time – to a lesser extent.

Tips to make your battery last longer

Here are some tips to make sure you save battery and make it last longer. That’s why you should have to follow Battery Savers with whole details.

Figure out what’s using up the battery

Go to the phone setting and click on the Battery option. You will now see what sucking up on your phone’s battery.

Close all the apps that are using a lot of your phone’s power when you’re not even using them. Don’t use these apps when your battery is low.

Low power/ Battery saving mode

You can also turn on battery saving or low power consumption mode which temporarily reduces the power consumption.

It also conserves battery power by limiting the CPU performance, reduces brightness, and turning off the touch key light and vibration feedback.

Disable navigation services

Some apps keep tracking your location even when they are not in use. Closing such apps help save your battery life. Simply go to your phone’s setting.

Click on the privacy option. Select all the apps that are tracking you down and shut them to conserve your battery power.

Wi-Fi over cellular data

Mobile phones consume more battery when the incoming signal is weak than when it is strong. It’s like the phone has to do more work to receive information sent from a faraway source.

Battery Savers Android Apps happens during switching ‘cells‘, which are zones covered by the telecom towers, that the phone is constantly trying to figure out where the stronger signal is coming from.

With Wi-Fi, the switching isn’t there. Because you set your Wi-Fi to connect to one network, there is no switching.

Airplane mode

You can easily turn Airplane Mode on in the Settings. With Battery Savers Android Apps technique, your phone will stop searching for a cell tower and that’ll conserve battery power.

You will, however, still be able to access it.