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How to Change Your Gmail Password?

One snappy approach to improving your security online is by changing your email password on a regular premise.

Be that as it may, for some, individuals, doing so may mean changing a password for a Gmail account.

Do you realize how to change your Gmail password? If not, don’t stress: We’ll give you how. Simply follow our bit by bit guide beneath.

In this day and age of modern technology, it is nearly impossible for anyone not to know what Google is. Let’s change your Gmail password on the iphone.

Google is one of the world’s biggest online internet platforms with an estimated 1.5 billion in 2018, of people using it annually.

As we are aware Google has introduced its email platform Gmail a long time ago as well, this platform is used by people around the globe.

Although Gmail itself is very popular among the public not everyone is aware of how to use or its proper Functionality.

That is why we are going to guide you today on how to control Google’s settings and it’s intermediate functions to give your mind some rest, starting with changing your password.

If you wish for you to keep your account secure and save from hackers, it is preferable to change your Gmail password on the android phone regularly.

Before changing the password keep in mind that all accounts that are connected to this email ID will require a new password such as Google Maps, YouTube Google photos, etc.

It may seem like a hustle but it’s quite easy.

How To Change Your Gmail Password?

Change Your Gmail Password

The first step to changing the password of your Gmail account is to go to your Google account itself.

After this, we shall enter our password along with our email. If two-way identification is required we shall proceed forward after filling necessary information.

The second step

After we have logged into our account, we shall observe that at our left there is an options panel.

Gmail logged out

Inside the options panel, there shall be an option on the top that will read “security“.

Click the Security tab and you shall find yourself with variable options.

After skimming through the options you shall see that there will be an option that will read “signing in to Google“.
We shall click the signing into the Google tab.

change Gmail password

The third step:

After clicking the tab that says “signing in to Google” we shall observe that we will be given various options.

From these variable options, we shall click on the tab that will read out “password“.

Clicking the password tab we will again be presented with options from which we will choose the option that will read out “change your password“.

Google account recovery

If you have your two-step verification activated then you shall type in your necessary information and proceed.

The password that will be asked from you will be required to be complex, a mixture of numbers, and different characters.

After entering your new password twice, once to change the password and the other to confirm the new password you shall click next and you’ll be good to go.

change Gmail password by forgetting

Password recovery on the phone

Recovering your password on the phone is slightly different as compared to Changing your password on your desktop.

This is due to the availability and difference of options. Here are the ways you can easily change my Gmail password account.

  • Firstly we will open our Gmail account.
  • change Google password
  • After this, we will go to our “settings tab“. We will then be presented with different options.
  • clicked_setting_option
  • From these options, we will choose the option that reads out “google“.
  • changing_password
  • We will open this tab and from this, we will go to the tab that will say “manage your Google account‘.
  • Gmail password required
  • We shall proceed by typing in our personal information. This will help google verify that it is us and not someone else trying to hack into our account.
  • After this, we shall select the panel that states “password“.
    We will type in our current password first for identification and security reasons.
  • After this, we shall click the options that say next and proceed.
    We will then type in our new password and confirm it.
  • Then we shall click the tab button that says change.
  • We shall then proceed to confirm that we are confident with our change by pressing “OK“.

How to recover or changes your google password if you do not remember your current password?

Forgetting passwords is a major struggle we all face once in a while, some more often than others.

This problem can be easily overcome if you install a password manager.

If you have not then here are some simple ways you can recover your password easily.

  • The first step of password recovery is to go to accounts.google.com/signin/recovery.
  • This is there to help all accounts who have lost their passwords.
  • After this, we shall enter our email address. This will help Google identify the account which is lost as well as track the personal data in it.
  • You will most probably be asked to type on your last password. If you do not remember that either you shall proceed by clicking on “try another way“.
  • Google account recovery
  • After this google will proceed by asking you for your secondary email. This email will most probably be the one that you have entered initially while making the account.
  • If supposedly you do not remember that either you shall proceed by clicking on “try another way” option again.
  • You shall now be faced with the more known secure methods of identification, that is by asking you your social security questions.
  • If you have entered your security questions in your account, Google will ask you to verify yourself by answering your security questions.
  • change Gmail password
  • Google will then take you to a screen that will be titled “account recovery“.

Here you shall be requested to type in a verification code that will be sent to you via your phone number.

  • You are advised to put in a phone number that is in your use regularly.
  • If for some reason it is not working then you will probably have to contact Google itself and inform them of your current situation.
  • Google will then proceed to act accordingly to the issue and let you know as soon as possible.

And these are the ways you change an alter your password as much as you wish.

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How might I see my password in Gmail?

To see the passwords you’ve spared, go to passwords.google.com.

There, you’ll discover a rundown of accounts with spared passwords.

Note: If you utilize a sync passphrase, you won’t have the option to see your passwords through this page, however, you can see your passwords in Chrome’s settings.

How might I recuperate my Gmail password without telephone number and exchange email?

If you don’t approach your recovery email, telephone, or another alternative you may in any case have the option to recoup Gmail password by physically checking your character.

The first thing you have to do is visit the Google Account Recovery page. When there, enter your email address.

How would I change my Gmail password on the off chance that I lost my telephone?

Pick the “I don’t have the foggiest idea about my password” alternative and enter your Gmail® address, click on Continue.

On the off chance that you connected a telephone number to your Gmail® account, you can demand a confirmation code sent in an instant message or you can respond to security inquiries under “Check your personality” area.

How might I open my Gmail account?

Bolted out of your Google account?

  1. Go to the Google sign-in page and snap Need assistance?
  2. Snap Find my account.
  3. Select either Enter your recovery email address or Enter your recovery telephone number, at that point type your name and scratch off the container close to I’m not a robot.
  4. Google will send you an email or instant message containing your client’s name.


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