How can I Stream Movies with 3G

Are you wondering whether you can watch a movie over just 3g data? Well yes, you can. Especially on Netflix.

Netflix is a subscription-based movie and TV show site. Where you can watch any movie and show of your liking even on minimal data. Though the video quality would be low definite still it lets you stream any movie and TV show you want even on 3G. And the best thing about Netflix is that it does not even buffer even if you have a low-quality internet connection.

For best results, you can watch Netflix over Wi-Fi but if you are traveling from home to work or back and you want to kill time and all you have is a 3G, then you can watch Netflix even then. Isn’t that great?

How much GB does Netflix use per hour?

Stream Movies with 3G

Netflix uses a maximum of one GB of data for streaming videos for an hour for low-quality videos and if you want high-definition videos then it would take 3GB of data.

How can I Stream Movies with 3G?

You can start off by altering the video quality of Netflix. Yes, Netflix allows users to change the video quality to minimize the data usage of your internet. This can be done by following the simple steps given below.

Stream Movies with 3G

  • Then go to the setting of Netflix.
  • Now there select the video quality option.

Stream Movies with 3G

  • Now select the video quality of your liking.

Video quality of your liking

While choosing the quality remember that the higher the quality the higher the data usage would be. So if you are planning to watch movies over 3G data then choose the lowest video quality to minimize the data usage of your internet data.

And just like Netflix, there will also be other sites and platforms that will allow users to stream videos on 3G data but of course, the video quality will be low.

stream videos on 3G

Netflix is a great platform to stream movies online over 3G because even with the slow internet it does not compromise on your fun because you can still watch videos without any buffering or anything which can be really frustrating in my opinion and I am sure you will agree with it too.


  1. What is the am the speed of 3G?

3G data have a maximum of 3.1 Mbps or more per minute. Which is much faster than 2G.

  1. Is my phone 3G?

For Android, go to settings. Then look for the option of network settings. Now go to the mobile networks. The drop-down menu will show you where you can see LTE OR 3G. And if you cannot then your phone does not support it.


In this article, I told you everything you need to know about streaming movies over 3G and what platforms are the best for it. I hope it cleared all your queries.

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