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How to Change Username on Spotify?

Your username is intended to identify you on Spotify, so it can’t change. In any case, you don’t have to recollect it to sign in, simply utilize your email address and secret word, or Facebook.

Let me ask you a question, are you annoyed with the random numbers that are claiming your identity on Spotify too? Change Username on Spotify.

I have seen many people having a problem with that.

Well, I have some unfortunate news for you guys, it is that Spotify doesn’t allow any user to change his/her username after it is created.

And this music streaming service has not announced any plans to change this fact until now.

Change Username on Spotify

There is another thing I want to tell you, that there is nothing impossible to do, right?

So, I have got a few tricks of getting around the system and these tricks don’t require a lot of your attention and efforts, but you will get your username changed for sure.


Change Username on Spotify

It provides services for streaming songs online.

The users don’t only get the opportunity to listen to their favorite songs on it, but they also get to listen to their favorite albums, genres, as well as artists.

There are two versions of Spotify, one that is free, and the other one is paid of course. Because of the great services it provides, Spotify has more than 170 million users worldwide.

In addition to the fact that it has a free version and that has made it has a lot of users, you do not need any additional and particular hardware or software to use the services of Spotify for yourself.

Most of the people and I think that you people reading this article was well just simply know Spotify as an application for streaming music online-only, right?

Well, the truth is that Spotify is much more than an application for streaming music online only.

Despite just streaming music online, Spotify also plays a role in the social media platform for all the music lovers people to build a connection between them and get to know each other much more.

When it comes to a social media platform, and Spotify is one as well, this means that username is important right?

And you guys know the general fact about Spotify that you cannot change your username here.

And I also mentioned above that there are some methods that you guys can make use of in an attempt to change the username on the Spotify iPhone.

So, without wasting any other precious time of yours, let’s get straight with these methods so you can get help out of them.

Method #1: Connect Your Spotify Account to Your Facebook Account

Change Username on Spotify

This method is the easiest way to change the username of your Spotify account.

All you need to do is just link up your Spotify account to your Facebook account. Once you are done doing this, you will see your username on the Spotify account will be altered to your username on your Facebook account on its own.

You can use Spotify just as you like, you can use it as a website and as an application as well.

I will share both ways to link Spotify account to your Facebook account with you, for the website version and the application version as well.


  • Open up your browser go to there
  • Select the “log in” option

Change Username on Spotify

  • Put in your email address or the username.
  • Use password.

Change Username on Spotify

  • Then click on the down arrow that is located in the top right corner of the web page to go to Settings
  • Go to the Social option there and locate the “Facebook” option under it.
  • In the “Facebook” section, you will have to click on the “Connect to Facebook” option.

Change Username on Spotify

  • After you click on it, it will pass the request you to log in to your Facebook account there on that pop-up window
  • After you successfully login into your Facebook account there, it will be linked with your account successfully and you will see your username on your Spotify account changed automatically.


Spotify Application

This is for the people who want to do this on their smartphones, so they do not have to visit the webpage of Spotify to change their usernames because they can do all of this on their application only.

Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch the application and log in to your account
  • Once you logged in, you will need to go to Settings by clicking on the Settings icon and then click on social there.
  • Locate and click “Facebook


  • Do the same, log in to your Facebook account there.

And if you guys don’t like the username of your Facebook account to show up here, I have got another method for you.

Method #2: Create a New Facebook Account

Create a New Facebook Account

If you guys don’t find the username of your main Facebook account good enough to show on your account or for any other reason you don’t want to do that, then this method is for you.

To change your username to a name that is not your Facebook name, all you need to do is create a new Facebook account with the name that you want to use.

This way is much easier and you get to put a username of your own choice.

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