How to Play Minesweeper? The Definitive Guide

Play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is one of the most well-known time-squanderers known to Windows clients.

It used to come standard with the Windows working framework, yet that hasn’t been the situation since Windows 8.

In any case, Windows 10 clients who would prefer to understand rationale puzzles than work can still get their Minesweeper fix. They simply have a couple of more strides to experience.

Here’s how to play Microsoft Minesweeper on Windows 10.

If you are a Windows user, How to play minesweeper online? it is highly possible with a lot of chances that you already had.

If you want me to share my personal experience with you guys, then I need to tell you that this game was more like a mystery to me for a long time.

And I think that there are many people out there right now who still don’t know anything about this game and still don’t know how to play it.

In this guide of mine, I will be helping you to play your first minesweeper game ever.

Rules of Minesweeper

Play Minesweeper

Let me tell you the rule of this game: “The number on the block intimates the number of mines that are adjacent to that block and you need to flat all the mines.”

Now I will tell you some terms of this game before we start with guides for playing Minesweeper.

  • FLAG: You will have to put a flag in a zone where you have confirmed that there is a mine on that block.
  • SMILEY FACE: If you want to reset the game, click on the Smiley Face. You can also press the F2 key instead, it will do the job for you.
  • QUESTION MARK: You will have to put a question mark there where you suspect that there is a mine, but to me, it is pretty useless.

Now as you guys know the terms, let’s start with the guide on how to play minesweeper on google!

How to Play Minesweeper

Play Minesweeper

First of all, you need to understand the principles behind this game.

Each of the minesweeper game starts with a grid full of unmarked squares, you have to click on them and then you will see that some of the squares will disappear, some of them will remain blank, and some of them will have numbers on them.

What you need to do is, that you will have to use these numbers to figure out which of the unmarked blank squares have mines and which one of those unmarked blank squares are saved to click on.

Play Minesweeper

If you have ever played a Sudoko puzzle, then I need to tell you that Minesweeper is just similar to that.

As in the Sudoku puzzle, your success is largely dependent on being able to eliminate all the possible answers until only one answer remains for you in the game.

The only tool that you will need to play this game is your Mouse.

The left-click button is used to click on a square that does not have mines beneath them, while the right-click button is used to flag the squares that you doubt have mines beneath them.

Let me tell you that on higher difficulties in this game, you will have to mark squares that you suspect are having mines until you can verify yourself that they do have mines.

You don’t have to worry about your first click, because the first-ever square you will click on will never have a mine beneath it.

You have to understand and know what the numbers mean.

A number that is visible on a square after you clicked the first square refers to the number of mines that are currently touching that square with the number on it.


For example, if two squares are touching each other and one of those squares has the number ‘1’ on it, then you should be sure that the square next to it has a mine beneath it.

That is all for the rules, now let me tell you how to download minesweepers if you don’t have one on your computer.

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How To Download Minesweeper?


  • Click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of your screen
  • Type STORE there in the start menu and then click on Microsoft Store shown as a result of your search.

Play Minesweeper

  • Click on the search bar there in the store and then search “Microsoft Minesweeper” You will see a drop-down menu just below the bar.
  • Click on the “Microsoft Minesweeper” game that is shown below the search bar in the drop-down menu.

Play Minesweeper

  • Click on the Get button just below the Microsoft Minesweeper title. This will install Minesweeper on your computer.

Play Minesweeper

Playing Minesweeper?

Play Minesweeper

Open up the Start menu and type Minesweeper there. You will see a green-colored Microsoft Minesweeper named application, click on it. And play online here.

This will open up the game for you. Then you have to select the difficulty level that you want to play with.

Select the difficulty according to your choice. I would suggest going with Easy difficulty if you are new to the game.

how to play minesweeper on google

You can navigate through the tutorial if you want to. And if you don’t want to watch the tutorial, just click on Skip at the top of the windows.

  • Click on any square of your choice on the grid. This will start the game.
  • Review the numbers carefully, because any number on the board refers to the number of mines that are touching that square box with the number on it.
  • Right-click on the squares that you doubt are having mines. This will put a flag on that square. It is better to start with squares that you think have the mines to help with the elimination procedure later.

Play Minesweeper

  • Double right-click on the square that you are unsure about. This will place a question mark on that square.
    This is a good and safe strategy for the boards where you have found all the mines but some are remaining only.
  • Click on any square that you don’t think has a mine beneath it.
  • Keep calculating like this and clear the board on your own. You must click all the squares that do not have a mine beneath them to win the game. Once you are done with all the squares, the game will be over.

This was it guys, see? It wasn’t that much hard that I thought back in time when this game was a mystery to me.

Well, here you go now. Start the game and have fun with it now.

How to play minesweeper on Google?

Have you bored? do you really wanna do something to pass the time? of course not!

Let’s discuss how to play minesweeper google doodle? You have to cover it at all.

  • So, guys, first of all, go to the Google area.
  • Search out minesweeper there is available this game to play online.
  • how to play minesweeper on google
  • As you are looking at the above image just go and click on the Play button then I’ll be played and enjoy.
  • how to play minesweeper on google
  • Same as you are looking again.

Does minesweeper require guessing?

When playing Minesweeper, you often encounter circumstances, in which you can’t derivate, where a mine is. You need to guess and you just have a fifty-fifty possibility.

Since it doesn’t make a difference, when you guess, it is the best thing to legitimately guess and open a square, when you see such a circumstance.

Does minesweeper include karma?

Truly, karma is often included. In any event, when you play “impeccably”, there will often still be constrained guesses, particularly at higher mine densities, (for example, on the large board). See Minesweeper: Advanced Tactics for a probabilistic treatment of constrained guesses.

What is the best time for Minesweeper?

His record is the answer to this video. Only 7 days in the wake of breaking 40 seconds boundary with 38.72s (39s), Ian Fraser (UK) sets another WORLD RECORD for Minesweeper’s Expert level with 32.95s (33s) beating the previous best time of 34.65 (35s) set by Kamil Muranski (Poland) by 2 whole number seconds.

How would you cheat in Minesweeper?

With your cursor inside the minesweeper window type “XYZZY” at that point press Shift-Enter and Enter.

A white speck ought to show up in the upper-left corner of the screen. If it turns dark, your cursor is laying on a mine.


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